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Is Fred K.C. Price An Apostle
"Word of Faith" Apostle OR "Word of Fake" Teacher? Fred Price is a wealthy Founder of a Mega Church in Urban L.A. CA. He's the Spiritual Son of Kenneth Hagin Sr. Dad Hagin was called the Father of the modern Word of Faith-Prosperity Movement. His questionable teaching came from E.W. Kenyon.

The premise is: Faith is a Force to use to obtain Prosperity & Health.
Prosperity is a Covenant right of believers, esp. those who sow financially to WOF Ministries.

Can they Control the Almighty Sovereign God by positive confessions?
Were we made little gods?
Just made in God's image?
Is this biblical or Metaphysical?
Is this ritualism or relationship w/God?

Should I Foreclose My House
One thing to do would be to rent the properties for less to help you make the payments. Have you lowered the price of the property for sale so that it will sale quicker? Now is a poor time to sell as it is a buyer's market.

Steal From God With Tithes
You can say all you want about tithes not being necessary today. But, we will continue to give tithes and offerings generously as you can never outgive God. He has always blessed us abundantly, not just financially, but with a multitude of friends and people who need our help daily. And, Jesus DID NOT become our curse. He died on the cross for our sins. He did not become sin. He carried our sins to the cross.

When Was Jesus Born
Just as it isn't necessary for us to know when HE is returning, it isn't necessary to know exactly when HE was born. It's not important. Being born again is important!

AOG Or Baptist Church
Danny...I suggest you seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit and then you might understand the tongues, etc.

Are Harry Potter Books Unethical
Although C.S. Lewis is esteemed to be a great author, whether or not he was truly a Christian is something we will find out when we get to Heaven. If he is there, then we will know he was. Harry Potter books are written for fantasy and profit. They are not healthy reading material for any Christian.

I Lost My Job This Week
Isn't it wonderful when we see that God closed a door, but we KNOW that HE is opening an even better door? You will know when it is the right place. God will show it without a doubt. I'll be in prayer for you Robert.

Rick Warren And Abortion
The news reported this morning that rumor has it that Hillary Clinton is thinking of withdrawing from 2008 raise because of of Obama's growing support. I'd vote for her before I voted for Obama. At least we know she can hold up under pressure and she knows the inner (secret) working of our government.

Who Was St John The Baptist
Why is he referred to as a saint?

Are You A Person Of God
I say that if you are saved, prophesy, follow the Lord in ALL things you are a man or woman of God. I strive to do all those things.

What's Up Guys
Four corners is a beautiful part of the country. I love the fact that it is so rural and quiet.

Prayer For Jehovah Witness
Candice...Yes, we will be praying for his family and for their salvation. It is too late for this man, but we need to be trying to reach all those who are being deceived in cults.

My Daughter Is Bipolar

Has your daughter been diagnosed by a health care professional (Doctor) as bi-polar? Or is this the opinion of some well intentioned family members? Bipolar is treatable with medication in many situations and in others it requires other avenues of intervention. Is your daughter refusing to take her medication and seeking alternative therapies or does she not care that she has been diagnosed with a serious disorder?

My Daughter Is Bipolar
Ruby - continued

Not taking the medication might destroy her life but if she is seeking alternative natural therapies this course may be longer then the chemicals that alter her brain.

You don't indicate why bipolar is destroying her life?

It's helpful to understand how bipolar is destroying her life and to impart some understanding on the "ideals" you expect to be given that you could use.


Condition Of Local Church
The general condition of local churches varies from church to church. We attend one church on Sunday morning as it is close to a ministry we do on Sunday mornings. That church is definitely reaching a lost and dying world and is on fire for the Lord. On Sunday nights and Wednesday nights we visit other churches in the community where we just moved. Each is different. But, we have found only one that is truly reaching a lost and dying world.

Were America's Founders Christian
Why do people keep trying to perpetuate the myth that all of the founders of this country were Christians. Not only were some of them adulterers, we have had many presidents who were adulterers also. Kennedy and Clinton to name just two. Anyone who thinks that the former and present leaders of this country are even close to being Godly people are sadly mistaken.

Beginner Bible Reader
Barbara..I think your advise was right one. The third chapter of John is an excellent place for a new Christian to read. I can't imagine an easier book to read than John. At least you didn't tell him to start in Revelations! LOL!!!

Let Anyone Lay Hands On You
You should always be very careful who you let pray for you. There are those people who pray against you when you think they are praying for you. It is obvious that this person is not walking in deception if you have discerned what she is doing.

Favorite Part Of Jesus
The woman at the well. I especially love all the scriptures regarding women as it is uplifting and encouraging to women ministers. No matter what your past is, God will always use you to spread the Gospel as did the woman at the well.

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