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What Is God's Perfect Will
Tim7454, You are missing a heart for the saved. Get rid of the pride and show a heart for the saved as well as a heart for the lost. Then maybe you can give direction without judgment. "God hath committed all judgment to the Son." Not you.

Resurrection Eggs
Caring, does this mean because everyone smokes that we should smoke as well? Please stop thinking that way. God wants you to go to Him for answers, not everyone else. Please step out and be all that He wants and get rid of traditions.

Disobedient Children Blues
Jamie,you grew up in a society that doesn't believe in the Bible so you grew up thinking they were terrible for spanking. If you had grown up in an earlier generation you would have understood because the generation understood. You would have realized that your parents corrected you because they loved you. Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun. Even if you still think your parents were wrong, you need to forgive them and love them so you can be forgiven.

My Pastor Is A Dictator
Carol, I agree with Rebecca. You need to talk to the man and if continued attempts mean nothing to him you need to move on. Yes, it hurts but it must be done. If you continue going you are contributing to his pride, and others being deceived.

What Is God's Perfect Will
I agree with Leslie.

Resurrection Eggs
Please consider verse 4 of Exodus 20, "You shall not make yourself any graven image(an image to worship) OR any likeness of anything that is in the heavens above or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth." Is not a bunny a living thing? And if you think about it an egg is also a living thing. I'm inclined to agree with the Amish and the Mennonites in this area. I'm ridding my life of any object and any image of any living thing.

Statues Of The Virgin Mary
YES, YES, YES ! ! !

Disobedient Children Blues
If you have children that never need spanked you have been blessed. When you say no child should be spanked you are judging. If you haven't lived with other's children you have no idea what they need.
Don't criticize people who have children that need to be spanked. And you certainly shouldn't try to FORCE your opinion on others. Jesus will judge you.

Do My Words Have Power
I guess you haven't heard about the scientist that studied the molecular structure of a glass of water. After the water had been blessed the structure changed to an energy that he had never seen. Proof positive that WORDS have power. You are living in unbelief because you found some people who were not perfect. Let it go, no one is perfect and no ministry is perfect. I am like Jesus in that I am shaking the dust from my feet and moving beyond your unbelief.

Sightings Of The Virgin Mary
Please remember to disagree without being disagreeable.

Resurrection Eggs
Lynda, I believe it is.

Has The Rapture Happened
Well Richard, you can see there are many opinions as to the rapture. It would be interesting to know for sure but with so many opinions, I think it's more important to be sure you are ready as if it would happen tonight.

Do My Words Have Power
Laura, I am so sorry that you have not experienced miracles in the name of Jesus. But let me assure you, miracles are just as real today as they were 2000 years ago. Yes, it's true not very many have accomplished as much as Jesus did. Yet, Jesus said that we would if we believe. Our problem is that satan walks around like a lion seeking whom he may devour. He always attacks our faith because he knows anything that is not of faith is sin. (continued)

Do My Words Have Power
Laura, Thurman Scrivner commanded a tornado to stop while in the middle of it and it disappeared. He had witnesses.I myself have had several TINY meals feed a crowd. I know several places where everyone who receives the prayer of faith IS healed. And I know 2 pastors who were actually translated. We may be created beings but we were created in HIS image. Remember that whatsoever is not of faith is sin. If you remain in the sin of unbelief you will not see miracles. The only condition is that you believe.

Do My Words Have Power
There are so many hurting people in this world. I see them every day. I want so much to share with them but the unbelief hangs around them like a cloud. I can feel their unbelief. Unbelief will not only rob you of your victory but those around you too. Remember that Jesus said any thing is possible if only you believe. His words are true. He has promised that every word he said will not come back to him void but will accomplish what he says they will. I pray your faith grows, and grows, and grows!

Forgiveness In The Bible
I agree with Rebecca. The Word says anything you ask, believing, you shall receive. So if you have asked forgiveness and you believe, you receive. It's as simple as that. Don't let any one or anything fool you. God said it and that is final. All you need to do is believe.

Do My Words Have Power
Jesus said that anyone who believes would do more than he did. That means your words have power just the same as his words have power. The key is belief.

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