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What Is The Curse Of Ham
Canaan's curse was towards sodom. Could Ham have sabotaged his brethren Shem and Japeth towards sodom via sorceries to try and put their curse on Shem and Japeth in the end times? The only 2 geneologies that mention sodom are Roman and Ham. It also states that Ham "knew" (Can be interpreted sexually in parts of the Bible) his fathers nakedness? Is it possible that he sodomized his father?????

Is Slavery Bibilical
The first slavery recorded in history was the Egypt holding the Israelites in bondage for 40 years. Perhaps they held them longer than that because they are now in power in the church.

What Is Considered Stealing
Jesus said Behold I come as a thief, blessed are those that keep ahold of their clothes so they don't have to walk naked in the street. The thief that hung on the cross with Jesus went to paradise. Proverbs states if a man sins because he is hungry do not condemn him.

Where Is Satan Today
Satan is a deciever of women so I would imagine that he would be trying to operate through them.

What Does Shondo Mean
Shondo means "God is turning your situation around"

Laodicea Church Of Today
I know that the Church of Philadelphia symbolizes The Church of Christ or Church of God. But what Church does Ladioca represent?

Miss California Controversy
Let's face it if she worked for Victoria's Secret it was a job nothing more nothing less. Guys pretty much have taught women to be sexually immoral anyway

God Allows Evil Things
I dont believe that God allows evil things to happen because of the fact that God never created evil, darkness cannot dwell with God. Evil comes from the heart of man by the spirit of Lucifer and his family of fallen angels that has attacked the true people of God today.

Desperate Christian Women
I believe that if any man in general is interested in a woman will find a way to make his interest known, it is by his inner nature alone that he would rather not let the object of his interest get away, much less go to a better man. if he cannot find the courage to do this in some shape or fashion, i believe this man is also lacking charachter skills in other very important erias. as far as this term, desperation, I beleive this term is widly missused and poorly judged by selfish, world loving people. we were made for a pure loving relationship from the very beginning, and I believe it is only our sin nature that is repulsed by the reality of this fact.

Do Witches Exist Today
Do you remember the movie the Wizard of Oz? Why does the world commend movies like this and they win Oscar's for these evil movies? Is it really because the light shined into the world and the world loved darkness more than light?

Anti-Christ Is Coming
The Antichrist seeks the ruin of all souls and uses drugs of error and spiritualism and character assassinations to cause chaos. I don't know if you noticed or not but I have seen several people today that talk to theirselves and trees. That is abnormal.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
10 years 2/kids, sitting on that fence all alone for over 6 of those years trying to make life better for all of us, I hit rock bottom. his narcissism made his extra "cirricular" activities seem normal, girls/camping/skiing/beerfests/nightsaway from home. i asked him (hypothetically) if choose one last counselor and if that councelor asked me to change some things about myself... i'd do it 100%. Then: if the counselor asked you to stop going away on your own... (3 weeks alone to europe?...) and spend time with family, etc.... what would you do? He replied.... i'll do what i want: ski more this year than last. with that, i filed a week later. it's hard staying and it's hard leaving..... so do what's best for YOU

Holy Spirit In Unclean Temple
Repentance. I have the Holy Spirit within me, and You can't receive it without repentance first. Paul also said we have to die daily, which is to repent daily. crusify ourselves spiritually with Him. Our old nature, the flesh will sin again, there's no question about it, that's why. Repentance means to turn completely around and do the opposite. Since I received the Holy Ghost, I do not smoke, cus, drink, blaspheme, i keep myself as pure as possible. I fast as will to flush out the toxins from foods that aren't good for me.
know ye that you are a temple....keep it clean

Where Are Scriptures About Smoking
there are none, but if it is a habit, it is the sin of lust, desire for that nicotine, caffine, alcohol,etc. about make-up, I am a pentecostal lady and we don't wear it because that would be saying God is falable. That He made a mistake when He made me. God made each and everyone of us beautiful because we were made in the image of Him. A spirit of Vanity came along and lied to us and distorted this truth. Make-up is a mask, hiding your true self, that wonderful masterpiece that God made.

How Do Jews Atone For Sins
Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Him...Jews, Muslims, Catholics,Protestant, Hindu...NO ONE comes but by the blood of Jesus. When Jesus came, He became sin. He became that sacrificial lamb slaughtered for sins. OT saints of the promise... well, that's another blog. Hebrews 11 says they never got their promise. The promise is eternal life. When He returns, they will stand just as we will, and face the White Throne Judgement. NT Jews must still repent.

What Is Annointing Oil
the annoinying is a powerful thing and should continue to be used in prayer, healing, blessings, etc. Your faith is just as strong. Just dabbing some olive oil on your door frame won't cut it. You have to PPRAY the annointing, have FAITH in the power and authority over the spirits of this world and BELIEVE God will do it! I plead the blood over my home, annoint my doors, walls, fenceline.... it's all good. Same with prayer cloths. They are biblical in the NT, but I have to search it. I hope this helps you.

Wets His Pants During Spanking
My 6 year old girl htrows up after a spanking. It sounds like a ploy to change your mind. Dr Dobbson's book "The Strong Willed Child" touches on this. Consistancy and prayer are wonders. Having him go to the bathroom beforehand is a good idea, and I don't believe it's out of fear...The Bible says it won't kill him to spank(beat) him, it will save his life.
It's not telling you to literally beat him not with a rod either, that's just how the Hebrew got translated, it was actually a switch.

Correct Way To Be Baptized
If you hsve a Strong's concordinance,(recommend) and you look up baptism, there was no one baptized in the titles, Jesus told us to baptize in the NAME of the father, son, and Holy Ghost... and what is His name? JESUS. Acts 19:3 & 4 Paul was asking them how they were baptized and they said John's way... Paul told them they had to do it all over again in the name of Jesus. Read the entire book of Acts, then read John 3:5 I hope this helps.

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