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Mega Churches Are Packed
Mega churches give the unsaved and self-serving a place to hide and run to. These people are looking to be entertained and socialize, not to serve God in any real way.Devil-worshippers.

Can I Date A Witch
I can tell ya from PAST experience that you and fiance are headed down a raw path. Only hell awaits. witchcraft IS from satin and he will use you both for his purpose and drop you in the pit. You don't know the horors that await you both. I pray that your hearts will be soften for Christ to touch you both. I am saved now and will never turn back to witchcraft again. THERE IS NO GOOD TO COME OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP dear. Please turn and walk away for your own sake.

Is Dream Control Wrong
Are talking about having a dream, waking up and going back into the dream and making it right or safe? If this is dream control then I see nothing that I have read in the Bible about it. I have been doing sense youth.I make sure I put my Lord in the middle of it each time.

Is Dream Control Wrong
Are talking about having a dream, waking up and going back into the dream and making it right or safe?

I Am Cheating On My Husband
First, I feel that you are going to need to have a real relationship with God above all. Second,Praying, staying in God's word and really spending time with God will help you to be strong from the temptations of being with this other man. There is no way you can be an "honorable wife" or a "Godly woman" unless you ask God and your husband for forgiveness and turn from this sin. God can't help those that won't help themselves. You have to be honest in all areas. God knows and sees all.

Give Daughter Back To Abuser
If he has really repented then he needs to mend his relationship with God. Think of your daughters mental & physical state.He needs help & without y'all living there. Yes God does want us to forgive.God doesn't want your child to be in any danger though.Your child needs help also. Don't push this under the rug and go on. It takes alot of time for your daughters sake. Keep praying and pray with your daughter as well! She is the one that truly needs all the prayers she can get. I will pray for you all also.

Can I Date A Witch
I've been on the "witch side" my friend before I got saved,seen many spirits to.Let me tell ya, withches and witchcraft be it black or white craft is of satin. I KNOW FIRST HAND! You need to stay in focus with God and spend some quiet time with him and allow him to show you the truth. Our advise can be great, but Gods advise is ausome! No future with the satanic world except a one way ticket to hell. I praise God that he saved me from witchcraft.

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