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Is Grace Unconditional
thank you Bro. Elder. For by grace we are saved. We have grace when we are saved. I have experienced God's grace in abundance. My flesh wars with the Spirit every single day. We are liars if we say we have no sin.

Where Do Fake Christians Go
Peter, every human sins. The only way to heaven is thru Jesus Christ. He is the Door. No one can get there any other way. You are either saved or lost. There is no in between. Read what happens to christians when they willfully sin. 1 Corinthians 5. To deliver such an one to satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. Christians cannot sin and get by with it.

Ever Made Fun Of Someone
I must reneg on my earlier statement that I never made fun of anyone. I do laugh at Nancy Pelosi when she tries to walk so proper and talk so softly. The most fake person I ever saw. Well, almost.

Should Christians Be Depressed
christians can get depressed but I know God promised us a sound mind. I was depressed when my daughter and husband passed away. God gave me so much grace during that time. I am so thankful for God's grace. I don't think a saved person is depressed very long.

Prosperity Preachers Message
God never promised me riches. He promised to take care of His children and He has done that. I know people who work hard and don't have much then I know some who don't do anything and are wealthy. God never promised prosperity or wealth. He gave some wealth and others no wealth. I once heard a preacher say," the more you give the more you get and if you don't believe that, just look at me." He was wealthy and I know how he got a lot of his wealth.

Daughter Is Pregnant
Lee, go to your pastor face to face. Embrace your daughter and stand by her. She needs her parents now. If your pastor won't talk to you, find another church.

Why Do Christians Backslide
eloy, I am saved and I will never never loose what God has given me. I may stray but I am secure in Jesus Christ. I have eternal life and Jesus didn't say I have eternal life "if". my salvation is a gift. Even people don't take a gift back.

Do Men Judge Women's Looks
Markv, you are right but when I meet someone, the first thing I see is "dirty" or "clean". Nothing more disgusting is a dirty stinky person. I know when we work, we get dirty and sweaty but I am talking about a way of life.

What's Up September 2011
Jed, the government is an entity and make sure they have your money. They will get it one way or another. Our representatives that were elected are not representing the peoples wishes. washington needs to take care of our country before they send billions overseas.

Prosperity Preachers Message
Some are easily swayed by what they see on tv. Tv preachers are hoping their audience is discontented, otherwise, they wouldn't get millions in the mail for such trash as prayer cloths and other such nonsense. I have never seen a real preacher charge for praying for someone. It is shocking to see how much these false prophets earn deceiving people.

What Are Your Friends Like
I hang out in places where christians meet. Didn't mean never go to wally world or grocery store but my hangout is with other saved people.

Ever Made Fun Of Someone
I was taught at an early age not to ever make fun of anyone. No, I have never made fun of anyone.

Are You Save And How
I am indeed saved...born again into the family of God. God commands us to love the brethren and our neighbors as ourselves.

Was Jesus A Wine Bibber
Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging.Isaiah 24:9 Strong drink is bitter. Isaiah 28:7 erred thru strong drink. Proverbs 4:17 drink the wine of violence. Considering all the scriptures, Jesus would never drink wine because Jesus was not raging or violent and He didn't err. The pharisees called Jesus many things. They always tried to discredit what Jesus taught.

People That Speak Out
In seeking truth sometimes I appear not to have a lot of tact. That is a personality flaw. I do try to be tactful but somehow it doesn't come out that way. If I am in a good debate, I will be very bold.

What's Up September 2011
I don't have many earthly goods but I try to give to help others. I can say if I work hard for hours a day, I do not want to support someone who sits around all day too lazy to move a muscle. That is what is happening now in America. Too many think the government owes them everything.

Why An Open Casket
When my sweet husband passed away in 07, the casket was opened for visitation and before the services. Once the services started, I chose to close it to deal with my own grief. It was hard enough for it to be opened at the visitation. Same when my daughter passed away.

Prayer To Stop Smoking
Jim, my prayers are with and for you. Put yourself in Moses place. He just started walking and the sea parted. He had more faith than me. I find myself short on faith many times. God bless you.

Harry Potter Biblical Doctrine
I have never seen the movie either but I did see the commercials. That is all I needed to know what harry potter is about. Even now I see the boy who played harry potter and he still reminds me of satan.

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