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End-Time Handmaidens
Mark there might be some truth to what you say, but I feel it is personal. Why so much hate.It comes out in your writing.Foregiving is necessary for salvation.

Committed Adultery In The Past
Beware of those who mix lies and truth. Compounding a sin by hiding it from the one against whom you have sinned is one of Satan's most attractive devices.

Keys Of The Kingdom Of Heaven
I believe the keys are referring to the bible and it's teachings. The latter part of the verus would be with whom we as christains witness to.

Step Father To Spank Kids
As proverbs 13:24 teaches he who spares the rod spoils the child. I believe the bible teaches us t chastise our children to teach them the proper way to live.

Is Baptism A Work
Igantius- I have had the great pleasure of being at a Russian Orthodox Liturgy, its a beautiful service. The Orthodox faith is a strong well grounded Faith, I myself accept none of the roman service, or doctrines. They added the filioque and added to the original 7 ecumenical councils. They ursurped control of the jurisdiction of other Bishops. But you already know all of this. Im honored to speak with you. Im still a priest just with the Jerusalem Orthodox. I still have dealings with the Coptic, I love the Orthodox Faith, but you know what thats like also. YHVH bless you Brother, Again I will say it, Im Honored to speak with you.

Nicea Creed of 325
MarkV- I have provided proof many times, but so called believers like you dont wish to see the proof when provided. You worship on a pagan day, you celebrate holidays which are pagan, you use a pagan name for the Messiah, and yet you say your beliefs are not pagan. You for along time now have treated people horribly because they do not believe what you consider to be true, and yet you consider yourself saved. You hide behind the term faith, so you dont have to have a law, and yet Yeshua says to people like you He never knew you for you work lawlessness. But His own words mean nothing to you, you would rather pervert Pauls words to your own destruction.

How Can Satan Go To Heaven
There are no references to a throne, or Heaven in Job 1:6 or Job 2:1. It simply says "before the Lord" and the act of coming "before the Lord" is recorded numerous times in other passages of scripture, for example, Moses was "before the Lord" and Abraham stood "before the Lord". Furthermore, "sons of God" are believers, not angels. Even today, when believers come "before the Lord" to pray or worship, the devil, the tempter, the accuser, comes along too.

When Was Jesus Born
What has turned you around? I have been saying these things ever since I came to this forum and you disagreed. Now your saying the same things, why? Im glad you are saying the truth, but what changed? Your right its very pagan, and God has told us not to worship Him the way the heathens do. Jer 10:1-10 describes trees decorated with silver and gold. Lets wake up people and follow the only true God who sent Yeshua into the world.

Rapture Already Happened
Shalom Aleikum Brother Ken,

I totally agree with you, for the earth will be renewed and become a paradise once again, I also will check more deeply into this, thank you for your advise. And very yes very much Shabbot Shalom to you

Will America Survive
This is my 3rd post on this subject, hopefully this one will be posted. America will not survive, we have done the same as rome, greece before us. We allow the same things, the same sins. For sin is no longer sin, its now called an alternative life style! The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. We protect sin while we have kicked God out of all public life. Kids can take witchcraft books to school, but not Bibles. The sin in this country is as Sodem and Gomorrah. We are becoming the north american union, our soverinty is gone! The one world government is here!We protect a womans right to kill her children, God forgive us!

Who Is The One True Church
frances, Iam so in agreement with you. Truth be known the rcc is a modern day version of the sun cult of rome. My best friend is rcc and I have shown him the proof from thier own books, and still he will not see. The rcc says Yeshua is the Lord and Savior, but yet call Mary the co-redemptorix, sorry for the spelling. They say she is the co redeemer, even though Timothy says there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. Rcc would rather listen to the pope then to God, no wonder why the rcc says only they can interpret scripture. They killed people for owning scripture in the dark ages.

Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church
Joel Osteen is a great speaker, his message is positive, but to dumbdown the word of God is dangerous. To say believe in God and you'll receive that promotion, house, or car is just part of believing and receiving blessings. The focus cannot be on material things or elevating our lifestyle. We cannot place our needs before God. Our belief in Him should be about salvation and eternal life which is the true blessing He will bestow upon us. Unfortunately, Joel does not show us how to receive that gift.

Explain Woman In Revelation 12
answer to queston part 1
Revelation 12 - It is generally agreed by the most learned expositors that the narrative we have in this and the two following chapters, from the sounding of the seventh trumpet to the opening of the vials, is not a prediction of things to

Explain John 21:11
There were about 150 fish caught, Jesus was cooking some fish on the fire (actually 3 fish, a reminder to Peter of his denial), the 150 plus the 3 comes to 153!

Muslim For USA President
Our faith must be shown by our willingness to love others.

If you show your brothers the truth they will see these for who they really are.

These lost souls need Christ as we do and as such our brothers need encouragement.

Tell all you love of your faith and hope!

Won To Christ Due To Da Vinci Code
It might be useful to watch the movie or read the book in order to intelligently answer people's questions or to counter points the book/movie makes.

Baptist Denomination Beginnings
Elder which John are you talking about? There are historians that conect Baptists back to Adam. The thing they are following is the Idea that Baptists beleive in and not one mans thoughts. Baptist is a way of life and not just a religion. Do you beleive that the Bible is the infalable word of God, and is the authouity of God? THe first Baptist Church appears to have been founded in Providence, Rhode Island by Roger Williams. This is based on what Govenor Winthrop.

Baptist Denomination Beginnings
"The Baptist Heritage" by H. Leon McBeth says the Baptist was started by two men named John Smyth and Thomas Helwys in England as part of the seperation of the Church of England at about 1609. They founded the General Baptists. It was not formed based on one or two men it grew over some time based on what the men believed the Bible really said. Are there ay more questions I can look up?

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