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Christians Acting Worldly
1Jo 1:8

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Christians Acting Worldly
'' You are stupid because God has blinded you''.

If you were as close and perfect to God as you claim you would not use negative connotations so okay a lot of people vote for your comments but that popularity is not an indication to put people down we are all sinners and but for the grace of God, we strive daily to get to know him.

Be careful who you call stupid it's uncalled for and unchristian like. The person asked a question why name call God did not tell you that he cursed anyone for seeking he said seek and ye shall find. That's what the person rightly did, you needed to only answer without name calling!

Salome X

Christians Acting Worldly

You say that God only wants 100 percentors I'm glad that word does not even exist and is simply not true David was not 100%, Apostle Paul was not 100% in fact not even Abraham was 100%.

We don't live to boast but to encourage and help one another, we all sin and come short of the glory of God. If you say you are 100% and have nothing wrong with you then you are a liar and the truth is not in you!

Spank About 15 Times
Maybe one good but firm smack would be sufficient on flesh part of backside and without anger.

Christians Acting Worldly
What denomination are you from cluny?

The values that are set out in the bible concerning salvation!

what other values were you suggesting are/not Christian?.

What If I Don't Agree With Pastor
Ask someone if you do not have a husband to represent your query in love and all respect to the church members in members meeting and await their answer.

Marrying Non-Christians Advice

It's one of the worse things you could do, you are not compatible and it's a mugs game to marry just to find out, he can leave you but you will have to remain unmarried, 1Corinthians 7 It's just not worth the heart ache and pain.

You should have known this incompatibility before you dated him, if you both were unsaved and you got saved when you were engaged to be married then you have work it out scripturally you never imagine whats to come and if you could you wouldn't marry.

The union is no go. I don't know what your going to do especially if your emotionally involved.You either believe or you don't but make sure you know for sure more often than not it's going to bring instability and heartache and apostacy!

Men Wear Hats In Church
Equating wearing hats for men or women being uncovered in the Judaism is to completely ignore that at this moment in time the Jews are lost without Christ.

They look for a king to come.

Just as they stop looking you'll find a anti Christ will appear and this will satisfy their hardened heart.

Those of us who understand being grafted into the True Vine will know Gentiles are greatly privileged to accept believe and be blessed.

Does God Pick Our Mate

We have a hand book of examples of who God chose partners for in the Bible and why it was to fit his perfect will.

Match the word with your partner.

1. Is the person saved.

Do they have a testimony that God is the centre of their lives and Jesus Christ is their own personal Saviour .

2. Are they practicing their faith through prayer and obedience through the word?

Do they attend and partake in a Holy Bible christian faith church.

4. Do they accept the word rightly divided and adhere to it''''s teachings.

through their daily life and conduct is it visible that they are well established content and stable in Christ.

It is up to you!

Why Do Women Want Money
Rhonda you know what is shame in these posts the fact that relationships are judged on what a person has. A man should have something in terms of stability in Christ a loving heart and the ability to take care of his wife and family.

Judging from the comments some men seem to think it is about equality. When I owned my business my husband had nothing but we worked together and built a little business that allowed us to live a comfortable life.

When the children came along he was more than happy for me to give up my job and stay at home now it is my choice to re train and teach full time?

So whats the problem if it's the other way around??

Are You A Hated Person
Despised, hated,treated terribly,looked down on challenged, misunderstood, But WONDERFULLY , WONDERFULLY ,BLESSED!

Christians Acting Worldly
Because we are no longer challenged(cos the world don't care about christian values) when the church faces Laws which contradict the Laws of salvation the Leaders remain silent except that is The Catholic Church yes everyone is ready to run them down but when it comes to certain issues they are far from silent and I know despite all the fighting amongst Christians That's what God will see, ones who regardless of what denomination spoke up for the some of the wrong things in Society.

The Catholic Church despite their doctrine does Miles better in the area of defining christian values publically than any other'' Christian denomination!

Why Do Women Want Money
This question really divides the Godly from the worldly!

Demons Riding Some Pigs
When the spirit had been taken out from the man as I'm sure they were sent into the swine to perish. The Son of God gave a command and it will be done.

Can The Dead Contact Us
No they are dead but you can try contacting them which is against God the consequences are as it was with Saul and other both ended up dead, lose your money for the medium(being fake) AND CONTACTING DEMONS INSTEAD ALSO THE LOSS OF... your sanity and your salvation doing so!

How To Make Someone Believe
How will he be saved if he does not believe.

I think you are praying that he is but infact you don't know where is unbelief is going to end up.

You can only try to be the best example of what God means to you and be there for him like the prodigal son he has to leard through rebelion and if and when he come to the right conclusion, when ever that will be be there to welcome him home.

It happens to the best of us as mothers we can only pray, hope and believe the word when it says train up a child...when he grows old he will not depart.

My prayers are with you I am a mother of 6 two older sons and only God knows sees and understands.

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