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Characteristics Of Pastors
A Pastor should be above reproach, the husband of one wife, having children who believe, not accused of dissipation or rebellion........... He should be hospitable , self controlled......Read Titus 1:6-9
Not addicted to wine, free from the love of money,.....Read 1Timothy 3:2-13

Youth Gangs Popular
Policemen over the years have become a very bad example to the younger generation,many years ago they were decent, respectful and not mean and racists.This generation is coming against authority because of the horrible treatment when they are arrested and booked,i know what I am saying,we must pray for Christian Police officers.

Should Abortion Be A Choice
Abortion is murder. Period.

Demon Appeared To You
Ask our Lord Jesus Christ to cover your life, house, family, finances with His precious blood. No evil can enter or go on in a house covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.
Take a stand against satan and his demons, rebuke them out loud in the name of Jesus Christ. This is a name above all names it has Power and Authority of God.

Wets His Pants During Spanking
Your son urinates on himself probably because of fear. Fear of your anger. Imagine if somebody had to beat, cane or spank you every other day are you not going to fear him or her and maybe urinate on yourself. It could be you are too hard on your son yet the problem is with you. Who are you before your child? How do you react to situations, especially when he has done something wrong? A parents attitude greatly contributes to a child's behaviour.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
President Obama did not get U.S.A. in this mess. He has not even finished six months in office, it is too soon to complain or make judgments about him.

Should Christians Be Perfect
None of us are perfect, only God,when we sin we need to acknowledge our sin (s) and repent and ask God for His forgiveness and not continue to sin.

God bless

Was Divorced By My Wife
After 24 years of marriage and having ministry and pretending nothing was wrong in my marriage, praying for the Lord to reveal what was really troubling my husband, God answered my prayer and I was shocked, hurt etc. I divorced him, I went to a Cleansing Stream Siminar with a local church and was delivered and healed of my hurts. I am now happy serving the Lord and praying for a Godly husband, I am not bitter at all. I pray for my ex every night and I do not hate or even feel any hurt at all anymore, Forgiving those who hurt us is the #1 for spiritual growth.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
remember widows mites
she put in 2 cents but for her it was more than anyone else thithed for it was all she had
God knows your heart Keep the Faith and Thithe what you have
keep your eyes on God for He knows you have needs to live(house, food, clothes, ...) and it is His Good Pleasure to provide these needs just continue to Love God and seek God 1st and all these things will be added unto you
a sister in Christ

Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
My personal suggestion would be much prayer, before speaking to her for our Lord to soften her heart and lead you as to what to say. Coming from an addictive background myself, confrontation is good, but we never want to come at the person in a condeming manner. Maybe an intervention with others who know what the pills are doing to her, and always let anyone we are confronting know we are doing it because we love them.
Love always wins...

A Christian Surrogate Mother

I typed in this evening on how to find a Chirsitan Serogate mother as I can not have children. Biblically it is not wrong to carry a couples child for them if its arificially inseminated. I think personally it is the greatest gift a person could ever give a couple.
It is not against Christianity to bless a couple with children.
I am currently taking my Masters of Divinity and I personally research this there is no biblical foundation not supporting sergogate child bearing. Caroline

I Cry When I Pray
My sister you are not depressed, when we cry as we pray, it is Jesus's way of cleansing us. I cried for 7 years after Jesus saved me, and I also thought it was depression, but it is HIS way of cleansing us from our past and renewing us. Crying is good for the soul.Enjoy the tears, Jesus cried and HE was not depressed. God Bless You My Sister In Christ. Don't allow the enemy to have you believe you are depressed.

Christians With Bad Views
We should never stop being friends, if we are truly friends with those who have different views,and they confess they are christians, you should continue to be friends and let them see your walk and your faith and in love show them scripture to the things that YOU seem to be different from yours. If you know the word of God and live by what you know to be true, "lean not to your own understanding" and it is scripture, then you can show them , this is what causes division in the world today.

Can I Remarry Again
The word tells us when we are born again,
we are made new in Christ, all things old are passed a way.

Anyone Know About Mormons
One thing for sure, if you want to know what a Christian believes, ask a Christian.

How To Judge Not
Jesus told that those who teach the beliefs of men are not true worshipers of God.

Matthew 15:9 - But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

Is Gambling A Sin
My suggestion is to take this to the Lord in prayer, and let Holy Spirit speak to you
concerning this. He will guide you in all truth.

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