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How To Make BoyFriend Love God
Yes I confess that I am a believer in Missionary dating. At the beginning of our relationship, I told him what I believe. And he respects it. I have taken him to my church, and I gave him a summary of the Bible called "The Story" and I pray that he will read the Bible. And rather you guys telling me I am going to fail. I would rather you pray with me. I want desperately for him to come to the Lord, and that God would just change his heart. I don't want my boyfriend to feel obligated to except the Lord for my sake, but for his own. I love him. And want to share my life with him. If it is God's will. So I ask you as sisters to pray with me, for me, and for him.

How To Make BoyFriend Love God
I agree that you shouldn't be unequally yoked with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or even husband. But if you're married to a unbeliever then I suggest PRAY! Read marriage books by Christian authors, and seek Godly marriage consoling. God hates divorce. And He also hates taking things or people away from you. If you think that your boyfriend is dragging you down and stopping your growth then I think you should let him go.

How To Make BoyFriend Love God
Continuation.... If the man knows where you stand. And holds you to your word but still is unequally yoked. I don't believe you should ever give up on that person instead show them God's unconditional love. What I do believe in is that you should put the relationship on a pause and give him time to think and also time for you to pray and read the Bible so that you can answer any of the questions he has of the bible or of your beliefs. I am dating a non-believer boyfriend. And he is a wonderful man who respects me. It is lonely when you don't have someone who has the same beliefs as you, but that makes me snuggle up with God more.

Fire The Moderators
I've seen advertisements for Quantum Jumping on this website...

Advertising channeling on a Christian website just somehow leaves a bad taste in my mouth...

My Pastor Is Spreading Lies
I shared something with my Pastor that he said he would keep confidential. Two months later he preached it out of his pulpit. On top of that he added information that was not true. He did not mention my name but I feel like the whole congregation knows about it. I know that if I confront him his temper will fly and I do not want to encounter that.

What Is The Gift Of Discernment
To "discern" is to recognize or perceive clearly not ONLY those spirits that are of demonic origin but also the spirit of God. It could be in regard to an individual, a congregation, a community, even a nation. This is UNDOUBTEDLY a gift and a great need in the Body of Christ. If you believe you have this gift then PLEASE seek the Lord so that you will be able to use it for HIS GLORY. He has not given you this gift for the starting up or building of your OWN ministry but rather for the FINISHING of His...The ministry of reconciliation...of bringing His children back into right standing with Him. It's what the cross was all about.

Do You Go To Heaven At Death
You will not go to heaven when you die. You will have to wait until Jesus comes to Earth again. There are many scriptures that lead to this. One that is used to say that we DO go to heaven is Luke 23:43, "Jesus answered him, 'I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.'" In this scripture, the punctuation is incorrect. When it was translated the coma was put before today, but it should be placed AFTER. It should read "Jesus answered him, 'I tell you the truth today, you will be with me in paradise.'" That shows Jesus was just saying that he WILL be in Paradise, not that it will happen that day. Jesus is the only one who has ever died and gone to heaven.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I used a wooden spoon/spatula at that age. Spank with pants on to avoid marks that look like the child was spanked worse than they were. My son, now 12 gets the belt. Do not be alarmed if there is a bruise, some children bruise easy. I thought spanking was bad until my son climbed out of car seat 100 times, ran out in the road, pulled lamps on his head, ect. It is absolutely necessary for some things, some children need it more than others, they are strong willed. It is especially important when they are young. Immediate pain, administered on the bottom by a loving, calm parent, followed by comforting them is godly. Time outs and other things can be used too, but not always good for teaching the hard reality of the pain follows rebellion.

Spanking 15 Year Old Acceptable
I don't feel like it would be inappropriate for you husband to spank your daughter, no matter how old she is. Now if you are choosing to bare her behind for these spankings, then I would say that only mom should do it.
I also don't feel its wrong to spank her at her age. She is old enough to understand the consequences of her actions. If she chooses to disobey, then she knows whats coming.
I was spanked at 15 and it tought me to follow the rules, or else.
Good for you mom.

Are We Born Sinful
We were born sinful!! Adam and Eve were perfect untill they gave in to sin and then that caused a fallen world. So, basically... Both! We have a choice to sin or to please God and because of our sinful nature... We SIN! And God is so merciful and compassionate, He chooses to forgive us every single time!

Should Christians Be Perfect
Christians arn't expected to be perfect. The Bible says "No one is perfect, no NOT ONE!" We will mess up. It's part of life. Since the Fall, it's IMPOSSIBLE to be perfect. Jesus Christ was perfect. The only one! He was 100% Man, 100% God. In order to get us to understand he became like us. It's hard for a white missionary to tell people like Africans the gospel. They don't understand! God uses our mistakes & hardships for His Glory.It's all apart of his plan! God doesn't want us to be perfect! He wants us to live our life for Him the best we can. That's why he made man! He wanted man to CHOOSE to love Him. CHOOSE to serve Him faithfully. That's our purpose for Life. Glorify Him & tell others about Him.

How To Spot A Cult
I've been learning about cults in a missionary class... I'm learning that they use + - / and x. They add things to the Bible saying the Bible isn't enough. They deny that Christ was God or they deny something to be right. They divide the authority between God and their organization, and they multiply the good works you have to do. They say you have to earn God's gift of salvation. It's FREE!! we don't have to do anything but believe that Christ died and rose again and We are sinful. It's that easy! We lie, cheat, envy, we're selfish at times and prideful. We need a holy God to forgive us. He's willing to! Our good deeds won't outweigh the bad...

Witness To A Jehovah Witness
Yeah, I learned about cults and Jehovah Witnesses. They contradict the Bible a lot! They don't believe That Jesus was God. John 1:1 Says: In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.
It clearly is talking about Jesus in these verses (1-3) I just thought that was a neat thought. The class I'm taking is very interesting. But just remember!! The people who believe in that have not known the Truth.... They are real people... We should love them even if they believe something different then we do.

I Want Another Baby
Hello! I am having the same prob! I love my husband and I want one more child to complete our family.He doesnt. I have not said a word about a baby in months till last night.He didnt respond the way I wanted. When we got married he knew I wanted 2 kids.Good luck!I will be praying for you.Let your husband know how you feel and tell him you dont need a response right now,just for him to think about it and talk about it in 1 week see how that goes!

Is Word Of Faith Doctrine False
Do your own research, catherine. Moderator gave you the links and all of the names will be there for you to identify with the topic of discussion.

Lakeland Florida Revival
Moderator, that's exactly what I will do.

Honestly, I believe in healing and miracles.
I don't want to throw it all out of my heart because of false healings. If I did that, I wouldn't pray for anyone or share faith that God still heals. I'd say sorry Charlie, you'll have to wait until you die and I can't say those words.

Lakeland Florida Revival
The bible does say that miracles, signs and wonders will follow - healing, cast out devils.

If I let myself become critical of all, or extreme in the opposite direction, I would find it unneccessary to pray for any of the prayer requests of others, unable to believe that God is still a miracle working God.

Lakeland Florida Revival
If I let myself become critical of anyone that believes in miracles, I would have to watch myself that I didn't throw out all prayer requests, not bothering to pray for any of them, believing that they simply need to live with their infirmity, disease or sickness.
The fine line between becoming too critical for me would be that you'll be healed when you die, so forget about it.
I'm being honest, it would be a faith killer for me to believe that the answer is always going to be "No".

Lakeland Florida Revival
Gemstones coming from the lady angel named Emma is not something we read about in the Bible, being dropped in yards or in meetings.
I do not know what the significance of gemstones would be, except maybe a copy of the precious stones talked about in Revelation.

Lakeland Florida Revival
I don't understand the significance of saint's bodies that don't decompose in Italy, elsewhere.
I've often thought others are believing for them to come back to life at some point.
There are many of those miracles, signs and wonders written about on deception in the church.
I don't want to be deceived but I don't want my faith for healing to die either.

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