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The Holy Spirit Directs Me
BOB:-with reference to your post, May I respectfully ask what are your views and feelings on the 7 sacraments of the RCC and in Particular the Bread of Life as written in the gospel of John, Ch.6Are you in accord and if you participate and where.

Christ Is The Rock Not Peter
Eloy:-I see you done it again.You usurp God when you write in the First person YOU are NOT the first Person you are Eloy the servant,who cleaned toilets.I say this not to humilate you, but to bring you awareness. Tell me what is The Holy spirit of Truth?The Holy Spirit is GOD and TRUTH ONLY.It is the unholy spirit who portrays falseness as truth and this is what he is doing to you.Making you believe you are Almighty.Covering up his tracks by using words of what you write about Egypt bondage quoting a lot of gibberish not pertaining to the subject and giving you a sense of stuffed up Pride.Dont Kid yourself Eloy .You are a good man but being led astray.

Which Jesus Is Correct
Glenn:- I am surprised you even asked ,posed or could not reply. What is the 1st Commandment?. I AM - ONE GOD JC.There are no others above ME

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Kuma:-What sins did you inherit from your parents or does anyone for that matter.Original sin is the sin of disobedience which is placed by God on Humanity for the sin of disobedience by OUR 1st Parents A & E.This is erased by Baptism and is not communicable.Since "The woman" (Eve 2, Later Mary) conceived By God in Genesis 3:15and propelled by time,at His discreation,into humanity she is still without sin.It is worthy to note Almighty God in Genesis Takes the woman out of Adam but reverses the role for Adam2 taking HIM out of Eve2 when the word was made Flesh.Thus Producing a Incarnate God man.JC

Baptist Versus Pentecostal
Andy:-It was I who wanted to know your affiliation. Thank you for the new"Joyfull Christian" of the Evangelical Mission of Flanders, and your explaination of the various little bits of this and that.Since they are your beliefs I respect them.
However you used a word 'refferation 'what does that mean.I know there are several sects of Baptists, Just wanted to know which one you followed in the mix of your explaination.Thanks.

Strong Feeling For A Priest
Elizabeth:-NOT you too!!Guess Young priests qualify for the "Young and Famous" amongst some Love lorn,swooning love stricken chicks!
BTW how would you answer your own 2 questions. Reminder If you look into his eyes, the gig is up.After all said , he is a man, but a servant of God and you would be The devils advocate with angelic temptation.What happened to the young men of today.Girls like you scare them off.Better not go to confession to him,You may get a surprise.Your secret would be revealed and you would be covered in shame by a rebuttal.If you had a grandfather this is what he would tell you.

Is Abstinence The Solution
Augie:-There are more things than one to prevent Unwanted Pregnancies.1For girls: to overcome the desire, we need Education self denial and consequences.Every girl should experience self induced pain to teach awareness.The act should bring pain and shame.Girls shoud learn to say No.
Boys Must also learn,Respect for the Girls Body, Self Denial He should get some form of sickness to remind him that thisis only permissable at the appointed time.Last but not least pray "Lead us not into temptation"
Both:YOu play with matches you will get burnt.God is watching your every move Thought and desire.So avoid the occassion.Any thing else in avoidance is sin

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Kuma-Only:-I explain Gen3:15. 1.God creates sinless humans A & E.2 Satan destroys Gods intent.God is not to be denied as His 'WILL',will be done.3 God is displeased and addresses each one. a,Satan telling him for his interference he would suffer consequences Quote"I will put enmities between THEE and THE WOMAN"Gen3:14-15 and continues"Thy seed and her seed She shall crush thy head,and you shall lie in wait for her heel"This woman who is not yet introduced shows up according to the prophecy in Luke126-28.Since she is conceived by God in Genesis as were A & E both sinless humans it must follow that what God creates is also sinless,no matter when her introduction to the world.He then speaks to EVE and Adam Gen3:16-19

Who Pays For A Date
Donna:-I see you are putting old feet into new shoes or is it new feet into old shoes and stepping into a new age with pretty new shoes, devoid of chirping Twittering and hanging out your washing on the old Zeigfried Line.Yes why not I wonder How Eve would have responded if satan presented her with one of these new fangled inventions, TV would she go gaga and eat more than one apple accidently while watching TV!!From this you will know I have an extendinding imagination.

Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
Norma:- I Thankee you! Yes, I am from the west NOW in the city of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.I ain't no cowboy but have romanticised at being one,from a tender age.You know the old rough tough, but, shy Gentle as a lamb type.Yet still true blue, and a gentleman.One who respects God and what HE REPRESENTS.This is the way I serve HIM.

Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
Carra":-Unless the lady does not drop her Kerchief the man cannot pick it up.When shoppimg for a life Partner you must make the first move (no matter how innocent)After this initial intricacy,GET TO KNOW HIMif not suitable let the little fishy swim away.Try again But if you set your heart on this catch then do the same as any cowboy trains his horse to be His Partner and the most important is to be on the same wavelength No splitting up if s/he cannot agree then open the corral & horse bolt.Finally you will catch the one you are sure will stay the course, attentive, loving, Kind some one to ride the riverwith. Thank God as you walk down that isle UNSULLIED.To explore the wonders of "Two in one Flesh"and not before.

No Peace As A Christian
Mima:-Does a child build up TRUST in its parent/s? what if the parent says No is the trust decreased?If God says 'no' is 'your trust decreased'?I leave you with this thought.
Karen:-I do not know what is Peace in your mind to You, but if you want Peace, Learn & Practice 'self denial.' To conquer your own inhibitions, is what will give you peace. A sense of achievement. I wish you well.

Wine Turning Into Blood
MIC TO MIMA:-Are you trying to learn about the Catholic FAITH or just rippling the waters to get some feed back?.If you desire to learn about RCC practices JOIN THEM.The information forthcoming will astound you and you will repent For all the spurious matter you put out, it's called setting fires, spreading discord: a dishonour to yourself.

Which Jesus Is Correct
Glenn:- If you believe in the word of GOD & you believe JESUS is God then look no further as JESUS Nominated the verasity of HIS Church The RCC with Apostolic succession.Matt16:13-19.

Christ Is The Rock Not Peter
ELOY:-Correct and that is what Many others and I have been trying to tell you all along.But I did receive The Holy Ghost at my Confirmation, Many moons ago.But that is an RC thing you would not understand.I know one must be in the grace of God to receive HIM the H/S

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Mima:-Are you spiritual?You say impossibility b/c you do NOT acknowledge the power of Almighty God.Is Jesus GOD Did not mary bring Forth Jesus by the POWER of the H/S- when the word was made flesh? so was Jesus man or GOD-BOTH-Incarnate.If Mary brought HIM (Jesus) forth is she,then not His Mother?JESUS had a mother as a human do you disagree with this?as such does she not deserve your respect.You deviate from the point who is talking about Blood washing away sins.You made a statement "Mary was with sin"You therefore equate God with sin hence I referred you to REV,22:18 as you bear false witness against this most pure and sinless person created in Gen.3:15 by GOD.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Mima/Kuma:-1John,1:5-10says This is the message, God is lightand in him there is no darkness at all. If we have no fellowship with him,while we are walking in the darkness,we lie and do not do what is true. If wesay we have no sin we deceive ourselves. if the light is not in you.Now consider The FACTS The angel appeared to mary.Lk1:28-37She is bewildered but when the explaination of the angel is satisfactory to hershe agrees "Be it done unto me according to your word"Would an angel come from Heaven with a message from God, If Mary was walking in darkness? Mima do not condemn The Mother of God You will regret it.REV22:18

Difficulty Accepting Blessings
Eloy:-What you say is correct.But the delusional souls you speak of will remain delusional if they insist in following their own interpretations of what they believe to be the truth That is why Jesus SPELLED out "MY Church" in His unshakeable Doctrine calling it a Rock with Peter as and His successors as the legal Guardians, and the Holy spirit Its Councillor Mat!6:13-19.This does leave people with their free choice or their self denial."What you sow -that's what you reap.GOD does not make distinctions Man does.

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