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Who Pays For A Date
DONNA<:-) Thanks for the reply, but you know: Not to upset my dad, who would probably roll over in disgust in his grave & would say "where is the etiquette with which I taught you Make sure You pay the fisrt Few times.Ladies like those small niceities".So you see I learnt from a master,Of course Mum always carried the cash after that!! Just to make sure he did not squander the money .My Wife, God bless her loving heart, did like wise so that is why I lived as poor as a church mouse, scurrying from pew to pew.!!

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Kymberley :-Very appropriate well timed and spoken as one who defends the faith of GODS TRUTH. <:-)

Wine Turning Into Blood
MIMA:- Have you seen GOD?I guess I can answer for you NO. therefore HE IS Mystical But you still pray to Him.So would it be outlandish Heresy to assume that since you did not see God He does not exist by your methodology of deduction?, would that be Maximum or minimum-ocultic!!!Being a Baptist you cannot visualise b/c this is the extent of your belief "SEEING IS BELIEVING "Blessed are those who do not see but Believe".JN.20:29. Happy Easter MIMA

Can A Catholic Marry A Protestant
Nana:-Always knew you were a man of truthful substance."Mercy is love in action" and Hope is the essence of that mercy which we should wish for in salvation.God Bless <:-)

Strong Feeling For A Priest
Natalie.2:-Nicole is a big girl with a crush and a brush which will be administered in Time by Him who watches the young, the old and the restless who seek fun and land in the soup.Bawling.

Do Animals Go To Heaven
The blind shall lead the blind and titilate their Hopes based on innuendo The fact is in Genesis The truth is "There are no animals in heaven"!!!! as they were created as instinctive finite beings for mans use.Sawn sees what he wants, so as to gain favour, and make brownie points .sorry Gen2:28-30 is the truth And You sir in your frailty with your provacative thoughts shield the Humility which you think exists in you.Just a thought There are more animals plants and Fishes than humanity there is no hell for them except what man subjects them to on this earth and they shall be held accountable for such Behaviour.Prov12:10

I Want To Divorce My Husband
Robin:-Dont look for forgiveness but look for an alternative within the framework of Matrimony. God made Marriage to be beautiful,peaceable, and carry out His plan He made You the Helpmate of Your choice.Divorce is an ugly word like abortion,Separation is what you need Give it to him straight "Treat me well or Leave'By Law the Home is yours he will have to provide.If he threatens call the cops.Do not give him a divorce or even seek one yourself .PRAY Pray Make God your advocate.Blessings.

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
God does not fit into the equation of Predestination Knowing in advance does not mean He decides. He knows because He is omnipotent and B/C It removes CHOICE and This HE will never do.Mark you choose to leave HIS church.He Did not send you away.Otherwise why would HE say "Come to me ,You who are laboured and Burdened and I will refresh YOU" - CHOICE.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Mische :-It is you who do not Find because you do 'not' believe.Why is it, all the millions of RCC believe but Christians CANNOT.Matt11:25. Yet it is there"THE WOMAN"It is only TRUE believers who seek and find,who knock and the door is opened to them" like the children who 'Trust' a powerful ingredient missing in Christians.A great apostle once said "Until I dont see I wont believe" What did Jesus say "Blessed are those who do NOT see but believe.You saw so you believed THOMAS"

Must Christians Tithe
Kellie :- He has already told us A TITHE =one tenth.

Is Drinking Alcohol Wrong
Samuel:-I see you did not address me direct but used The word control as the basis of your post to which I made reference.Does not each one have the power of CONTROL?People who spend THEIR money, (have if used in excess) LOST their Control.Dont blame the Vendor,The crimes committed by people totally inebriated have lost their control,same as those who commit sin.Each one of us has to be aware of this control and that is why Jesus says FOLLOW ME did Jesus Have Control? YES and so must you ie if you dont want to end up in the POH.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
"The Church is not a building or doctrine. But the body of Christ ?who are they? ALL CHRISTIANS WHO PROCLAIM CHRIST IS LORD" Mische
So why did Jesus come was it not to spread His doctrine. Did He not Give us where to find this Doctrine was it in the body of believers called Christians or was it in HIS WORD Matt16:13-19He appoints and nominates a Keeper of this doctrine His 12 chosen apostles with a leader Named PETER.The work of salvation is Jesus Bible He is the Redeemer, if you look for Marys sinlessness you will never find it NEVER B/c YOU do not believe.But it is there for those who are REAL Belivers. Matt11:25 God asks for Change You are unwilling to make that Change.

Is Gluttony A Sin
Nana:- I know you speak true but God says I came to save sinners There are many on these posts who have similar feelings of Righteousness.During this season of Lent let us hope and pray that realisation touches The hearts of a few. Please God Jesus did not die in vain this we know.Enlighten those who are most in need of Your MERCY.

Does Purgatory Exist
Mische :-I have nothing to add except what I said you introduced another new thought into the equation. I bear you no malice but God will be Our Judge.This above all to thine own self be True The books in question are still in The Bibles of The RCC.

Are Hindus In Heaven
Eloy:Maybe you would like to answer "Observer"Your Holiness.! But the Fact in print is DENOM does not transalate to DEAMON and This You will Not acknowledge, although you made the claim Hence you are not credible, not true to yourself But ready to condemn others By Your self propelled truths.

Must Christians Tithe
IF TITHING IS SIN-then why do christians pay thites to big Christian Organisations and Pastors of Churches.Are these not considered as Good works? Matt.6 :2 it is not what you give but the intent why you give.The sin is in here. The widows mite is an illustration noted of and spoken of by Our divone Lord.Again we get the doctrine of God twisted.WHY?

What Is A Rosary Used For
Alan of UK:-Using our imagination If Eve had not succombed to the whiles of satan would the people of this era given Her the same lack of respect? after all God created Her But "the Woman "later by History defined by God as His Chosen earthly Mother, To save our ungrateful souls, is denied this honour even inspite of God's involvement from earlier Times.You are right to steer clear But your confidence is noted.

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