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I Just Became Unemployed
i know what it is to be out of job
God will see you through
in the mean time
find something to do ... God will multiply it

I Hate My Wife
does it mean that you do the house chores as well as provide financially for the house?

could you invite her to a quiet place and talk to her about how she makes you feel imprisoned?

maybe she doesn't know how powerful her words are
and do pray some more... you do not come across as lazy to me

maybe you should agree on drawing up a duty rooster? it may end up not being strictly followed but it will serve as a reminder of everyone's duties
all the best

Marry A Man You Don't Like
if you are saying that this is someone you respect and know will make a good father for your children and a wonderful husband....

but you think you do not feel romantically attracted to him.... well, that is not too uncommon

your most is that, if you do get married to this honourable man and later get romantically attracted to someone else, it will be unfair?

take time to pray until you are convinced he is the right one.... it takes time for some... unlike others who seem to have love at first sight or so the movies put it

Christians Marry Muslims
Anyone who does not believe that Jesus is God is not a Christian and should please stop deceiving herself
in Christianity, you do not make your own decisions because Jesus becomes not only your Saviour but LORD as well.

Not all that say Lord, Lord will enter into the Kingdom of heaven but those who obey the Father

Obeying includes not marrying a non-christian
light and darkness cannot get married that is what Jesus' command is

you are either a christian or you are not

How To Love Step Children
it is not so easy with step children but you will have to make the effort
for some it comes more naturally for others with much effort
it is good you have identified your weakness

yes to help your own self,try be friends
2.treat her like you will treat your child eg ask yourself before you react 'how will i relate to my child "Abi" if she did this?'

3.Give her reason to look forward to coming for the weekend, allow play/fun with her other siblings (your children) without too much interruption. help them to be friends

with time, the feeling will get better

4.leave discipline to her dad since it may be easily misunderstood

don't expect too much from her

wish you all the best....

Do You Have Unforgiveness
no i am not holding unforgiveness in my life because that is my choice

it wasn't always the same though.....
it is a choice i made because it feels more comfortable to forgive and ignore the bad things in life

holding unforgiveness is soo energy consuming and sickening that it is easier to obey God by forgiving others even before they offend

I only worry about the ills in society and try to see if i can find godly remedies.

If society fights against evil effectively, our descendants will be safer

How To Make BoyFriend Love God
are you saying she should disobey God by pretending to obey God?

Do we have to date under the pretext of saving a soul? what about her own soul?

some people like to please themselves under the pretext of trying to save a soul... you cannot fool God nor others... you will only be fooling yourself..
because even the non-christians know that it is disobedience to the Bible for a believer to marry/date an unbeliever

so in effect you will actually be a bad example..

Divorce, Separate Or Lie
hello kenny
from your post, i feel that either you are:
1. not desciplined
2.. very self centered
3. without an active christian conscience
or all of the above

i do not understand why you are not repentant about your sin and willing to turn away from it?

remember "the grass always looks greener at their feet"
watch your back.... what goes round comes round

better be around a trusted wife than an adultress... " drink water out of your own cistern"

Divine Judgment On USA
God will not punish the just with the unjust

we are just reaping the fruits of our doings.... bad parenting the most to blame

Do You Enjoy Being A Christian
Yes yes yes....
i enjoy being a christian... nothing would have been better

because being a christian has saved me from a lot of the mess i have seen around

the Holy Spirit's direction has saved me from going through drug problems, immorality due to financial problems and the haunting memory of past events that some associates of mine are being faced with

God saved me early enough to enable me escape all of that.... i am trully thankful

Christians Required To Tithe
we are all "priests" yes, but not all of us are into full time ministry

the ministers, poor etc. still ought to be provided for

tithing is supposed to be every three years according to what i studied from the shepherd's staff

the church must have overseers who will ensure that the provision made available is properly distributed

Is My Husband Forgiven
if he had repented, he will not be pressing for divorce

he will ask for your forgiveness and ask to be accepted back home

has he?

i do not believe God forgives unrepentant sin

Divorced Woman Bishop
if i may ask..
what moral values does that church teach?

i will personally not count myself if there
scripture says " come out from among them and be ye separate"

Should Christians Be Perfect
A christian should be concerned about being perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. We MUST make a conscious effort to live right and not Grieve the Holy Spirit of God. As to how much that will affect one's ministry, we all know it will affect the ministry in various ways especially as being examples to the flock...BUT as to whether God will decide to do miracles, make your finances good, increase membership numbers,one cannot tell... the decision is the Lord's.
some ministers' lifestyles are so unbecoming but they seem to see financial soundness and large congregations. Some people have lived right but have still been searching for jobs three years after graduating from University. He decides who to bless regardless i suppose.

Where Is My Future Husband
Why did the Israelites have to wander in the wilderness for 40 years-because of griping and complaining, if they had thanked God and praised Him for the blessings He gave them, they wouldn't have had to wait so long. Many times this is why it takes so long for our blessings to come about.

Can The Devil Counterfeit Tongues
Absolutely! I have heard more demons speaking in tongues than the real thing! They can also prophesy and you will see their prophesys come to pass! So you really can't judge by that. BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM! All listed in Galatians! Not by prophesy or tongues or any other gifts.

Remarry If You Have Lust
The Bible says it is better to marry than to burn, but if you are going to be lusting after every other woman you best not marry! There is deliverance for such things also. Jesus said if you even look at a woman and lust after her (not being married to her) you have committed adultry already in your heart. American men dont seem to get that, even if they are married.

My Boyfriend Flirts With Others
If he loves you he wont be looking elsewhere and he would think you are the most beautiful woman to him, no matter what you look like. I have learned from past experience,no matter how handsome a man is, when they treat you like dirt, they get uglier all the time till one day they are so ugly to you that you cant stand to look at them. And if they are ugly when you meet, if they treat you good, they get handsomer. You dont deserve to be treated like that, get a true christian, he wont be lusting.

Christians Only Follow the NT
That is a sad truth! Many people have never even read the Old Testament. The fact of the matter is that you cannot fully understand the New Testament untill you comprehend the Old Testament. Jesus did away with the curse of the law, not all the wonderful promises and commandments for our own good in the Old Testament. Until one comprehends the covering of sin in the Old Testament, they cant fully appreciate what Jesus did for us.

Does God Forgive Divorce
According to the Bible, the only thing God doesnt forgive is blaspheming the Holy Ghost, that has nothing to do with divorce, contrary to popular denominational beliefs, God can and does forgive divorce!

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