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Are Women High Maintenance
A very excellent reason why many of us Good men can't meet a Good woman anymore these days which it is the absolute truth.

Divorced Christian Wedding
There is an important question left out in the question.

The one who is remarrying: did he/she decide to divorce? The sermon on the mount only faults the one who one who decides, not the other one

Gospel According To Satan
We see in Genesis Satan tricked Adam and Eve by saying has the Lord really said. I think there is something to say about all the versions of the Bible. God wrote the Bible in Hebrew and Greek in its original inspired text. The closest we have which is word for word is the KJV. Where the KJV translaters didn't know how to translate a word it is italicized to show us this may be not in the original languages. All of the new versions NIV, ESV, RSV etc have to be 10 % different to get a copyright. This means the original words are changed or added or taken out. I think this is how satan mimics the Words of God by coming with his own versions. I would stick with the KJV.

Who is David Jeremiah
How many people would have called Abraham a greedy, self centered thief? He was very wealthy. What about Joseph? King David? Solomon?
A man's wealth should not bring the ire of people unless a sense of greed overshadows it. Wherever D.J. lives, whatever he drives, or how long he vacations is probably not comparable to that of a CEO in the secular world with an equal member size and business responsibility. I have learned a great deal fron his teachings. His ministry has helped me get close to God.
There has only been one blameless man to walk this earth, that was Jesus. None of us, or any of our teachers can claim to be perfect. All any of us can do is try.
My opinion is that David Jeremiah is a true servant of God.

Christians Make Nations Great

I dont mean to hijack your blog, I simply wish to say happy New Year to each one on Cnet. And pray that God will bless you in the up coming New Year. I have been away rescently and been very busy and have not had much of a chance to visit here, but am praying for God's blessings on you each one.

God Bless, Paul

Was The Star From God Or Satan
Where in the bible does it say to celebrate the birth of Jesus, or any other birthday?

Is Jesus God
Isn't Satan called the God of this system of things?

You see, there are many gods. But ONLY one Almighty God!

Is Jesus God
Im confused.
Why does it say this in the King James bible?
And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.
How can Jesus be God if he is sent forth?

Is Jesus God
But why does it say this in Revelation?
1 & #8194,A revelation by Jesus Christ, which God gave him, to show his slaves the things that must shortly take place. And he sent forth his angel and presented [it] in signs through him to his slave John,

How can he be God, if God gave him the revelation?

Teach About Santa Claus
If parents lie to their children about Santa. My question is, How can you associate a lie with such an important event?
Isn't Satan the devil known as the father of the lie?

What The Flood Local
You sure have your nerve MarkV, calling people here Satan's children when it comes to anyone who disagrees with your false teachings on Salvation.

Why is it when Scripture so clearly tells us this flood was global you viciously attack those who have made an excellent argument in support of scripture.

Are you all so very twisted in every area of scripture?

Twisted minds and a twisted mouth go hand in hand.

TBN Pledge-A-Thon
Im not a big Hinn fan, but, God heals who He wants when He wants.

Salvation Taken Back

Actually to fall from Grace is to return to the Law to seek justification/righteousness.

And if its not dependant upon man at all then why are we taught that forgiveness will be witheld if we dont forgive.

And Is 59:2 teaches our sins seperate us from God, not height, depth, things present etc can seperate you from God, its your sin, OT or NT.


Salvation Taken Back
one can turn from their salvation by not following Christs teachings.

For example, if you dont forgive you wont receive forgiveness.
So what does that mean....

You are correct in saying Calvinists have a hard time contextualizing.


Did God Make Us Robots
nowhere are we required to study the Sovereignty of God according to Calvinism!
---kathr4453 on 10/21/11

Right on!


Did God Make Us Robots
It's evident you never studied the sovereignty of God.
---Mark_V. on 10/21/11


I try to be as respectful as possible with you , but to be quite honest, I'm really getting tired of your arrogant attitude that says if you don't agree with me you are wrong.

I have posted a statement here in the form of a question, if you would examine my post a bit more, rather than to jump to your assumptions, you would see that.


Did God Make Us Robots
Do you think God made some to be oriented a specific way in their sexual preferences?


Right Here Part 3 October 2011
Can a regular blog be posted per conversational topic, or are we doing things a different way now with one runon thread?


Why Are You Using Blogs
Has anyone heard from Cluny?


Finish It Here October Again
So as the scripture bare out,

That is why Christs forgiving nature is so valuable to the believer.

Thank God for it,


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