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Old Testament Salvations
Of couse the saved are "lucky" in the meaning of being fortunate. And of course their salvation has not been earned.

The unsaved of course are much less fortunate, and to heap coals on their head, their punishment is not earned, any more than the saved have earned their salvation.

For each have behaved exactly as God has made them behave (since God controls absolutely everthing)

Where is the disobedience when the person beahves as God has ordained. Would a just God punish someone for behaving as God has decreed>

Rick Warren Starts Christlim
James L ... I don't think Chrislam is what Warren is talking about. He is promoting co-operation between Christians and Muslims, while Chrislam seems to be an actual combination of the two.

aka ... The ecumnemism I support is co-operation between Christian people of different denominations.

KarenD ... are you suggesting that Baptists are not proiper Christians?

Is God Real
Warwick ... You said that since the Bible did not refer to a big bang, there was not one.

The Bible does not mention many things ... does that mean they never happened?

Now, I can understand you saying that the Big Bang did not happen, but to deny there could have been a big bang at the time of Creation does seem to go a bit far.

Have You Discipled Others
Calvin said:

"Predestination we call the eternal decree of God, by which He has determined in Himself what He would have become of every individual of mankind, For they are not all created with a similar destiny, but eternal life is fore-ordained for some, and eternal damnation for others. Every man therefore being created for one or other of these ends, we say, he is predestined either to life or to death"

OK, God would have the right to create people solely to torture them eternally ... but how could this be regarded as just punishment for disobedience when they have been behaving exactly as their creator had ordained?

Can Praying Save Another
MarkV says "He (Kathr's God)needs permission from man. My God is sovereign, yours is not"

You've said the same to me, but this is not what I ever indicated.

Your God is unable to gain permission from you to allow man to make up his own mind

My od is Sovereign because He is pwerful enough to allow freewill to man

Your god is held in chains because you don't let him do that. Your chains, MarkV ... you are seeking to limit God

Bur in passing, I do do find Kathr's antagonism towards Mark and Donna66 a bit unattractive

Is God Real
Warwick ... This is a point that has arisen time and time.

Atheist has said that religion has been used as an excuse to do harm. He has NEVER said that Jesus has commanded men to do evil.

Warwick ... You and I both know that our ancestors in the UK and in your country have used the Bible to justify evil.

But you and I both know that they have used it as an excuse, and that they were not following what Jesus actually taught.

Atheist is saying the same thing.

Rick Warren Starts Christlim
saq ... No I am none of those.

And I am not the first to say it

And of course it is not entirely true ... Christianity is a belief system.

The trouble starts when someone builds their own belief system on just part of the whole, and because someone else is building their doctrines on another part, that damaging disputes (and even persecution & wars) occur.

I've put that very badly, but it's the best I can do

Will God Destroy Pork Eaters
I have never heard the suggestion that Gentile means "lost"

It has always meant, to me, "not Jewish" or "not Israelite"

Trapped Some AntiMatter
I'm sorry, Kathr, I don't follow what you are saying. I suggested that between you and Donna, there was "hardly any difference in what you are saying" and I meant with regard to the real important issue that God did it.

I did not use the word exact, nor 100%, and I can't see that Donna has either.

Maybe I have missed a couple of her posts?

Trapped Some AntiMatter
Kathr I also said (but not printed)that when God made all the universe, there would have been a huge noise. Who is to say it was not a big bang? The Bible does not say what instruments God used.

And Warwick, I am surprised that you do not see the difference between the Big Bang, and a big bang.

I'm also suprised that both of you seem to think that there is such a great difference between Donna & Kathr, bearing in mind the vastly more important agreed fact that God did it.

Rick Warren Starts Christlim
Saq ... You will also remember that the song asked us to imagine "no religion, too" which would be a good thing.

Religion is sadly a divisive and corrosive thing & it produce little love, and many wars.

That's why we say Christianity is not a religion ... it is a relationship with God.

But of course it necessarily becomes a belief system ... and that's where the problems begin! Look at what happens here!! !

Trapped Some AntiMatter
Kathr ... You yourself said ... "Their Big Bang would need something, one little speck of something"

But God's Big Bang would not need that little speck of something ... it would just need God.

And even if there was that little speck .. who made it? God

And who made the speck Bang? God.

What is wrong with that?

Trapped Some AntiMatter
Kathr ... I think Donna is right ... there is hardly any difference in what you are saying.

Is Being Rich A Choice
As I posted the question, may I say that the quote ""RICH is a choice and being POOR is a choice" was made on another blog in the context of material wealth

What Are Moderators Views
I agree with Jerry & Donna

Often the blog is taken up with non-relevant posts, which means that the 75 cut off point is reached just as the real discussion is getting going.

As for the very old blogs coming back on line, I think they are resurrected by the Moderators, not by a poster. often the last post is shown with a recent date, when we know the poster has left the site many moons ago

Rick Warren Starts Christlim
I've never heard of this before, so had a google!

I can't find any suggestion of a new religion being started, or even suggested.

Warren appears to have suggested that Christians and Muslims work together to reduce stereotyping and to cooperate to reduce inter-religion tensions

It would be intersting to see what Warren actually said, before we condemn his suggestions.

The Great Falling Away
JOhn .. You say it (the KJV) "was eventually toss-out by the British in 1879.

Strange it is still used and published here!

Are Women Trousers Biblical
Is the internal combustion engine biblicsl?

Can Praying Save Another
John usa .. It follows that if God has decided not to save someone, there is not a prayer in the world, even that person's own prayerm that will save him

Today Is Memorial Day
Haz ... What is the truth about what happened to the aborigines (and the maoris in NZ) ?

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