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The Sin Of Unbelief
Haz ... You only need to read the other replies to see who Crasig was referring to!

Calvinism Doctrinal System
Christan ... Good Samaritan, Prodigal Son, John 3.16, Matt ... Sheep & Goats, Talents, Matt 25.13, Matt 24.45, & many other parables, show God allowing people free will.

Can You Disobey God
There is a bit of difference between God knowing what Ahab would do, and God deciding what Ahab would do.

Same as there is a difference between God knowing that Mr Evil would remain evil, and God deciding and ensuring that Mr Evil remained evil, so that He, God, would have good reason (!!) to "punish" Mr Evil for behaving exactly as God had decided. Punishment is for those who disobey, not for those who obey the commands.

Christians Don't Know Bible
Shawn "... ...he came to seek and save that which was lost"

You seem to be saying that He only came to seek and save the Jews, not Gentiles:

How then am I saved?

Tracking Penguins From Space
Betty ... If you look for filth, you will find it, even create it in your own mind.

I remember a story about this woman, who complained to the police about some young boys bathing naked in a stream near her house. So the police made them move further away, & she said she could still see them from her attic window. They were moved on again, and she still complained because if she stood on a chair, she could still see them through her telescope.

You remind me of her.

Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
"This woman's spelling and punctuation indicates to me that she probably is a Christian"


Can Obama Save The Economy
Jerry ... My country has only about 60m population, so is going toi be economically controlled by what the USA does, thus my interest.

From here, I see no real change in America's response to the crisis since Obama became President.

So I wonder why you say he should be impeached.

But maybe he has done something worthy of that reward.

You may be able to give more information that we are given in our media. Thanks

Should Christians Be Perfect
Anne ... I acknowledge my mistake in my spelling. Does that acceptance restore my perfection?

And Mic ... does Paul2's acceptance of his his mistake restore his perfection?

Of course Mic and Anne, neither of you can be perfect because you have taken such great delight in ridiculing us for these so minor errors. With Paul2 and I both being perfect (even if Paul2 is not quite as me) you are gravely wrong in mocking us.

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
Hi I am back after absence enforced by computer breakdown(again!) on Christmas Day

A Happy New Year to you all.

Should Christians Be Perfect
Paul2 ... Thank you!!

There may be others who beleive themselves to be perfect, but only you and I are actually perfect.

But you must really understand that whilst we are both perfect, you are perhaps 99.9999% perfect, whilst I am perfectly perfect.

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
Mic ,,, Are you not able to give any answer?

Christian Women's Rights
Steve ... you are making yourself look ridiculous.

I Don't Understand Catholic Family
Gerra ... Luther did not speak or understand English.
The KJV was a translation inot English made long after her died.

Can Christians Drink A Beer
Rebecca: The same question, only a little differnt could be asked of yuo: "What is the point in smoking anyhow?"

All One Land Mass During Noah
However there is no record whatsoever in the Bible of such land movements, and they would have caused huge earthquakes and volcanic activity which would surely have been recorded?

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