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How To Control Sin
We dont need the 10 anymore if we are born of the Spirit.
The 10 will comdemn you. The Spirit will give life. Where there is law there is no perfection. Anyone can obey laws but still hate the law giver.
Its all about spirit. The 10 commandments is for the lost man who cant find his way. The Spirit filled man isnt lost anymore, for he has found God.

Are Some Sins Worse
We are dead to sin. Think why Christ came. This blog is foolish. It has no relevance to a blood bought Christian.

Eternal Torment Night & Day
Most of you are very sick
minded to think your God is love and yet will torment His creation non stop..
Will God ever forgive you when you in this matter? As a person believes so is he. Would you torment your brothers and sisters non stop? If so, you need to be locked up until you repent.

Eternal Torment Night & Day
Only a fool would serve a God who tormented His creation non stop. I dont think Hitler would do such a thing much less a loving God.
To say you love a God of eternal torment is a crime in of itself. There sure isnt any love in your hearts, just corruption.

What About Gun Control
Our government kills more innocents in other countries than anyone. Who are they to take away the guns of the people?

Bible Methods Or Holy Spirit
Christ said,be ye perfect as your father is in heaven.
Some would say were all sinners and remain so tell death. We are not freed from sin. we are sinners forever.
Or sin remains but we are freed from punishment. Be perfect or complete but still sin. Nothing will take sin away according to many. We have imputed sin always. Its always with us. Forget the blood of Christ, its a bad interpetation.

Can We Stop Sinning
Most of scripture is written to unbelievers. For instance...believe on Jesus and you will be saved. Believers already know this.
Believers dont NEED scripture, We already have what scripture proclaims.
We already have the way the
truth and His life.

Lose Sinful Nature
You are right Cluny. I meant to say that if sin is no longer imputed we can come to God in faith and be saved through faith alone. We will have imputed righteousness upon belief in Christ. We will not be sinners but Saints now.

Lose Sinful Nature
Blessed is the man whom God will NOT imput sin. Thats why Christians are made righteous, We have imputed righteousness now,we cannot sin. Sin has been taken away.
No more death and jail time.
We are alive and free.

Salvation At Calvary
What must man DO to be saved?
What was the answer Jesus gave?

Salvation At Calvary
Satan had salvation but CHOSE to revolt. ALL mankind has a choice.

Salvation At Calvary
We (christians) are led by the Spirit, not by what we JUST read in scripture.We can read and memorize and know not truth.
Christs death made man savable.The work was done before mankind knew of it. We now accept what Christ did for us or we dont.

Should Obama Be Impeached
I dont care for Obama but anything is better than Santorum.

Single Women Birth Control
Why should anyone pay so someone else can have sex?

Serving The Law Of Sin
Are we not dead to sin? We had better be or Jesus died and rose for no good purpose.
We cant be sinners anymore, Jesus took sin away and gave life.Sin is death.

How To Put To Death The Body
Flesh and blood cant do anything for itself, much less put its deeds to death. We need to be born again to have life. Life is Christ in you. Its through Him that we have a new life here and now. We have died. We are now saints. We dont become saints through our effort over time, IT is finished.

Does Sin Have To Stop
WE are to put the deeds of the flesh away? Impossible!!
WE cant do any such thing.
Try all you want, it isnt goin to happen in your life time. Thats why Jesus died and rose, to give you a new life and set you free from sin. The old man flesh has died and will die every day.
Not because of what you do but because of what Jesus has done already.

Ways To Go To Heaven
Eloy is correct, 3 ways to heaven because of 1 saviour.
Jesus is the way, He made that way 2000 yrs ago.
Different paths in this life to 1(Jesus) destination.

Is Missing Hell Fair
Why people believe their God would torture people is beyond me. I wouldnt serve a God that tortures day and night. The thought is even nutty. And you people call yourselves good Christians?

Why Do People Go To Church
I havent been to a church in a long time. They just arnt what they use to be. Its all about money, sin and comdemnation. Where is the life?

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