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Oil Spill God's Judgement

are you john aka pastor jim?

if its god's judgement, then it would be far worst than an oil spill.

are you suggesting that obama is a worstest sinner than bush that's why god is punishing US?

if that is the case 911 2001 was god's judgement bec bush will wage an illegal war in 2003.

God's Covenants With Man
MarkV>>"...when man is told that they are saved by Grace along."

Just to clear it up... the phrase "faith alone saves" is not in the bible. More so, it is against what is in the bible. "...FAITH, if it hath not works, is dead, being ALONE." (Jam.2:17)

Eph.2:8 states: by grace we are saved through faith. We need faith to be saved... it's the start... but it is not enough. Salvation is a process and as we grow as a christian, there are a lot we need to add to our faith. (2Pet.1:5-8) These things mentioned in 2Pet.1:5-8 (i.e. patience, charity, brotherly kindness) we don't just show through lip service but through actual works. As Jam.2:20 states: " without works is dead?"

God's Covenants With Man
But can we boast if we do these works? No, because we do it not by ourselves but with the help of the holy spirit which strengthens us, and helps us understand God's words. And we don't do it just to be able to say to others, "hey i've followed God's commandments"... we do it because it is what God expects of us.

As Phil.2:12 says: " beloved,... work out your own salvation... We need to do the works, not our own works, but the works "which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them." (Eph.2:10).

God's Covenants With Man
Muqwump>>"..if I do such and such.."

I agree. Again, I'm just trying to clear possible wrong notion that we don't need to do anything to be saved. "For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves..." (Eph.2:8-9)

We are saved by God's grace THROUGH FAITH... through faith in Jesus Christ. That's why Jhn.3:16 says that those who would not perish are those who BELIEVETH in Him. So it's a wrong to say that "we don't need to do anything" ... we need to believe... to have faith.. for us to be counted with those whose sins have been washed by His blood. Those who, after hearing God's words don't do anything... don't believe in Him...refuse to repent and change his ways will never be saved.

Why Do People Go To Hell
//Christ died for all...// --Calhoon, Eloy is right.

"for this is my blood... which is SHED for many FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS."(Mat.26:28) --Christ's blood was shed for the remission of sins. How will we receive remission of sins through His blood?

"...whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins."(Acts.10:43) --Those who will receive remission of sins are those who believe in Him.

"...repent, and be baptized...for the remission of sins.."(Acts.2:38) --Those who have REPENTED and have been baptized as a symbolism of being born again, are those whose sins have been washed by Christ's blood.

But there are those who will not be covered by His blood... see Rom.1:18-32

When Is Anger A Sin
Anon, Eph.4:26 "be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:"

Anger is a natural emotion we humans feel. While the "trigger point" may be different for each of us, we all feel this. The difference for christians, is stated on the second part of the verse.

"let not the sun go down upon your wrath.." --don't be "blinded" by your anger. If we let the light(sun) be removed from us, our hearts/minds will be filled with darkness and the devil may find his way in to us(Eph.4:27), and we may start thinking of bad things to that person. "let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth..."(Eph.4:29) --don't speak of things about that person that are untrue.

God's Covenants With Man
muqwump>>"we believers are saved purely by grace and not by agreing..."

I'm not sure if this is what you mean by your statement, but the problem with this notion of "saved by grace" is that it is interpreted by some to mean that we don't even need to do anything and we're saved.

Is it justice that other people (like the israelites) have to obey certain covenants to receive salvation while "believers", as you put it, receive it so easily...? Is that fair...? Is that justice...? Isn't God a God of justice...?

Sabbath Breakers Going To Hell
Warwick>>"...Nonetheless Jesus said we must obey them."

You're letting your own pre-conceived belief get in the way of understanding the words. You yourself said, "Jesus said, 'obey the commandments.'" He did not say, "obey the 10 commandments" The word commandment(s) does not always pertain to the 10Cs.

The old covenant - which is the 10Cs (Deut.4:13), was replaced by a new covenant. Jesus gave commandments to the apostles (Acts.1:2, 8) and told the apostles to teach all to observe all that He commanded.

Therefore, when Jesus said "if you want to enter life, obey the commandments" ... He was talking about the commandments given in the new covenant.. in the gospel.

Adding To The Bible
#1Is it silly to follow only God's words

Rom.1:16 "...the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation..." In Mat.28:20, Jesus commanded His disciples, "teach them to observe all things..." So the gospel of Christ which he taught to His disciples was ordered to be taught in its entirety.

The disciples obeyed. "That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you..."(1Jhn.1:1-4) They declared ALL. How?

"and these things WRITE we unto you..."(1Jhn.1:4) In 2Thes.2:15: " have been taught,whether by word or our epistle." So when we read the bible as it is today, the apostles are in fact teaching us (through their epistles) Christ's gospel.

Adding To The Bible
It would be impertinent to think that Jesus Christ when He preached on earth, failed to teach everything. Therefore, we must believe that the gospel of Christ as He taught it to His disciples is complete.

And the disciples obeying His command, declared to us ALL they have seen and heard, WRITING them in their epistles.

Therefore, the bible as it is today, contains all the commandments of God which we need for our salvation. Hence, any commands, traditions not in the bible can be construed as that of man's and not God. And to obey these commandments of men is equal to worshipping Him in vain.

"Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." (Mark.7:7)

Can You Lose Your Salvation

You have wrongly used several verses.

"All that the father giveth me..." --If you are disobedient, or turn away from God and do the lusts of this world, do you think God will still bring you to his son? Is that justice?

"and him that cometh to me i will in no wise cast out." -- obviously, if you turn away from God then you're not coming to God but moving away from Him, so there's no need for Him to cast you out because you cast yourself out.

Big Salaries For Church Leaders
I'd like to take this further guys, and not just talk about church leaders who receive BIG salaries... but those who receive salaries in general.

By common definition, salary, is the payment one gets for the work he/she has rendered. If you're a clerk, you get a salary for the clerical works you did.

Now, what do church leaders supposedly do? They preach God's words...that's the work they do. So, if they're getting salary, then in effect, they are being paid to preach God's words.

Think about it guys...

Big Salaries For Church Leaders
//Why do so many church leaders take such a big salary?

"Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter." (Isa.56:11)

The bible calls them GREEDY DOGS. These are the shepherds/pastors/church leaders who cannot understand God's words. They will never understand because of their greed, because they are only after their own gain, and because they are WICKED as mentioned in Daniel 12:10 "...and none of the wicked shall understand..."

Why Did God Give Us The Bible
mima>>"Why do you think God gave us the bible?"

By "the Bible" I assume you mean the words of God. The bible is our guide to our salvation.

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God UNTO SALVATION to every one that believeth.." (Rom.1:16)

The gospel of Christ which He preached to His disciples is for their salvation. It holds all that a christian needs for his salvation.

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Today
Shawnie>>"I'm sorry your highness..." -- such sarcasm, and anger which you show to anyone here who contradicts your IDEA, only further proves to me that you do not have the holy spirit in you.

If you only tried to analyze my post (as you should also, the verses in the bible), you should have realized that i was merely responding to Kat's post on 4/6/9. At first i didn't want to respond to her post because i was waiting for your reply and i didn't want to take up more space in this thread. But, after four days (as you should have noticed, i replied on 4/10/09) i felt i need to reply to Kat so as not to be mistaken as being discourteous.

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Today
Shawnie>>"I am so sorry your highness..." -- such sarcasm. If you only "tried" to analyze my post(as you should also, the verses in the bible), you should have seen that i was merely responding to katavasia's post. She posted a "reply" last 4/6/09 and if you analyze, i replied to her on the 10th of Apr -- 4 days after. At first i didn't want to reply to her because i was waiting for your reply and i didn't want to take up more of this thread's space but since 4 days has passed i felt i had to reply to her so as not to be discourteous or "snobbish". That's why i told her "I'm still waiting for Shawnie's reply..."

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Today
Kat, sorry if you misunderstood my post, but just to clarify my post on 4/5/09 when i said "..OR are the proofs of the holy ghost speaking in tongue and prophesying?"

I wasn't making a statement there. I was asking Shawnie a question concerning her belief, that the proof of the holy ghost IS speaking in tongues, AND to "prove her claim" she uses Acts.2:1-4 and Acts.19:1-7.

Anyways, this is my point:
As i said (in my 4/5/09 post), if we analyze these verses, in both instances it says "they spoke in tongues AND prophesied..." -- Notice, there were two gifts mentioned: tongue and prophesy.

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Today
Now, if we accept Shawnie's "claim" that these verses SHOW the proof of the h.ghost, then, (as we have analyzed in the verses) there would seeem to be two proofs (since the verses mentions two gifts) prophesying and speaking in tongue.

And i'm still waiting for Shawnie's reply.

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