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What Would You Ask God
I would ask Him, "Why did you love me in the midst of my sin? Why did you care so much about me when I was so far away from you? Why did you put up with my hurting you? Why did you bother with me when I cared nothing for you? Yes Lord, I Love You Too.

Diagnosed Parnoid Schizophrenia
Love is the biggest help with anyone going through this. Some people might say I've lost it with the advice I'm going to give, but I know first hand, it works. Let me start by saying that this is not from God. God is a giver of life and everything good. He takes nothing from us. And I do mean nothing. John 10:10,11. The devil is a taker. And that includes our health.

Diagnosed Parnoid Schizophrenia
Now, I know that medical doctors will differ in opinion. They are trained to do so. But that won't change what I have lived. I was also diagnosed with schizophrenia, along with several other mental disorders. I was taking 11 different medications on a daily basis. What made me start searching for what I could do to change it was the fact that people can so often be extremely cruel.

Diagnosed Parnoid Schizophrenia
Calling you names and making fun of you like somehow or other you're less than human if you're mentally handicapped. Anyways what I found was an orthomolecular doctor who believed in nutrition rather than medicine. Exercise and diet are important, but the most valuable thing of all is B-Vitamins. They keep your entire body functioning properly. And I believe God expects us to use what He has given us to keep our temples in order, physically as well as Spiritually.

What Is A Submissive Wife
A submissive wife is one who loves and trusts her husband and shows it by her actions towards him. She knows he is the leader of their home and knows he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize their home. Therefore when there are disagreements, and there will be, she allows him to make the final decision, knowing that it will be O.K. She's not a door mat, just a loyal member of the family. She chooses to make love and trust her top priorities.

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