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Should She Date A Disabled Man
I am about to get married, and my future husband is disabled. It can be difficult at times because people don't understand, but I have never been more happy in my life. And I too believe like everyone else that God knew what he was doing when he brought us together. My fiancee is an inspiration to me he has such a positive attitude despite all of his physical disabilities. Plus love is so much more than what someone can do for you, the kind of security they can provide you, or how much money they make.

Help From Church If You Tithe
Yes! The pastor's wife was way off in her comment of placing a condition on whether or not a person is worthy to be helped by the church. She is not walking in love and obedience to God's word. The church is God's people, not the benevolance fund. The bible teaches to provide first for one another within the Church before providing for outsiders. Tithes and offerings are a covenant between God and man. God said if you bring in all the tithes and the offerings into My storehouse (the Church) that there be meat in My house (supplies for the needy and provisions for the preists), test Me says the Lord and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing that you will not have room enough to contain it all.

Help From Church If You Tithe
We know produce and animals are not the only tithes. People brought in monatary oferings, there was gold and silver in the temple. Jesus taught the disciples as they watched people put money in the offering. Remember the widow who put in all that she had? We have a very powerful covenant if people will give to God in faith and love. God's desire that we prosper and be in good health even as OUR SOULS PROSPER. He increases us as we grow in understanding and learn to be good stewards over what He has given us. We need compassion on those who are in need and lack understanding. Love is patient, love is kind. Love doesn't rejoice in injustice. Love believes the best of everyone. Love never fails.

How To Open An Orphanage
Does anyone have info. on
how to start a orphange in the USA?
How much would it cost?
what steps to take to run it?
I love kids and Yes i think this is god's plan for me to do.
I am praying that God will help me and guide to do this.

Catholic To Marry A Muslim
It is permitted that a muslim can marry a catholic and they are not unequally yoked, the Bible says something that contradicts the yoke thing, i dare this person to find this good section in the Bible! As long as the two agree to raise their children in one religion while showing the other parents religion in a good way.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I was spanked when i was a child and i usally got it by my mother with a paddle. I belive in spanking my children but not bare but or tools. Just my hand on thier butts untill the cry.

Friend's Dad Is A Satanist
God doesn't allow this! Just because someone says they are a christian doesn't mean they are. You ask why does this happen lots of bad things happen that doesn't mean God approves it.

Blog For Single Parents
Yes, I am a single mom of three boys. My oldest is 13 and is going through some tough times. It would be great to find other single moms in this situation to relate to.

What Is A Submissive Wife
And may i add that a husband cannot truly love and a wife cannot truly love unless they know Christ. Unless they are in love completely with Him and He is number One in thier lives. When they are completely submitted to Him and honor Him above all things and seek His face then their marriage is in order and there is blessing.

What Is A Submissive Wife
Man and woman were made for the LORD and for eachother. They are equal in partnership and with the LORD--when they are submitted to HIM. IT is beautiful and holy.

Should Christians Date
i do not believe in dating. God is number one in my life and if He would have me to date than i would follow where He leads. He alone fills me and supports me and i do not search for another person to meet my needs or desires. God alone is He who takes care of me.

Should Christians Date
Jesus is the head of a marriage. Not you nor your wife. He is the head. You and your wife are the Bride. Also,He is your provider alone. Review the scripture again. There is an order in a relationship, but the man is not the head over the wife...Christ is the head over both of them.

Can I Pierce My Nose
Are you guys serious? This is really a topic of Christian discussion? I'm sure God is truly offended by nose piercings...I mean it's not like there are people across the Earth hating and judging one another, in pain, without love or hope. Yeah, it's the nose piercings He's worried about.

Pastors In Expensive Homes
The Kingdom of God is Peace, Rightousness and Joy in the Holy Spirit. This is fact, it's right in the Bible.
How come Jack has none of these qualities. I have been reading quite a few of these blogs lately and this time I had to write something. Jack, you are a trouble maker. I noticed how you infect a blog with your rhetoric. You go blog to blog with your trouble. There's no peace when your around, and it's a shame. Clara had a valid question, that's all.

Did Adam And Eve Go To Heaven
What was the first lie ever recorded in the bible? That of the serpent (Satan) telling Eve that she would not die from eating from the tree but become like God right,Well the bible says that the dead are conscious of nothing. So if Eve after eating from the tree, did not die but continued her excitants in heaven or even another realm. Then who really is the liar? HUH

Explain Genesis 3:15
God is first talking to the serpent/the devil and telling him that he will be cursed. God was going to put an enmity or hate between him and the woman and her seed and his seed. This woman is Mary.This is when God first spoke about the his son/Jesus It explains that the devil would bruise his heel, but Jesus would bruise his head. This is explaining the torment and the beatings that Jesus would recieve,but Jesus would overcome and rise from the dead being victorious over the devil.

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
well i am 16 year old female and i used to cut... maybe she has something going on that you dont know about... or maybe some at school has done something to hurt her...those were some of my triggers

Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
hi i just want to say that i am only 18years old and i wasn't spanked as a child and i wish that i was because as i said i'm 18 and i have a kid and another one on the way now if i got spanked don't you think i would have turned out like thatif i was spanked? My daughter is 2 years old and she is a handful i had to spank her just last week for the first time ever and it was hard to do but i did it and she has been so good this whole week, and i know that she won't turn out like me

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