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Guys Say I Am Ugly And Fat
The one thing to focus on is Tracy and her relationship with Christ. One thing I focus on is His love for all of us.

Tracy, I wrote a poem a few years ago. "Sometimes I Wonder." I am not going to give all the but the one I feel in my heart that reflects you.

When I wrote this, in my head I was thinking that if Christ could not see these things in me, my true heart how can the world. Let the Lord be your rock. Press into Him and He and only He can bring you PEACE, JOY and true HAPPINESSBlessings to you sweet one.

Guys Say I Am Ugly And Fat
kathr4453 and Darlene 1, amen to both of you. words of wisdom, as well as aka.

Be blessed and encouraged Tracy, you may not feel loved in the secular world at the moment or all the time, but you are loved here.


How Do I Stop Stealing
Know that God loves you, He sent Jesus Christ to set you free from all sin and bondages. Believe, take your place as a child of God and take control of your physical desires. Also, delight yourself in the Lord, not in worldly materials. Say No.

I Need A Christian Friend
Hi Stephanie. I feel you girl. I have been married for 35 years. I prayed so hard for my husband to be saved for so long it was unreal. By the time I just gave up! The marriage seem to go hay wire. I ask him to go to church and he said yes. I couldn't believe my hears. He has been going every since and doesn't like to late. I think once I got out of GOD's way, trying to fix everything GOD moved and changed his heart.
I know the word works and GOD will not fail you.

Been Diabetic For 20 Years
One of the things wrong here is that you probably were told once you are prayed off, then stop taking your meds and go on faith. From my own personal healing experiences, Mark, I knew the instant the Healing took place, I didn't have to be told, now go in faith and keep believing until it manifest, it was a done deal the moment it happened. You will know when, where and how it happens, just keep praising God for the healing He promised, take your meds and stay faithful, He does want you healed, just follow HIM, not man, and you will be healed in Jesus Name. Declare it as done, then when it does happen, you will know it and then you can stop the meds. Enjoy the journey

God Finds Us Jobs
Most of the time, we need a change and the only way we will move is if we loose something important to us. But, with every ending there is a new beginning. The secret is just trust in God, He knows what is going on with us and sees beyond our space in time. So let Him be God and rejoice in all things.

Tithe To Abused Animals
Hello Pat, It is a sad day when a church spends $300.000 for lighting when souls are starving to death here in America. But they do, so, pray carefully about your tithes and give where you are directed to by the Holy Spirit. Don't tithed to the animals, give to the people who are caring for them. They are volenteers most of the time and so if you provide means for them to receive a small salary then your tithes is justifiable. People in all given situations needs kind hearted givers. Give where you feel like you will make a God given difference to someone's life. Bless you for even offering to pay tithes, most don't.

What Does Perfect Mean
It is God's love that is perfect. Perfect love cast out all fears. When the perfect love touches our lives then the partial type of flesh love is no longer good enough for us, so thus it is done away with. The scripture says,"Be ye perfect even as I am perfect." It is talking about loving as Jesus loves us. Thus the only perfect thing in this world, in us is the perfect Love of Jesus and our Father,God. Love covers a multitude of sins. Think what the world would be if we could live in His perfect love. WOW!!!!

Are Easter Celebrations Biblical
Did a little reseach, the bunny repersents life and fertility. The spring goddess-----whatevr her name was, worshipped by pagans, would come in the spring time and collect the colored eggs, which repersented rebith and beauty. So, tell your kids the true meaning of Easter, about Christ, then if you have no reservations about the bunny thing, go ahead and have a little fun with the family. Life is what you choose to make it, anything can cross the line and cause us to miss a blessing from God. My children,grandchildren and now my great, are not messed up with the bunny bringing candy, Santa living in N. Pole or any of the other silly reps of our so called holidays. Just enjoy JESUS!

Sinners Prayer Unbiblical
The way man does it, NO, but in many cases it works so, does it make any difference how a person repents of his sins as long as he sees the end results of being born again.That is all we are to be concerned with.

How To Be A Submissive Wife
We are to be submissive to our Heavenly husband first, your earthly husband needs lots of prayer and I suggest you just allow yourself the freedom to share your heart with him in one of his good moments. The only way he will revamp his life is for his family and friends to cover him in prayer. Pray over him with a Praise to the Father for the husband that you desire to have, The word says" he will give you the desires of your heart" However you want your husband to be, just thank God everyday for that kind of man for him to become. It works.

April Fools Is To Mock
If you observe any of the Holiday's at all, you might as well go ahead and have fun on this one. I see no difference with Easter Bunny bringing eggs and candy on the Resurrection day of Christ or Santa dropping in through the chimmey on the Brith of Christ so what's the difference. One day is as big a fool day as the other. Do you celebrate Holloween too? Oh, you ask should a Christian observe these days, Go to the instruction book and find out, it tells you straight up what to do. Is jesting a sin, is mockery a sin, ummmm.

How To Avoid Sinning
Hi Ted, one of the few ways to really tell what is right and wrong for you is to begin paying attention to your heart. It will gage your position In Christ very closly if you listen to your Spirit. New Christians are not taught to spend double time talking to Christ. Talk, then listen, be still and hear what the Spirit is saying. If you live according to people, you will always be confused. Take what they say,compare it to the Bible and don't ever do what they do without praying, listening and following your heart. It will never lie to you. Pay attention to your right and wrong gage. The heart is truth and it will lead you in the right path every time.\hope this really helps you.

Helping Her To Divorce
No, you will not go to hell for helping or even loving this woman and her children. But, you need to make sure that it is God's designed will for you to marry them. If you marry outside of God's love then you will probably end up in a big mess. Be careful and really pray about this before you take the next step. Helping is one thing but marriage is whole different ball game sir. Please pray with an open ear and listen carefully. Are you all on the same page about your places in Christ? Pray together, and take time to let the past days fade.

Should Christians Play With Cards
Go ahead and play with Cards, just don't let it become a bad habit that you can't control. Cards are a harmless way of cheap entertainment for all to enjoy. Do you watch TV? That's 100 times worse that playing cards if it is not monitored correctly by your heart and Spirit. Self control is the key to all things we do to pass time off in this world. The Holy Spirit will tell you loud and clear what's right and wrong for you. Just listen.

Christians Married In Church
The answer is no, but it doesn't hurt to have the blessings of those around you to make marriage very special. like the others said there is no law in the Bible, it just states that a man and woman shall leave their mother and father and cleave to each other until death. The one you go into the first time is the one that God sees you married to. Think about that! The legal marriage is for the benifits of SSS and insurance and stuff like that. The world system says you need a licence, God says you need Him. Go to your priest and let him bless your future.

I Have Been Married Twice
I too was married to men who abused, both physically and verbally and I ask this same question when The Holy Spirit told me that I was getting married the 3rd time. He simply made me to see that the first two were not marriages designed or desinated by my FATHER in heaven, it was a self choice both times. Thus, with a repentive heart and a humbled Spirit I ask my FATHER to forgive my disobedient and selfish ways. He did and I know HE did because I have been married to my 3rd husband for 16 years and we have never argued or experienced anything like the past. We just love each other, because we are loved by God and He put us together forever. If you need to know more, just ask. It is my testimony.

How To Hear God
You will know because it usually is just the opposite of what you want to hear and what other people are telling what you should do.

Is Mystery Babylon America
Check it out. They are rebuilding the city of Babylon as we speak. It will play a huge part in the last days.

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