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What Are Jesuites
Helen::"I belong to the lord jesus christ"
Words are empty Vain vessels.In order for them to be filled with value they have to contain, Jesus teachings on which His Church was established.Your claim that you have no church shows you are apostate & just an empty vessel which do make a loud noise only.May God in His mercy bring you realisation.You must ADMIT or SUBMIT.

Origin Of Catholic Church
Andrea:: with your historical adgenda you set yourself up as judge & Jury In your desire to show That catholicism is rampant with evil People.Do you really have all the facts or are they hearsay.ONLY GOD will use HIS winnowing wand.Remember the measure of judgment you use.

You Get A Beer Or Me
Helen::Dear Lady::Please dont be so unbending.There is only One Jesus & HE can be found anywhere "Come to me all who are laboured & burdened & I will refresh you"
This includes Addictions.

Do Catholics Believe In Hell
REV Herb;;What is a literal Hell??

What Religion Was Jesus
Mod ::IMHO questions like this deserve the american Filing system "shred'em"

Church Practices Paganism
Well said & true Nicole,,Did not Jesus in his love and compassion alleviate the suffering especially if they had Faith.How often did Jesus speak about a repentant sinner in the Prodigal son,also His statement "I came to call sinnners".People who 'appear' to be righteous fit the description of Isiah.64:6 b/c their deeds are for appearances hence the stern admonition by Isiah.IMHO

How To Lose Your Salvation
MarkV & Holly :,To regurgitate what you fail to understand what has been enlightened by the Holy Spirit is worthless bantering Back and forth.The DRv explains this verse which I have stated often enough.MarkV If you meet Your creator you may address the question to Him.Don't underestimate your God & remember your Place.It is to serve Not question, if you have faith .Holly Read the DRV for your clarity.The KJV is a derivative of the latin Vulgate.DRV

How Do You Stop Sinning
ALL::How does anyone stop something that is not good or sinful.:-DONT INDULGE IN SUCH PRACTICE:Rule book 1Keep My commandments (ALL)2 Love one another as I have loved you.
If you shold Fall ,TRY TRY again.Practice makes perfect.How else do children learn to walk.!!

How To Lose Your Salvation
Kathr::This whole universe including A & E and future generations was created By God. What seems begotten is the process that God uses to release His creation as He sees Fit.That is why in Geneses 3:15 was Mary'THE WOMAN' created without sin By God Her saviour and released at His determination, as he thought Fit.This is why mankind (Christians especially) cannot fathom why Mary is sinless and protest so vehemently.This is the truth which must be told

I Strayed Away From God
Agnes::It has been a year since you last posted,were you serious about this plea for help.I didn't see any rebuttal which makes me suspect that you threw this question out as a desperate measure of no consequence. or like a person stranded on an island puts a message in a bottle and tosses it into the sea,hopinh for a reply.Which one is you really need help?

False Teachers In The Church
Holly::It is because we believe we are baptised and believe, we are here writing no question about that, the disagreemen is in what you believe is it YOUR WORD as interpreted by You, as against Gods Word which is interpreted By the Holy spirit through the RCC God's Church per Matt16:17-19.Do you refute this plain and straight simple question.His church is NOT Man made but GOD MADE.

My Daughter Is Ungreatful
Betty ::Child rearing starts at the Cradle not at age 9.You are reaping what you sowed.We teach by example not by words and actions.But you already know this .Since children don't come with a rule book You will have to painstakingly sift through the ashes see what is salvageable and work on those areas that need TLC some discipline But a lot of TLC,with ardent prayer and innovative ways to win her around. Rome was not built in a day.Don't Give up-Never.she is your Baby, and your responsibility.

How To Lose Your Salvation
Elder::Jesus also said "BE PERFECT AS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS PERFECT"Can you explain how does one attain perfection without endeavour- work.I am sure work is a word which consists of numerous branches of endeavour.and has nothing to do with Salvation which some use as a deterrant to salvation.EG falseness is also work but not Gods way.So must we not endeavour to do HIS WILL HIS WAY.This is not talking about personalities but Generalisation. Personalities would be an attack.This is NOT.

Ever Date A Non-Christian
ALL:: RitaH has given a clear concise but true explaination what God demanda of People who enter into acontract of marriage no middle course,divorce is not a solution but an escallation to the source of the problem which never leaves. Two in one Flesh means Just that a cemented relationship.That is why the saying "look before you leap" b/c you cannot leap back.This is the truth.

Marrying A Younger Man
Kate :: Marry whom so ever your little heart desires BUT make sure BOTH are in accord by 'GODS WAY' till death do U part.There are No U turns in this road of life.Its straight ahead through Hail Fire and brimstone,hoping for the silver lining.God Bless

Can The Devil Read Our Minds
Elder::Now we know why God put the stinger at the end of the BEE.The advice is inbred by those of His Universal church.But we also follow his teachings dilligently as in Genesis 3:15"enmity between Her seed and his seed".which is being enacted here The truth be told.

Repent Of Sin Or Go To Hell
FrancesDEAR::You did forget the wee verse "Whose sins you forgive they are forgiven,whose sins you retain they shall be retained"also Read Mark16:15-16Remember you of your own volition apostated .Be Reconciled Stubborness and Pride will cost you dearly.The truth is in your Hand The Message is as clear as a searchlight.

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