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Spanking Teenage Boys
I am 34 now but was spanked mainly from 10 to 13. But at 16 making good on his promise to take me over his knee if he found out I ever smoked cigarettes my Dad did just that and then mentioned that I stole my Mom's cigarettes and lied about it repeatedly before yanking my boxers down and "beating" my bare butt.
(beating my butt meant as opposed to spaced out swats he just wailed away until I bawled)

Hypostatic Union
Mark Eaton,
I didn't miss anything in John 1:14, Romans 8:3 or Hebrews 2:14-17

I noted already that I replied to Micha's assertion that I was treading close to Gnosticism. It was there....

Unfortunately, John's run-on nonsense seems to all get posted, but meaningful input doesn't


Ten Commandments Historical
I like the chain of events so far in this thread....

1) a question is asked which cannot be substantiated in Scripture

2) correction is given, and the pertinent scriptures are quoted

3) the scriptures are rejected

Building Of The Ark
By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house, by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.
Hebrew 11:7

From the above verse I would really have to agree with Rita.
The same faith that Noah showed would have saved others if they had believed Noah message, as he is called "a preacher of righteousness."
II Peter 2:5

Who Heals People
Cluny obviously doesnt know the meaning of one or both of those words.

Unbelievers Living In Your House
KarenD: You posted the statement about a week ago 'not married to sleep together'

Did God ever ban it?

NO, He did not

sleeping in the same bed is not the same as sexual intercourse

You are making assumptions

If you wish to be remembered for your righteousness do not make assumptions

It makes you look like a Pharisee

Largest Religion In The World
Samuel: 'Belonging to JESUS is where salvation s found. We must be Born Again'

Of course.....

But no-one who does the statistics can count THAT!

So by nature they either do baptism (sometimes) or membership of a church (a bit better) or just what the person says

In Christian terms all three have problems

But when we ask about the 'largest', I know from my wife, whom I married before I became a Christian. She claims to be Buddhist, but I never see anything in her life that marks her as Buddist!

So the claims that some Christians are not 'real' probably applies to all beliefs equally

Faith Or By Works
Remember the parable of the sheep and the goats

History And Science
jerry6593 on 10/10/13:
'"Abortions are accepted as a worst-case scenario when the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother and no other therapeutic options are available."

So it seems that you attend a church that promotes abortion.'

You did not actually understand what the thing you quote SAYS, Jerry

It is not well written, but it means: If the mother stays pregnant she and the baby will both die. If she has an abortion, only the baby will die. ONLY in that case can the abortion be carried out.

Of course it does not PROMOTE abortion. In only allows it if it is needed to save a life

Or do you want the mother to die too?

When Do Days Begin
Warwick: 'and always indicating an ordinary day'

What about the one or two days in the Old Testament that were NOT 24 hours? The one in the battle in Joshua 10 (clearly stated) and the shadow going back 10 steps in Isaiah 38 - God changed the position of the sun, and so logically the length of the day.

So not ALL days are what you call 'standard days'

Spare The Rod Spoil Child
shira4368: American black citizens "African"

Just one of those stupid things that people are taught to do

If we could call them black without having everyone complain, we'd be happy to use it

Man Dinosaur Co-Existed
Warwick: on July 2 you quoted 'Note also that swaying is a vertical motion'

I'm sorry, but not according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

And you then used that claim to wreck what people had stated.

I agree with your view, but you have to be careful of the methods you use to prove your views.

Moral Houserules OK
Nikki: You are in a difficult situation. On the one hand, and rightly so, you want your household to be righteous, while you also do not want to break it up while one person is sick.

The other question here is how important, both for family peace and for the household to run, is it for your sister (not the one who is ill, but the other one) to be in the house).

If it is really important for her to stay, either because your sister who is ill needs them or because you can't take care of them, you may have to let them stay.

It is sad that your niece has two kids with two fathers.....

Man Dinosaur Co-Existed
Warwick, Behemoth could just as well be a kangaroo, with its large tail that you always go on about.

And before you try to say that a kangaroo is too small, remember that most dinosaurs were too - you are only picking the very large dinosaurs. There were small as well as large dinasaurs

But I doubt there is anything to change your mind

Moral Houserules OK
Is your niece's boyfriend the father of these three children, or are they children of someone else?

If they are his children, it might finally be time to get married......

If not, things are disappointing

You have not done anything wrong, though you were placed in a very difficult place

Leviathan And Behemouth
Francis, whether or not cobalt and hydrogen door do not produce fire is not really the issue.

The real issue is whether you know enough about dragons to say for sure so much about dragons - are you such an expert on dragons? Do you have one in your basement to do experiment?

Woman With The Issue Of Blood
Nikki, in this case that last comment does not seem to be relevant to the discussion, as it does not seem to be a 'cyclic bleeding' matter, but a permanent problem.

In her case it was not a cycle, it was permanent bleeding - but it would still make her unclean

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