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Is Day Trading Unbiblical

There's no specific verse that says that day trading is sin, what matters to God is the heart condition, what's his motivation in day trading?

If a person's reason for day trading is only to gain wealth, then that person needs to think twice.

On the other hand, if a person's reason for day trading is to bless people with the blessings he received, to provide and to advance God's kingdom through it, then therefore there's no reason to worry about it.

There's no problem with money, the love of money is the problem, no one can serve two masters.

Some may tell you that day trading is similar to Gambling, nope. Gambling is purely relying on luck, day trading doesn't.

Blessed day :)

James Robison Ski House
You are going to give to theses tv
Stars and knowing that what they
Are doing is wrong the you become
Partakers of their sin that's bible
It say mark those that labor among you. Not support them.

Can Christians And Jews Marry
God bless you. You do not worship the same God. Jesus Christ said He came to divide and this is what He meant. Jesus asked "who do you say that I am?" If you and your boyfriend don't answer the same, you are unequally yoked.

Saturday Is Day To Worship
Saturday or Sunday who cares as long as one day per week there is a day of rest.

Is DACA Legal
At the end of the day, it's going to come down to what Congress votes on.

Wrong To Live Life Alone
I have no choice. Women aren't interested in me. Nothing I do works to attract them. I know God will reward me for living a good life. I tried to get married and failed. Oh well.

Jesus Breaks The Sabbath
My point exact the bible does not say that Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday.

Sunday worship is a tradition made up by man. You see, whatever we hold to be true that is not found in scripture is a tradition.

Paul breaking bread on the First Day of the week in no means say that he was establishing sunday as the Sabbath,furthermore, making sunday as the Sabbath grew out of Antisemitism and not Holy Scripture (the bible)

If we are going to replace the Sabbath which is God's Perfect Institution, why not replace marriage because marriage and the Sabbath were the 2 Perfect Institutions that existed before the Fall of Man in the garden.

Baptism Scares Me
Michael, you are very wrong when you say the book of Hebrews is not for Church doctrine. Have you read it? really read it?
One of the key theological themes in Hebrews is that all believers now have direct access to God under the New Covenant and, therefore, may approach the throne of God boldly (Heb. 4:16: 10:22). One's hope is the very presences of God. You make it sound like we might as well just not every read it. The writer of Hebrews also gives six warnings. Which are very important for Church doctrine.

Gallbadder Stones Cure
According to Nana who has been here a long time, if you do not agree with him you are ignorant, so he is the bar everyone has to reach to be intelligent.

Will God Forgive Same Sins
Haz27, did you not know that
according to Nana who has been here a long time, if you do not agree with him you are ignorant, so he is the bar everyone has to reach to be intelligent.

Bless The Jews For Blessings
If blood ties has anything to do with blessings then Google "Shlomo Sand" and hear some of his material. IF there is belovedness for the sake of their bloodlines then pray that the Palestinians are assimilated into Israel and not isolated in a siege and exterminated.

Is Michael A Minor God

It's just part of JW belief that Jesus was formerly Michael the archangel. Ask Scott, he'll tell you...I think.

Explain Sackcloth And Ashes
You know...Jesus said, "When I am gone, my disciples will fast." Are you His disciples? Therefore practice obedience and don't blog your precious pearls among swine...

Why Did Lot Get Drunk
Leon, you have two more left to go. might as well finish it.

Not Under The Law
We're not under law we're under grace. Grace is the fact that God does not punish us for breaking His Law. Since grace is the absence of punishment then law that we are no longer under is not the Ten Commandment Law, but rather, the law that Moses wrote which specified the punishment for breaking the Commandments. The Ten Commandments were written by the finger of God, the law regarding punishment was written by the hand of Moses. The Ten Commandments were placed inside the ark of the covenant the law of Moses was placed outside the ark. Here is the question, "Shall we sin because we are no longer under the law?" in other words, "Shall we break the Law because God is withholding punishment?" Certainly not!

Not Under The Law
How about this one, "Shall we continue to sin because we are under grace?" In other words, "Shall we continue breaking God's Law because He's not going to punish us?" Certainly not!

Not Doing God's Will
Francis, so your answer is that it is possible for you and the SDA's to keep all the laws of God? Is that correct? You say you know you are born again because you keep the commandments. Without going into detail about all the laws of God, how about only the Ten Commandments, are you able to keep them all perfect?

Not Doing God's Will
Francis, you said after five years you became an SDA. How does a person become an SDA? You must mean you became a member of the SDA denomination right? So my question is, were you born of the Spirit while a catholic, or while the five years of studying, or after you became a member of the SDA denomination? And how do you know you are born of God now?

Christians Want To Be Rich
Many improbable interpretations concerning the "eye of the needle" have arisen that attempts to soften this pharse, that "needle" referred to a tiny gate in the Jerusalem city wall that camels could enter only with difficulty, but there is no evidence that such a gate ever existed, and if it had, any sensible camel driver would have simply found a larger gate.
Here the Persians expressed impossibilty by saying it would be easier to put an elephant through the eye of a needle. This was a Jewish colloquial adaptation of that expression denoting impossibility the largest animal in Palestine was a camel. We could change camel to tv evangelists.

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