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Can I Marry My Step Cousin
I am old fashioned and strictly believe family is family, blood related or not. You may not have been related before the marriage, but now you are. An example is I have a step-grandpa I am very close to, and if he had a grandson or nephew that I thought was attractive but he was not related to me by blood, I still could not act on it. Just wrong...there are so many other fish in the sea.

Husband Is A Selfish Pig
Well, I "shewed" for 13 years and never received a gift or recognition for anything- he never got me air g, even. I was left to fend for myself after being in a nasty car accident. You can "shewing" all you want- you are wasting your energy. Hand him over to his father, Satan, and be done with it.

What Is A Submissive Wife
Don't question. He is man. I am woman. I am unto him. I walk where he walks. I sleep where he sleeps. I eat what he eats. This has been the way. This is the way.

Should Be Single Or Marry
I will be honest and say I have wondered this myself. I think that if God calls someone to be single He will give them the grace to accept it. I think if someone strongly desires to be married it may be something the Lord has for them.

Bible States No Christmas Trees
Read Jeremiah 10:1-10. Verse says: do not worship anything besides God. I'm not worshipping my christmas tree. I understand that a lot of Christmas traditions come from Saturnalia- a pagan celebration. However, Christmas and Saturnalia are not the same holiday. It's like Christians having a harvest party on Halloween. It's on the same day as Holloween, they still do a lot of the same things, but it isn't that theyr'e celebrating halloween, it's that they're having a holiday without the evilness.

Churches Take Gambling Money
For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1Tim 6:10

Money is not good or's what the money motivates you to do that makes the difference.

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