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Can Angels Take Human Form
"Angels" and "demons" were thought to be "somewhere out there" until my husband died, leaving me with two kids. I dismissed any "ghostly experiences" from him as just stress, say nothing and it would "go away". Until my kids and house guests shared similar "experiences" but the real twist was a "sighting" from a stranger (who, in the doctors office, overheard his name as I talked with a clerk). Most of the accounts were from around the day he got put on life support. I never asked anyone had they "seen him", As I became convinced that he was allowed some time around as an "angel", I always watch out for "demons" imitating him

Do You Believe In Ghosts
I see this blog is kind of old so I hope someone responds. I think the idea of unsaved people being the wandering ghosts is likely, but what about children seen wandering, are they Satan disquised as children? And why is it a sin to try to contact the dead if they can't be contacted anyway?? And the bible only says there is a great chasm between the rich man and the poor man...he never actually says you can't return to earth or that there is a chasm between them and earth...I feel I need to understand these things.

Need Encouragement Scripture

I hoped someone would hear your concerns, but they didn't. I am surprised. I pray in the name of Jesus that you will be delivered from these pressures you face. I pray that the Lord will have mercy upon you, have favor upon you, and that he will continue to keep you. Look up my Dear, and ask the Lord to lead you. He will. When you get a chance, order the Daily Bread, so you can read and be strengthened daily. Read Psalms 113, and continuously speak things as if they were.

Autistic or Asperger Christians
I am interested in learning if you have successfully begun dialogues with other Aspie/NT married Christian couples?
We have been married 29 years!

Is God A Male Or Female
God is not a gendered being. God is not being. God is Spirit. Humans attach such gender terminology for convenience sake. To be in the image of God is to be like God in Spirit, not appearance.

Can You Commit Spiritual Adultery
Spiritual Adultery is anything that takes the place of God. Like for instance Money, love of things like cars, clothes, status, and etc. Anything you make an idol and run after other than God Himself. I hope this has helped.

Christians Remarry After Divorce
First and foremost divorce isn't something that the Father is in favor of. Due to the hardness of mans heart it was given to Moses to present to men of the earlier testaments see Mark 9:2-12. We are to live our lives by Gods word the bible. Today we are under the contract of the New Testament when Jesus became the sacrificial lamb and died for our sins. Jesus was against divorce, but in cases where adultery and abandonment was concerned these were reasons.

Cheated On My Wife
As a wife in the same situation as your wife... you need to tell her about the email. If you really value your marriage and your relationship with your wife you need to be transparent with her. She can and will learn to forgive you as she heals but you also need to be forthcoming enough to warrant the forgiveness for yourself.

2008 Presidential Election
I dont have to check my history. Your logic leads just where I said. To suggest that one party is pro-terrorism is not only blatently wrong, its exceedingly childish, suggesting the speaker is a longway from having an adult mind.

Dead Sea Scrolls
andrea. You are correct that most of the DSS are OT material. They show that most of the books we have are decent copies, but the DSS contain additional verses in some cases. How does that square with some KJV being the bible of "God's word" when it obviously is flawed.

Do Catholics Know History
The scientific evidence is fairly clear that Jesus had no intent to start a church. He was attempting to teach others a new way of relating to God. Those places which are interpreted as church founding are later additions to the original text.

Catholics Believe Mary Was Sinless
Holly: I dont care what you believe but you are stating what you believe not what you know. You cannot show proof of things spiritual, they are beliefs. Nobody enjoys someone saying "you're wrong". I just object to the arrogant self-righeous attitude.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Holly. If you were Jewish I would assume you wouldnt have a bible anyway growing up...Its called Torah.
Marcia: Priests dont tell us not to read the bible. You continue to make assertions not backed up by anything, and your assertions are just plain wrong.

Vote For A Mormon President
Bulletin to all you fundies voting republican: They are using you...Duh...They are never never gonna given you you want you want. We dont live ina and state are separate!

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
Helen: I doubt M. Theresa was born-again cuz Catholics see no need for this practice. To even suggest that she cant go to heaven because she may have been too work oriented instead of my, you make God so tiny and petty.

Catholics Believe Mary Was Sinless
marcia. Thats a lousy translation of Hebrews IMO, but its fine. I don't see you point as this relates to Mary and immaculate conception?

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