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Date Of Trinity Doctrine
In Genesis chapter 1. IN the beginning God created the heavens and the earth... God is one. The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep... God's Spirit is two.
God said let there be... if God said it He used words, what or who is the word of God? John chapter 1 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. By him was all things made and nothing was made that was made without him. The word is the third. Don't try to understand this in human terms. The three are individual persons but are in all ways one God. They are equal in all ways. They are one and work as one.
The essence of God is a mystery to humans.

God Will Bring My Wife To Me
yes he will. God has showed me my wife already. he did for me so i know its true. thank him in advance, for his choice is the best choice

Should Priests Marry
Paul was the Catholic church's perfect Priest. He said that he chose not to marry, because he had his focus on Heavenly things, and a man who is married has Earthly cares. Martin Luther had it more correct. After he decided that if it was not in the Bible, it didn't apply to him, he married a former Nun, and they raised children and had a family life. This didn't stop Luther from doing his teaching work, but humanized him. Yes, ministers should marry.

Is TBN Mainstream Christianity
TBN is a diverse series of shows, just like ABC, only with Christian themes. It is very hard to "rate" TBN overall, because they carry a variety of shows. I give some of the older Biblical theme movies that they show sometimes at night, a thumbs up, for good movies that I have never seen before. Just look for their movies, or if you want to learn Spanish, they have a bi-lingual Bible teaching program which often runs, and some non-controversial programs for children.

How To Please My Husband
Now, as a Christian man I want a competent woman to "control" our household. So, I don't think that is where your marriage problem lies. You and your husband both need to have a fairly long-term course in how to talk to one another in marriage. Contact your minister, or one in the community.

Magdalene Married To Jesus
Yes, although obviously not one of the Twelve, Mary M. was a follower (disciple) of Jesus. I don't think that Jesus had any favorite followers (although John seems to think that he was Jesus favorite disciple), and there is no Biblical proof that Jesus played any favorites. No proof from either secular or Biblical sources that Jesus married.

Babies Go To Heaven Or Hell
This straight-forward thought should be considered. "I have scant Biblical ammunition, but the other point of view doesn't either, and I say that children before the age of reasoning, get to go to Paradise, on the basis that Jesus died to take away the sins of All mankind. And surely our Great Saviour would have made provisions for the only partly mature humans afterlife, and it would be good.
---harold on 6/30/07"

Is God Female And Male
I sure hope that God is not a female. At least we know that the main man, the Father, is a male, unless of course, you believe in translation differences from the original Hebrew, in which we might just as easily find that God, can also be The Mother. I just hope that God the Mother doesn't have all of those female hormones that makes American females so weird once a month, when pregnant, and when in menopause. Then, it's God, the Destroyer of All Men is living here. Help!

Is God Female And Male
If God truly said it, then I believe it. In this Bible passage, it says that "God created man(kind)in His image(s), (so He made them both) male and female." God, the Son, Jesus, was born a male. God, the Holy Spirit, is often related to the characteristics of the female sex, because the H.S. bears the emotional side of God's personality, and takes a back seat to the Father and to the Son in the Salvation story. Not to mention that the HS gives birth to baby Christians and helps them grow.

Why Are Christians Gluttons
The question is raised from Deuteronomy 21:20, a section called "Laws for Human Relationships". It had more to do with breaking the 4th Commandment about obeying your parents, than it did about a young man being fat and drunken. So too, today. It really has no bearing on our Christian witness regarding our weight, in my reading of the Scripture.

Who is Joyce Meyer?
This question was first posted on Nov. 2005. However,it is not exactly out of date,as Mrs. Meyer's is still around,and some may want to comment about her.Let me say that I do not enjoy,as a man,listening to a sternly lecturing large plain-faced woman. It reminds me too much of grammar school. As to whether or not she says anything of importance to her audience,I have never learned anything from her, about the Scriptures or anything else, but,if a lot of ladies enjoy hearing her speak, its OK with me.

Is The Soul Immortal
All orthodox Christian theology believes that the soul of man is immortal, or never dying. Why I don't know for sure, but it could have something to do with Jesus telling the Jewish leaders that their souls were going to be tormented for eternity. Like the Lazarus story (not parable). No destruction of even the Devil's soul is mentioned anywhere.

Who is Creflo Dollar?
Why can't we have pick-on questions about more famous preachers, instead of a black and a has-been and a couple of women? I believe that as mature Christians, we should bring our observed views to the front, so that others can either be warned or encouraged.
When it comes to Creflo, I think from listening to him, that he is one of the better black preachers on TV. I pay no attention to his financial appeals, but he does have a good way with explaining the Word.

How Long Before Jesus
Nobody will ever know. Jesus said so himself in the Gospels. He said No-one knows but the Father, not even the Son. So, to speculate when is a fools game. The first century church of Peter was expecting Jesus to come back any year. But, Jesus is coming back, soon.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Purgatory is mentioned once in an OT apocryphal book not even recognized as Scripture by the Orthodox Christian canon. To Roman Catholics it is a real place, to others, it is a false tradition. It is not Biblical.

Is Purgatory Paradise
Not at all so! Paradise was used by Jesus as He was on the cross to describe where he and the thief who believed on Him would be that night. Not a bad place of torment, as purgatory is supposed to be, but a word synonymous for Heaven. Paradise or Heaven, I'm counting on Jesus Salvation to let me go there when I am no longer here.

Is Preteen Dating Appropriate
As the Moderator says, the word "dating" means that the couple are ready for marriage if it comes. Using the word dating too early cheapens it and makes it dangerous. The words, making Friends, is much more suitable for young people to use, in group events.

Can I Marry An Old Man
There is nothing wrong or un-Biblical about marrying either a man or a woman who is much older than you are. If you marry an older man, remember that men typically die younger than women, so you will be faced with living as a widow much sooner in life than you might later like. But, a few years of real love can make your life full of joy, if that is what makes you happy.

I Sometimes Question God
Not unless you think so. By that I mean that God doesn't care if you question Him. We all do sometime in life, sometimes through many times of hurt, or unfortunately when in the bondages of sin. But God is big enough for you to question Him, and in time, He will give you a suitable answer that He is there, and that He cares for you.

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