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Evangelism Training Tools
Here are two great ones used with much success (can't post web addresses here, email me through the site and I'll give them too you!)<
You can also create custom made bumper stickers that help if you drive. Mine is huge and says "Repent of your sins toward God & put your faith in Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY way, truth, & life"

Are We Living In Sin Together
I lived w/a man & repented as I knew it was wrong (stopped sleeping w/him. even if you aren't sleeping with him, the temptation is there and it looks bad to other people --see a comment further below and they are correct--) There are awful consequences. I had a son out of it (after I stopped--stopped just too late)and the father wasn't for me, didn't really love me because it wasn't ok with him that we stopped--even though he claimed to be a christian! Don't do it!

What Is A Submissive Wife
Wow... ok..Having had an example of a great marriage --I can tell you this: A husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church--supports her, lifts her up, encourages & protects her. In this safe loving environment, a woman WILLINGLY submits to her husband because its SAFE to do so and she trusts in him.--In this they work in harmony.

Wearing Immodest Clothes
I agree with Robyn on this one. There is a way for a Christian on fire woman of God to dress modestly and still appear VERY classy and if needed to her husband VERY sexy without showing off anything that might lead to our brothers stumbling. I dress modestly always, yet attractively. The Lord would have me dress the way He feels about me--Beautiful, yet not so as to make my brothers stumble. I am very conscious of this.

Who Should Propose For Marriage
The man...its more romantic that way...and biblical. I'm old school even though I am not really actually old... :) I'm a sucker for romance, but not seeking it. If that makes any sorta sense.

Ooohhey gooey chick flick night at my place!Somebody bring popcorn.

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