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Biometric Devises Increasing
Kathr, I said,
"---- and if the word comes to him in power and the Holy Spirit, he will believe the gospel by faith and he will be saved. Mark_V. on 8/27/13"
I spoke the Truth and you reject it. I said that because.
"Knowing beloved brethren, your election by God. "For the gospel did not come to you in word only" which means that to some it comes only in word. "but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit with much assurance" Which means, the word comes to us in power and in the Holy Spirit with much assurance and will know we are one of the Elect of God.
(1 Thess. 1:4,5).
With you, the word came to you in word only with no power why? because you had no faith.

Authority To Forgive Sins
Nikki, I don't believe you got my answer correctly. (John 20:20-23) speaks of only the disciples present, and one of them was absent, that was Thomas. Jesus breath in them the Spirit. It was a temporary act since the disciples did not receive the endwelling of the Holy Spirit until Pentecost together with many others. The disciples did not breath the Spirit to anyone. All they did was present the gospel to others and acknowledge to those who believed they were saved, according to the Word of God. No one else received the Spirit from Jesus until the Day of Pentecost.

Brought You Nearer To God
John 11, I gave you the word of God and you called me a muslim. (Daniel 11:32). "but the people who know their God shall be strong and take action" You say no, don't do anything if you do you are a muslim. We were speaking of Christians taking action against those who oppose the morals and values of God. You say,

"Mark V, how are you not a Muslim (or at least Romish)? Your quote: They feel they must do something, the dishonor done to God's name goads them into action.
Just change the word God to Allah and you're set."

If that's how you feel as a Christian then do nothing. But don't expect others to feel what you do, and if they don't they are muslim. They are people who care and take action.

Appreciate Our Likeness
Christan, by the way, Kathr is a woman, not a man. She is confused. She is a hater for the Truth, and does not even know it. I don't know why all the hostility but one thing is for sure, she is at the right place at the right time God ordained her to be. And permits her to do what she is doing. It all has a purpose. Nothing can be concealed from God
"For I know the things that come into your mind, everyone of them" (Ezek. 11:5). Though He is invisible to us, we are not so to Him.
"For a man's heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps" (Prov. 16:9).

Gaints In The Bible
Leon, "I' offered "you" peace, and it was not good enough for "you", so be it. but in peace "I" leave "you." be it as "you" suggest.

Why Are There Poor People
Strongaxe, good points you gave. We are not all called to give everything. God's Holy Spirit works to every single individual differently. So that every individual has different duties to do. Some to help with money, others with their own work, like doctors, nurses, contractors bulding homes in other countries. Some mom's to just bring their children in a godly manner. All with a purpose in mind towards an end God has already ordained. Sin, though is in the way, we could give a lot of food, but many will steal the food and sell it in the black market. Physical help seems very helpful instead many times. We move where God moves us and the rest is left to God.

Disunity In The Blogs
Aka, I know what the word of God says, but it is not talking about the real God of the world, if he was then he would be our God and he is not. He might be the god of the lost, but not of us. And we all live in this world. This passage is not saying He rules the world as God does, but he is the false god the lost world is in bondage to. We are believers are in bondage to the real Almighty God of everything. There is a big difference.

Why Are You Using Blogs
John, we should be so happy you are on line then. I don't know what we would have done without your expertise. I sure don't want to remain ignorant.
Lets see so far here is a few of what you said,
1. Don't go to church.
2. women who ask for help are "sqacking Hens"
3. People should spell God the way you do, "G-d" because you are not ignorant.
4. Everyone is ignorant and you know that because you are not.
You have been a great help John, what would we have done without you?

Baptismal Regeneration
Craig, It's true, you cannot come to Christ on your own terms. It is not possible. You cannot bring anything before the Lord that is good in His eyes. For if you did, you steal the glory that belongs to God for all good things come from above, " but you say no, it came from you, because you decided to choose Him with your own free will because He cannot impose His will on your will." If that were true, then there is something good in you that did not come from God, and Paul lied when he said,
"There is none who understands, There is none who seeks after God. They have all turned aside, They have together become unprofitable, There is none who does good, no, not one" (Rom. 11,12).

Secrets God Has Revealed
Samuel, don't you think that you made some kind of mistake when you said that the church is one with Israel? The church and Israel could not possible be one. Israel as a nation is not save. And only those who receive Jesus Christ are saved. The Bible is clear. God will fulfill His Old Testament promises to those "in Isaac," that is, to any human being who follows Abraham's example and who becomes part of His Isreal in the Spirit through faith in the Messiah. Thus the issue is not race, bloodline, genealogy, or ethnicity, but personal faith-a faith available to all, see (Rom. 10:12).

False Teacher Deserve Death
Kathr, I take your apology with an open heart. Sorry I cannot apologize for the things you write concerning me and others here who don't agree with your theology. You make a lot of statments that are not Scriptural and I do not apologize for answering for the Truth. I put Scripture down, and all you do is give your opinions and they are not Scriptural. Next time put the passages down. Opinon's are only good when you answer divorce, politics etc, and other personal questions.

Confess Every Little Sin
Catherine, why do you not spell Cluny correctly? Is there a reason?

James L, I completely agree with you. In fact one of the reasons that God wanted His children to meet (the visible church) was for the purpose of edifying each other, helping, praying and confessing to each other. We know that God only can forgive, but confessing to others helps us with our struggles. James 5:16 concerns our duties, when someone is suffering or someone is sick. Mutual honesty, openness and sharing of needs will enable believers to uphold each other in the spiritual struggles. The energetic, passionate prayers of godly men have the power to accomplish much, Numbers 11:2.

Holy Spirit Removed From Earth
Mima, I know I have not agreed with some of your views lately, which is probably why you stop writing me, but I will not agree with you on everything. I might agree on some, and will say so, but not on some others, like preaching the gospel in groups inside a Casino and in tongues, they do not allow groups to teach the gospel inside a Casino especially if employees you are preaching to work there, or in tongues unless those people are from another country and you know their language. Also, in order to be indwelled by the Spirit, you need to be born of the Spirit by God. Simple gospel truths. peace I leave you.

Who Was John Calvin
Frank, the same people who claim that God cannot do anything unless man permits Him are the same people who do not know the God of Scripture. They get mad because we tell them. And fight with every fiber in that carnal mind which continues to be at enmity against God. The twisting of Scripture meaning goes on all the time, why? because they do not understand. Chapter 1,2 and 3 of 2 Peter speak about those people that I mentioned to Micha. "But these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed" listen to this? (made to be caught and destroyed.) "speak evil of the things they do not understand, and will utterly perish in their own corruption, and will receive the wages of unrighteousness"

Who Was John Calvin
Frank 2: you hear them say that it rubs them hard when someone follows the teachings of Calvin, they suppose his teachings are different then Christ. They same teachings of Paul, Peter, John and the Apostles. For they also taught of God as Sovereign Ruler on the Throne. They never taught that God was obligated to man in anyway or form. Is 2 Peter 3:9 talking about God not willing that any single person perish? Not at all. For Peter had already spoken of those who were going to be judge. If God was willing that none of those perish, why were they going to perish? Because they were brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed. They rejected the Truth about God, and the only conclusion is they have the wrong gospel.

Different End-Time Views
I do not believe that Cluny is earl even thought both ask the same question and Cluny has asked similar questions before. As Harold said, it is not necessary to bring that up since Catherine did not mention on her question she did not know. She mentioned only to explain the different views. Which is a good question so that others can give their believes by Scripture. Being a prophet does not mean you know everything. Jehovah Witnessess believe they are prophets yet they know little Truth.

First Four Gospels In Bible
Donna66, you are correct. What's happen is that many denominations, have many different deviations within the denominations. Many Baptist Churches still teach the Truth, just like many others denominations. Just about every hour of the day another deviation is formed by someone, because they do not believe in one area of Scripture doctrine within their denomination. Charles Russel from the Jehovah Witnessess was one of them, he started his own deviation after calling himself a "skeptic." and came upon another group called "Second Adventist which later served as his faith, after following the teachings of E. White, he started his own group which consisted of six members. And from there we know them as the Jehovah Witnesses.

Holy Spirit Removed From Earth
Mima, you should read my response before you make assumptions too. I totally do not agree with whatever Jack says, since he knows how to read, but falsely makes assumptions to discredit what someone says. Here is what I said in answer to Elders question:
"Elder, as to your question, I believe the born again Christian would not lose his second rebirth, but would lose the indwelling of the Spirit "if the Holy Spirit was to leave" the earth. "But that cannot be possible" since God is Omnipresent, everywhere, at everytime, for all time since His character, nature and attributes do not change. He is not restricted in a place."

Should I Leave This Church
Cluny, I have been agreeing with you alot lately and agree with you on this one too. You said,
"When you don't know what to do, do nothing."

If you have no desire one way or another, really, you do nothing. A very good description of the definition of "Free will" When the will is "free indeed" it does not know what to do. it does nothing. It needs a desire to do something. Once Shell's will has a reason, he will know what to do. Great answer Cluny. Someone might learn something today. And they will know what to do. Either believe it, or reject it.

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