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Did Jesus Have Money
Rob it all APPLIES to you.

Matt 13:57 A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his OWN HOUSE

Rob are you claiming Christ LIED here??

Christ said he was in HIS OWN country and in HIS OWN house DEFENDING his accusers ...TODAY you side with HIS accusers! ...twisting and distorting the very words of Christ because it doesn't FIT your denominational LIES!!!

I suppose your denominational view also subscribes to the LIE Christ performed his carpentry services for free?

the words of Christ are clear in Matt 13:57 and I stand on GODS Holy Word

you clearly stand to tear it apart and call Christ a LIAR

Pray To Make Someone Love You
bask in love radiating from you?

you CLAIM it is not an obsession

you are simply delusional in your coveting of this person and in denial that you are experiencing "love"

YOU ARE NOT "in love" or have any "love radiating from you" that is a new-age philosophical hocus pocus

You are obsessed and lusting over another person when you are praying God will change their "heart" toward YOU

not only is it SELFISH and immature it demonstrates a lack of the purpose of prayer

GOD IS NOT a genie in a bottle waiting to perform and answer your every wish and command and to GET people to jump like puppets for YOU

Do We Eat Jesus At Communion
Mark 14:22 is speaking of symbols

Christ did not EAT his own body at passover he instructed to use the bread and wine as new symbols HENCE replacing the blood of a real lamb

Christ is the LAMB

Christ did not imply and Apostles did not teach one was eating Christ by eating bread at passover

rcc is a pagan NON-christian entity. rcc does not follow Christ. rcc follows the pagan mirtha religion, they follow its customs and traditions as outlined in their catechism a document that OPENLY contradicts Gods Holy Word

Is Daniel Chapter 7 End-Times
Daniel 7 is fulfilled prophecy? REALLY? WOW so Christ returned? Christ is RULING as KING of KINGS from Jerusalem? no kidding!!!

how could anyone be duped into belief Daniel 7 is fulfilled prophecy? to believe The Prince of Peace is ruling Satan's world do UNDERSTAND todays world is filled with immorality, lust, wars, violence and many other evils - correct? NOT A WORLD OF PEACE

Daniel 7:27 ...His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all rulers will worship and obey him

THE WORLD is NOT worshiping or obeying Christ today easy to comprehend seeing professing "christianity" doesn't even obey Christ today

Did Jesus Have Money
What have you twisted in Holy Scripture to believe Christ was without money???

Christ had a home and he was a carpenter.

NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING in Holy Scripture indicates he worked as a carpenter for free or that his home was given to him.

We do not live in the "kingdom of light" this is Satans world and it is a world filled with evil (unless you live in a box and haven't noticed this).

there are many homeless people who live without money and their lives are not filled with joy. Christ came to give us life more abundantly not to live in squalor and poverty as the WICKED religious systems of the world teach

End Time Marriges Urgent
understanding we are living NEAR the end of days when we see foolish statements like these posted from the cults who drive their members AWAY from GOD

FIRST nothing in Holy Scripture alludes to people rushing to marriage for the sake of "end of days"

SECOND most of prophecy has YET to occur so the time is NEAR however it could be many YEARS away

THIRD to believe you have INSIDE knowledge of how close we are to the end of days would make you a LIAR seeing Christ does not know the day or hour so RUSHING to marriage would lead one to believe they KNOW how close we are ...much like the minister of Satan who led so many to believe the end was May 2011 when it didn't happen it was October 2011 ...and now he is MIA

God Gets Everyone Saved
Christan, his death doesnt save you. His death justifies you from your sins. His life saves you!

For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life --- Romans 5:10


modern christianity is deceived per Holy Scripture which is why so many believe TODAY is the ONLY day for salvation

Gods plan for salvation is not completed YET seeing Christ is NOT HERE on earth ruling the nations Satan cotnrols

Tithes If We Are Unemployed
NO, I am NOT robbing GOD. You're a messenger of Satan

my response quoted Holy Scripture unlike your unscriptural ranting ...YOU SAY GODS HOLY WORD did not encourage you to give up your REASONING and "feelings" and new-age tithing rules instead you will continue to reject tithing and DISOBEY GOD - can't blame me I didn't write Holy Scripture

those who disobey and TEACH others to follow their denominational view NOT GOD always have lots of words, lots of spin, and will reject and dismiss Scripture and TEACH others to do the same

MESSENGERS of Satan rely on LIES and denominational ideas and views

true BELIEVERS rely on Gods Holy Word and there is NOT ONE VERSE in NT that has abolished tithing

Tithes If We Are Unemployed
However, I'm comfortable with my giving 5%. Nothing wrong, or un-Biblical, about that 5%.

meaning of tithe is 10%

giving 5% is unBiblical you are ROBBING GOD not your "church"

Word of God is not meant for everyone however many appropriate its use then brag about their REASONING to disobey

hypocritical believer who says the name of Christ in vain by not DOING as HE says Rom 3:8 Matt 15:8,9

those without faith REJECT Gods tithe and "give" by their own special rules dismissing Holy Scriptures rules then teach people to disobey "giving whatever they feel comfortable with" most often that is giving nothing ....follow them who do not seek God or follow Gods Word and tithe?

Top Atheists Beliefs

"atheist religion"----I have no religion.
---atheist on 4/2/12

you can tell yourself you have "no religion"

however by banding together with others who thumb their noses at religion and then have a burning need to congregate together under the label of atheist (to prove to yourselves their is no God by group identity) you are in fact a RELIGION of NO RELIGION

Acceptable To Spank Kids
another parent advice column for sexually perverted parents who love to abuse their children under guise of "discpline"

ever notice Holy Scripture does not mention degrading or humiliating children with NAKED spankings - JUDGEMENT for their perverted actions will happen at a later time by GOD

these warped ignorant parents are not here to talk about "disciplining their children" they are here to BOAST about how they humiliate and emotionally and sexually abuse their children KNOWING there is NOTHING anybody can do about it

Tithes If We Are Unemployed
Rhonda, your problem is with the new covenant scripture, not with me.

oh I get it ...I understand that tithing was NOT abolished because there is no Scripture to support that claim

yet you bow down, serve, and worship whichever false denomination promotes the antichrist teaching tithing is abolished

and I'm the one with the "problem" with Scripture?


As a BELIEVER I follow GODS Word

As a NON-Believer YOU follow your denomination

if YOUR denomination chooses to disobey Holy Scripture than it would truly be YOU who has the problem with Gods Word

although spin it how you wish

Top Atheists Beliefs
You cannot infer from those two imaginative "singularities" what any other atheists believe.

Again your logic fails...
---atheist on 3/28/12


oh the "failing logic" answer is so "logical" remember the real test of atheism is to be argumentative about anything and everything then walk away from the argument claiming "FAIL" without offering the defining "passing" truth

...he mocks everyone on this site because the christian beliefs are different yet those outside of atheism cannot infer individuals beliefs about their atheist religion ...the contradiction is obvious

Tithes If We Are Unemployed
Rhonda, do you even read your Bible or do you:...Hang on a second and I will give the Scripture, inspired by the Holy Ghost and penned by Paul..blogger8980 on 3/30/12

I love quizes ...okay so "A" cannot apply to me seeing I am not repeating "tithing is abolished"

I see "B" applies to you because YOU teach others to be disobedient to GOD because YOU don't like to tithe and there is NOT ONE VERSE in Holy Scripture that has abolished tithing ...not one!!!

you're a fool for stating GODS HOLY SPIRIT "inspired" Paul write tithing is abolished ...oh but hang on a sec it might be hand-written in "your" bible

Things Make You Happy
are you selling the ignorant religious idea that "being content with GOD" allows one to live a life where everything will be handed to them by way of handouts, welfare, foodstamps, and outright squalor? and then you attain more in the afterlife because you lived a life of self-imposed christian poverty? something NOT TAUGHT or implied in Holy Scripture

Matt 16:26 is NOT talking about M-O-N-E-Y or material things GAIN the whole world is to be IN THE WORLD and its ways, traditions, systems ...political power, religious power

"THINGS" make life enjoyable

ONLY religion SELLS the idea a life of poverty makes one a "better christian"

Tithes If We Are Unemployed

True believers give themselves first to the Lord and then to the ministry. God desires not yours, but you. If He has you, your possessions aren't an issue

a very peculiar and interesting babbling from some demented new-age false christian denomination

unbelievers will sell any LIE (including this one) to lead people AWAY FROM GOD

tithing is not required for the unbeliever because they are carnal minded and live for the world

True Believers LIVE FOR GOD and HIS WAYS which include tithing

zero income = zero tithe

10% of zero income is still zero

very simply math

Tithes If We Are Unemployed

True Believers tithe 10% of their income

Unbelievers are not subject to GODS LAWS and will not tithe and they teach many to follow their disobedience

If your INCOME is ZERO than 10% of ZERO is ZERO

simple math

Faith Or Salvation First
this blog question does not make sense

no such thing as a regeneration of Gods Holy Spirit

regeneration to desribe baptism Titus 3:5 and the restoring of Gods government on earth when Christ rules earth from Jerusalem AFTER the resurrection Matt 19:27-29

Christ CLEARLY describes one cannot be Spirit IN THE FLESH

one is reborn to SPIRIT at the resurrection 1Corin 15

human faith is NOT the same as Spiritual faith

however prior to baptism one must have the human faith needed to be baptized and have human faith to understand GODS promises are real

one does not have Gods Holy Spirit dwelling in them unless they are baptized and obey

Follow All Of God's Laws
If man was able to follow all 10 of Gods laws then there would be no need for Christ

Holy Scripture would be lie upon lie and Apostles lied when they stated the only man who was ever without sin was Christ

True Believers begin to overcome their carnal self once they are baptized and are given Gods Holy Spirit

It is Gods Holy Spirit that HELPS to GUIDE a True Believer to obey

all of mankind was born with a carnal mind which is hostile to Gods Laws and carnal minds are not subject to Gods Laws

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