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Can A Drunk Get Saved
Absolutely! Anybody can be saved.

How Long To Create World
The bible means what it says and says what it means. God created the world in 6 literal days. If the God of Moses can part the seas and turn water to blood, do we have any reason to believe that he cannot create the world in 6 literal days?

Explain Revelation 17:4
This is a reference to a false religious system.

Can We Suffer After Death
After death, you will have a new body. That body will be designed for eternity. That body will withstand eternal sufferng and eternal glorious life. For some there will be a 2nd death and that is a spiritual death. Those will spend an eternity away from God, which I believe it the true hell. Our bodies will be different, we will be able to see, hear, do and feel things unimaginable to our finite minds.

The Complain And Whine Blog
You do realize that arguing amongst believers, complaining, whining, etc is pleasing to the enemy? This is not of the Lord, nor does it add to the kingdom. Just a thought....

Can A Prayer Save You
Yes, a prayer can save, but it has to come from a geniune heart that has a true desire to follow Jesus. If that prayer is genuine, there will be geniune change in your heart and you truly become a new creation.

Husband Never Gives Me Gifts
The issue here isn't materialism. Your wording makes that clear. The real issue here is love. And it just happens to be manifesting within the context of gift-giving. It is not your focus on gift-giving that is skewed here, it is your husband's. If he knows how easily such a small, symbolic gesture would make you feel loved by him, why is he so adamantly stubborn to express his love for you? The only answer is selfishness. Whatever his fears or needs may be, he is willingly placing them first in his life, above the needs of those he professes to love. He is willing that you should continue hurting when he could so easily stop it. He is in violation of Matt 22:39.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
yes, i do also have a narcissistic husband.
my mother and sister are also of the same persuation.
it saddens me greatly that my husband is this way. he is the most important thing to himself and even at his work, he does things that bring attention to himself.
keeping ours eyes on Jesus is the only thing that will help. and accept the things we cannot change and figure out, why are we with this kind of person.

Domestic Violence In Marriage
Domestic violence is invalid thing, I suppose. I think, woman should get out after the first time he abuses her. God said man to care of his woman during all life, not abuse.

Who Should Propose For Marriage
Biblically the man should propose,because the Bible says a man who finds a good wife finds favour before the Lord

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