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End-Time Alien Delusion
Oh my gosh, how disgusting. And to add insult to injury Trump retweets all this nonsense people say sbout him rather than rebuke it. Anything to keep votes coming his way no matter how nuts.

So Pence is equated to Judas who betrayed Jesus? And you know what....idiots will swallow..hook line and sinker.
(Real Christians KNOW JESUS IS THE SON OF MAN). And Trump already believes it, and is probably half the reason Trump thinks he's above the law and does what he wants....being the chosen one.

I see Trump as Saul who tried to kill David. People may want to study up on that.

Interpret The Bible
Seeing many different denominations teach many different doctrines, it's hard to say WHAT OR WHO'S CHURCH teaches the truth.

As Christisns it's OUR RESPONSIBILY to study to show yourselves approved of God. It's our responsibility to present ourselves a living sacrifice unto God so that we may KNOW THE PERFECT WILL OF GOD, and as James 1 clearly says...IF YOU NEED WISDOM ASK GOD.....

Don't leave it up to others to tell you what to believe. That's reckless.

End-Time Alien Delusion
The only end times ALIEN delusional is believing Donald Trump is the "Son of Man".

Unbelievable! And for the RNC to let that clown show go on at these rallies , or not being embarrassed at all these cults following the RNC around and attaching themselves to the RNC, not standing up to them and openly denouncing them is going to be their fall. And they have the audacity to call tbe Dems satanic. That's rich!

End-Time Alien Delusion
Simon, that's an interesting perspective. However scripture teaches the beast AKA the anti-Christ will rise up out of humanity. A perfect example is King Herod. He took the Throne over Israel at the time of Jesus birth, was not even from the Tribe of Judah ...a red flag there, and tried to have the REAL KING Jesus murdered when Jesus was a baby. I believe that is also a type and shadow of end times prophecy of an imposter claiming the Throne of David. Believe me, no Jewish people are going to give that place to an alien. And it's because Israel helps put him on the Throne that the WRATH of God will come upon Israel. They make an unholy Covenant with this person angering God.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
It's actually what anti -Christ means in scripture. It doesn't mean against Christ, but an imposter pretending to be Christ. It appears this is what this world is heading towards. Just look at the influence the Russian Orthodox has over Putin and vice versa. But interestingly enough the non Church part of the government now wants to boot Putin. The RO was all for the war using religion as its excuse to murder thousands. will be interesting to see how that all ends.

Colossians 1:13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
Strongaxe, awesome perspective. First time I've heard it put that way and fits perfectly. Thank you. This is absolutely what Dominionists Replacement Kingdom Now Theology teaches. They also believe Jesus won't return UNTIL we fix everything. Totally opposite to what the NT teaches. Things aren't going to get better, but worse. 2 Timothy 3 makes this clear. Also Colossians 3 make clear we THE CHURCH are no longer in or of this world. We're here as Ambassadors for Christ, nor rulers for Christ. People need to understand the difference.

Thanks for that.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
Absolutely. But I think something deeper is happening here, looking at this through a different lens. We know the coming beast anti-Christ is full of lying signs and wonders, sitting as though he was God. So how do we know this isn't a test God has given as a warning revealing this apostate Christian entity that if they can't discern this evil how will they discern when the real things comes along. I'm sure there will be more exalting of the real beast than we see now. Isn't it interesting it's apostate Christianity exalting this monster?

There's more than just extreme narcissism going on here. It's evil to the core. Satan is the FATHER OF LIES. TRUMP ONLY KNOWS HOW TO LIE. ITS A NO BRAINER.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
Exactly Strongaxe, and Jerry KNOWS these facts. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. It's just that simple. A very good example of folks getting TIRED OF IT ALL IS Ron Johnson , a Republican not doing well in the polls. He's just one example of many.

Just because someone is not a MEGA Republican doesn't make them a RINO either. Trump has RUINED this country and the Republican Party. Many are disgusted with all this violence and talk of violence.

If Trump murdered someone...they would still say. "oh it's political they want to arrest him". Or MURDER is not that bad" or some off the wall excuse. It's like always playing the RACE CARD. IT GETS OLD.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
Jerry, the dems didn't start Jan 6 violence and MURDER OF OUR LAW INFORCEMENT,...Lindsay Graham threatened violence recently....and FBI agents are being threatened by violence...and not by Dems..AND THIS IS WHAT BIDEN WAS REFERRING TO. Everyone gets it but you.

I'm a Republican Jerry, and many Republicans agree with Biden on this issue. Only a SMALL handful of NOISY MEGA's make those twisted comments. Your not in the majority. If the Senate and House lose's all Trumps fault.

If more Republicans stood up and called out this nonsense instead of excusing it Republicans COULD WIN more seats. Why, because the majority of Republicans are GOOD HONEST FOLKS who hate this garbage going on.

What Is The Perfect Law
Not everyone CAN exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. It only manifests through those who are BORN AGAIN, via being crucified with Christ and raised up a new creature. All other fruit is PLASTIC, purchased at Wally Mart and scotched taped on. That's WHY you don't see many walking in the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22-25

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

24 And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

Holy Spirit In Unclean Temple
Well, this is what Justication is all about. God JUSTIFIES THE UNGODLY. So what exactly is justification? It's when God declares you righteous. How? The moment we put our faith in Jesus Christ we are JUSTIFIED. This is called GRACE. BEING SAVED BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH. Now Paul continues with a question.....SHALL WE CONTINUE TO SIN THAT GRACE MAY ABOUND....GOD FORBID...... DONT YOU KNOW............

Please read all of Romans 6-8.

We can't crucify our flesh...GOD DOES when He BAPTIZES us into Jesus death. We died with Christ...we died with Christ when we put our faith in Christ. THIS IS THE GOSPEL OF GRACE.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
We're seeing the beginning of this violent mentality right now with the issues going on re: Jan 6, was violence. Lindsay Graham's dog whistle of violence if their God re Trump is held accountable for theft and who knows what else. Having an underground tunnel from M-lago to a cottage across the highway is alarming. yikes. Perfect set up for espionage taking place .

If there is going to be violence BRING IT ON. And lets finally put this mentality to bed once and for all.

Weren't we told the stock market would crash if Trump didn't win. IT DID NOT.
So these scare tactics and threats ARE FROM THE PITS OF HELL, AND IM SICK OF IT. I hope they all get their seats handed to them this coming election. Bullies are losers.

What Is The Perfect Law
I just wish MEW could have met folks half way. Never once said he was in agreement with the PREACHING OF THE CROSS.

Never made any attempt to find common ground.....which I saw as having no common ground.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
If the constitution is overthrown, we'll have religious wars posturing for WHOS religion will rule. If you look at other countries without the separation of Church and state, re for example, The Sunni's versus the shiites, or China murdering those in Tibet, or murdering Muslims or Hindu etc, EVERYTHING OUR FOUNDING FATHERS put guardrails up to prevent in establishing the Constitution.

It didn't work in Geneva during Calvin's time, or when the puritans tried to take over England or in Massachusetts....when neighbor spied on neighbor ...also leading to the Salam witch hunts where Christians murdered OTHER CHRISTIANS.

You will NEVER see Paul or any christians teach us to try to overthrow Rome or any city state or country.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
No Jerry. Samuel is correct. You may want yo watch THE FAMILY ...a series on Netflix how the Religious Right, has been working for the last 50 years to try to overthrow democracy and bring in a theocracy in America called Christian Nationalism. They LOVE, or at one time LOVED TRUMP. He was their WOLF KING...THE CHOSEN ONE. ALSO Trump put ultra conservative CATHOLICS on the Supreme Court who don't believe in the separation of Church and state.

Christian Nationalism is not a liberal entity, but the opposite. Democrats want DEMOCRACY, Christian Nationalists do not.

It's a counterfeit form of Christianity AKA APOSTACY that will usher in the anti_Christ.

What Is The Perfect Law
The Perfect law OF LIBERTY is that we have been set free from sin and death, have been raised up together with Christ A NEW CREATURE inlawed to Christ. Galatians 2:20-21 explain this perfectly. The Law isn't our life ....CHRIST IS OUR LIFE. Christ IN you...THE HOPE OF GLORY. COLOSSIANS 1:24-27. COLOSSIANS 3:1-4.

GALATIANS 5:22-25.


When that Armour is on, we are protected from false teachers who are actually narcissists who try to control and gaslight you into following them . RUN. Run from anyone who uses Narcissistic gaslighting language to try to control you.

What Is The Perfect Law
MEW, You tend to teach that we lead and the Lord follows. But it's the other way around. Job was a faithful man. God knew Jobs heart and trusted his faithfulness through sufferings.

We don't jump out of our comfort zone and the Lord follows.

We don't follow FALSE teachers , but if we do by mistake, the Lord will discipline us. And if being disciplined teaches us not to follow after NEW AND DIFFERENT teachings, then the Lord has done a marvelous work in us.

Stop shaming and intimidating and gaslighting believers here who question your teachings.

Explain Matthew 28:20
MEW, because you dont put Revelation in God's timeline, as it is future, as many things are YET TO COME, you may never see the book of Revelation as it is ment to be read and you will miss these truths completely as God is revealing these truths. If you believe they have already happened, I don't believe you will ever understand.

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