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Keep The Sabbath Holy
My Essene Brothers who are the keepers of the Secrets of Enoch practice that these are especially taught on the seventh day, when, abstaining from all other work, we assemble in our holy places, called synagogues, sitting in rows according to our age, the younger ones listening with becoming attention at the feet of the elder ones.
One takes up the holy book and reads aloud, another one from among the most learned comes forward and explains whatever may not have been understoodfor, following our ancient traditions, we obtain our philosophy by means of allegorical interpretation. Peace be with you.

Where Did Jesus Come From
Jesus was from mount karmel. There was no nazareth at the time. He was called a Navirite or Nazirite. Which is from the Essenes, the first religion of the world. It was a vow that we take when on a mission from God. Which iJesus began his in the desert. Peace be with you

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