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Is There A Burp Demon
First off, you're not crazy. I found this blog in the first place, because I am experiencing similarily and was searching for answers. A little of my back story simplified, i grew up in church but fell away, due to sexual abuse and near parental abandonment, i almost killed myself when I was 16 and G_D stopped me, told me to put down the knife, that G_D had a purpose and a plan for my life. I sought THE LORD for real, THE LORD revealed many things. Fast forward through some struggles and some disobedience and i was in a car accident 6 months pregnant and endes up with a mild Traumatic Brain Injury that affected my memory.

Move To Another State
Without sounding too religious, "try it and see"! That's what God says to me. Of course, I always want to be sure!

Pray For My Job Search
Men loves their sins. And God knows who you are! You who loves your sins. God is looking for people who needs Him. Most believe they don't need Him. I NEED HIM. More than anyone, God said so....I truly pray you find another good job. Stay in prayer, learn to endure!

Genders In The Bible
Oh my goodness what a question! NO! The Person of the Holy Spirit the third person of the trinity, is equal in essence to God the Father and God the Son....The Person of the Holy Spirit was present when the world was created [Gen.1-2].

Explain Hebrews 12:16-17
It is the most helpless feeling in the world, like no clothes on you, when you realize you can save no one. We just don't have the power. Only God has the power to save lost souls.

Man Dinosaur Co-Existed
God created all life for His enjoyment and glory [some are working to take that glory away from God], including the dinosaurs [Ps. 148:7]. However, difficulties in interpretation preclude us from knowing to what extent the biblical writers knew about dinosaurs....The description in Job suggests a hippopotamus or elephant [Job 40:15-24]. Yes, man did at one time co-existed with the dinosaurs.. They had to.

How To Love People
We are suppose to treat everyone the same, this I know. Love, compassion, mercy, all springs from God who lives in us. It's not some emotional, misplaced feeling. If it's coming from God, can be hard, very hard to deal with. He's strong.

Jesus' Agony On The Cross
I disagree. Jesus was fully human and fully God. He hurt. He felt every single lick, punch, thorns. He suffered more than anyone ever has ever will. He also suffered spiritual agony, because of our sins...Our sins were the thorns in Christ's head, the nails in His hands and feet, the spear in His side. The cross was the most severe punishment for criminals...Isaiah, my favorite book in the Bible, could not have better expressed the infinite love of Christ toward us that by declaring that He takes the highest delight in our salvation,[I was pretty happy myself] and that He rests in it as the fruit of His labors" Isaiah 53.

Do You Love Jesus
It is so amazing to me, that the name Jesus is the most hated name in the world, yet, one cannot get to heaven without Jesus Christ.

My Son Ignores My Texts
We are living in such a world. The heart has grown cold and callous. Do not take it personal. You are not the one with the problem, your son is the one with the problem. Wait, he may come around.

Grammer And Spelling
I don't think it's too important! Don't need to know how to spell with all the gadgets. And the grammar, nobody understands you anyways. Don't understand a word you say. People has this problem.

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
Sic a dog on her, she might straighten up!

Modern Prophets In 2013
That is a good question!

Fulfilling Relationship With God
I did this one before, but, I do it again! To the top of the question, I would have to say both. Intellectual, is a bit more work.

Properly Obeying God
God's people have what we call discernment. But it takes sometimes years to get good at it.

God Of Love
TRUE LOVE TO GOD: 1 John 4:16: assures believers of God's love to them! Matthew 5:43-48>>Our love is to be higher than the heathens, [a higher level]. we are to pray for the lost, some exceptions: God tells you not to. By the lost I mean individuals or a nation. Because God really is not interested in helping this world, because He wouldn't get any of the credit. NO VENGEFUL HEART, a great temptation we must not succumb to.

Who Made Demons
Of course God is not the author of evil. However. He permits it and also has a hand in everything good or evil.

Is Predestination Biblical
Predestination is based primarily on Romans 8:28-30....He predestinated, or before decreed, that they should be conformed to the image of His Son. THE CALLING: It is an effectual call, from self and earth to God, and Christ, and heaven, as out destination, from sin and vanity to grace and holiness, as our way. The truly saved are justified and glorified by God. THE WRATH OF GOD: Those who stand against the gospel call, abide under guilt and wrath. Also see Acts 4:28, 1 Cor. 2:7.

Moral Houserules OK
You were absolutely in the right!

Was Lazarus Dead
Jesus actually did raised Lazarus from the dead after he had been in the tomb for four days to show the glory of God [John 11}.... A second account in the same gospel describes him as siting with Jesus in the family home after the resurrection miracle [John 12:1-2]. Because of the publicity surrounding this event, the chief priest plotted to kill Lazarus [John 12:9-11].

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