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What Are Backslidden Signs
for a beigining [my opinion]
don't read bible.
what is in heart comes out in actions.
mean words
sacasism about other christians
not sorry for sinful actions
doing things that you wouldn't see christ do
getting drunk
over friendly with people not married to
not wanting to be around other Christians

Which Scriptures Are Hard To Live
for me it is controling my tounge.
also I some times get envyious of what others have.

How To Move On From Relationship
susan, I know how you feel. I love my kids but miss adult conversation. I am the only divorsed person in my family and can't talk to them, and don't have a singles group in my church. I work nights so miss the church activitys they do have. I love God. but people have been known to die/go insane from lack of human contact. God made you and loves you more then you know, and will give you what you need.

How Do I Communicate
If men are not stepping up, should women fill in for them? I have seen men up in arms over women filling needed rolls, but, why aren't they filling the roll them selves instead of complaning?

Can This Christian Remarry
during bible times there was no surgery. so in those cases the people would die. in bible times there was no jails so "sinners" who did some thing wrong, they were put to death. many of the reasons people got divorced also = death. leaving remaining spouse, free to marry. God says it is not good to be alone. but to choose a spouse God wants for us.

Were Dinosaurs On The Ark
Has any one ever found an unicorn skull? I don't think so. there are at least dino bones. I did hear a song by a Irish singer once though about the unicorns were playing and not listening to God when he told them to board the ark so missed it, that was what your question brought to my mind.

Here Is A What's Up Blog
A man in our church got a new kidney!!!! thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!! life will be so much better for him now!!!!!!!!!

Does God Give Doctors Wisdom
so you think if something is harmful to someone, it should be removed and long as I didn't self infict the damage?

My Marriage Is Failing
This is some thing that my sister-in-law could have wrote. I will pray for you. I think that God loves marriage. my brother and I were not raised knowing how to care for others. he has opened his own business and is a leader in their church, this has brought pressure on him. Would your getting a paying job give you and out let? do you feel that God is useing you in this ministry? If it has Gods blessing, you should find peace. on other hand, Devil doesn't want us doing Gods will and will make us unhappy

Does It Matter How We Worship
What Bible verses are different in catholic bible then in King james? I'm not being rude I have heard there is a difference.

Should I Be Alone All My Life
I wonder at times if I will spend the rest of my life alone also. I had 15 years of marriage. may be that is as many as I will get.Does God give us a desire, with out a means to get it? I had more years with my spouse then the anna in the bible who waited to see Jesus. I try to remember that.I still get mighty lonely now though!

What Brings You Happiness
sun sets, sunrises, rainbows, my kids, pets tails when I come home, rain on my face, a thunder storm, birds singing in the morning. frogs singing in the summer.children laughing. bubble bathes. Knowing I'm good health, glass of cold water after mowing the lawn. hugs, holding hands. my kids saying "I love you mom." knowing I'm saved, forgiven and loved by God.

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