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Concieved A Baby By Dating
well first of all, why is everyone trying to make her feel bad? and second of all, no one is talking about the baby's father, HE LEFT HER!!! He is a coward who did not want to face the consequences, and if he was a Christian, he would not have left her!!!!!

Once Saved Always Saved
What about your sins Exzucuh? How about all those emails you wrote me? What kind of sins do you hold in your heart? people like you go around condemning others and you yourself have a lot of cleaning inside of you that God still has to deal with. Before you past judgement, look at your own actions. You have become a soldier for the enemy in your emails to me. I don't want any part of it. Please stop harrassing me on my email.

Where Is My Brother Now
Lupe, Please read I John chapter 3, and Romans chapter 6, the entire chapters please. If you are born-again, then you are a new creation in Christ, old things are passed away, and you are made the righteousness of Christ, and the servant is as the Lord is. The Bible plainly states that there are good trees and bad trees; not that all are bad trees- for that is false and a confusion of incorporating the O.T. truth with the N.T. truth, and you can't combine them together. One is B.C. and the other is A.D.

We Should Have Pity On Judas
second part. Judas and his accomplices were left to fulfill their purpose, and they did as their wicked inclinations prompted them. Peter charged them with the crime, but he at the same time declared that they had acted according to the purpose of God- "Him being delivered up by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye by the hands of lawless men did crucify and slay, Acts (2:23.

We Should Have Pity On Judas
He went out and wept bitterly. In these last two incidents we can see that Judas did everything out of his own free will and yet fulfilled the decree of God concerning Jesus. Also peter, he too did what was in his heart and yet fulfilled what Jesus had told him was going to happen. No one took their free will away, are they wouldn't be responsible. Thank you Eloy.

We Should Have Pity On Judas
Thank you Barbera for your response. Now I know how some Christians really feel in their hearts. No other words could hit home like those. Your brother Lupe

We Should Have Pity On Judas
Barbera, the point of grace is so critical to all Christians. Every word of God should be important to all Christians. If you are wrong how will you ever know unless you find out through God's word? That is why doctrines of the church are so important to know. If someone was lost, wouldn't you want to help? I am sorry no one is willing to ask questions. Thank you brothers and sisters.

Ever Analyzed The Blog Responses
Linda, it is wonderful to be able to help others. The responses I read are so helpful. I try to read as many as I can. Only if I know and have experienced on the subject do I answer. I wish I could do more. We all have different opinions and experiences and its up to the questioner to decide what will be more helpful to them. It has helped me a lot from certain brothers and sisters answers. Very useful tool for helping others.

Does God Like All Of Our Questions
Sue, I thought questions about the church or the bible not to God. I believe God knows everything you are thinking already but wants to hear them from you. Whatever they are. Dependence on Him is great. He has things for you already, things for good and not for bad. You might not get the answer you want but God see's that it is the best answer for you. Don't be afraid to ask Him. He has always loved you.

Should We Confess Our Affair Sin
I am sorry I used such words but after reading the question and then seeing your answer to it I was shocked. I hope your decision will be a good one for all concern. Divorce is never easy and confessions hurt so much. Do you really need to know? I think so long as God knows, we can live with out knowing.

Should We Confess Our Affair Sin
Old-P, every situation is different. You speak of your free will as if you need to know everything. Its all about you. well God thinks of everyone connected with that sin. Not just you. He cares about the families and children. You only care about satisfying you. To confess or not is different in every case. Free will does not give you the right if in return it hurts so many. Maybe God wants you to go through something that only He knows. It will always be what God wants not what you want.

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