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Top Atheists Beliefs
Prejudice is proven stupidly of all indoctrination without question

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
martha. was that how it was administered on you. how about I give you a caning now on your bare bottom?

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Have been trying to figure out why he is the way he is, recently he found a visitor to the U.S and divorced me a married her. I even tried to warn her but she wrote an e mail an told me that unlike me that she loves him and that our marriage was long over. I should have left when he asked me what color is this item (it was red)but told me that if I didnt say it was blue that I was a lousy wife. that the 2nd day we had been married. the third day he was calling me names, the 4th day, he put on a white glove wiped the top of window and told me i wasnt going to go anywhere until the house was cleaned. the next week he told me that the meal I serve wasn't a proper supper and thew it away, following week he asked me to cook him that very same meal!

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Spanking should be administered in a very loving and caring dont have to take down the pants every time you spank, but the threat should be there and when they,ve done something really wrong then their is no pleading and no questions asked only PANTS DOWN AND BOTTOMS UP. dont abuse nor bruise only Whack. and then pray to god

Obama For President
"his pledge to give the Middle East back to Iran"

Care to give a reference on this?
I know you wouldn't want to be responsible for bearing false witness against another person...

Are C-Sections Biblical
I don't agree with your mother in law. Sometimes women has no choice but to have C-sections, especially if it is a choice of life or death. I wouldn't be at all ashamed of having one if I had to. I don't feel it will change the love for your child either.

Son Playing With Ouija Board
Do like my pastor did with my parents. take him, his friends, and the board outside and build a small fire and throw it in it, but make sure you tell them the dangers of having a board in the house and using it.

Please Pray For My Bad Back
I also have had cronic back and neck pain since 2001 due to a car accident. I've gone through P.T. and everything, Have been going to pain management DR. for 2 years. I will defenately keep you in my prayers.

How To Stop Fornicating
You don't have to have an expensive wedding. I had a church wedding and it only cost $200.00 and it was a nice one. I didn't have a regular wedding dress. I used a formal, the guy's wore jeans and shirts that matched, the gals wore dress's simular to the same color. My mom and I made the flower arrangements and she made my wedding cake. If you have someone that can help make the stuff it will save you a lot of money. You can have a nice wedding without all of the expenses.

I Feel Lost And Useless
I have felt the very same way lately. I don't know if it's the meds. that I am on or what. One person in our church said she felt the same way when she was on pain meds. There is a lot that I am unable to do and feel left out many times when things are going on also have felt that God hasn't been around lately as well. I pray every day and have even started going to womens bible study, and everything.

Stories For Church Bulletins
natasha... my log in name is beth5646. I appriciate all the help I can get. thanks.

Stories For Church Bulletins
mp .... I have received that story before so I knew that it was written by someone else. lol No worries. I didn't figure you were tryin to take credit for it. Thanks for giving it to me as I don't know what happened to the copy that I had of it.
also thanks to everyone else for the help. will look forward to getting more.

Ouija Board Caused Illiness
beleive it or not the ouija board is how my mother came to find Christ. One of the spirit's she used to talk to started teaching her the bible. No mom don't use the board anymore as the spirit that she talked to refused to talk to her anymore after accepted Christ. I also have a cousin that her daughter one night was using a board and spirit she was talking to told her to throw the board away or their house would catch fire. she didn't throw it away and a couple day's later her house caught fire.

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