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Do Saved People Sin
I love it when Jesus was sked how many times do we ask for forgiveness and He replies 70X7. Wow he must have known we would sin. God and His Grace.

Can Satan Hear Our Thoughts
You all are looking at this from the wrong perspective "I say that with love" it is not about Satan & or a demon (reading your mind.)

The question is can they hear things in spirit? They are spirits, so when you are talking in your inner man isn't that in spirit? Totally changes things huuu :-)

Depression Among Christians
Depression tends to be very misunderstood. The pastor suffering depression got it right: the root cause is a lack of serotonin in the body. Others suggest that Christians only need to read their Bible and pray, but at this stage that adds guilt to a heavy heart. Lets spell it out: counseling, medication or natural supplements, and exercise.
As a friend, lead the prayer. Be a good listener, and don't worry about having all the answers. Just being there in a supportive, non-critical way will mean a lot. Although it isn't a Biblical quote I believe that when it comes to dealing with personal depression, God helps those who help themselves. When the black cloud lifts, Gods words will become clear. And He will be listening.


Is It Sinful to Watch Cartoons
i am a christian and this seems to me a waste of time. i can take different versus from the bible and use them so that anything we do can be seen as a sin. these are the facts,, people are going to watch shows they shouldnt, eat foods they shouldnt and do lots of other things they shouldnt do. in the end it comes down to the relationship a person has with god. i do lots of things wrong and i try to learn from these mistakes but if we as christians go around telling people "god says you cant do this and you cant do that" or you are going to go to hell, more people are going to turn away. as for me, i look at my relationship with god as my father, as i am my daughters father.

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
the Bible teaches us clearly that the only way to God is threw Jesus Christ the son who died on calvarys cross and to obtain the kingdom of heaven you as Jesus did you must be baptised in the blood to obain salvation i do believe you must be baptised

What Is A Rosary Used For
Mary born the life of Jesus to come into the world my bible does not make reference of prayer beads in the bible our Lord Jesus Christ while suffering on Calvarys cross referred to mary as women he never in his 33 years referred to mary as his mother it was always women i believe this to be because he was the son of the living God

Nightmares Mean Not A Christian
Your pastor is totally wrong....... If you have openly or privately taken Jesus Christ as your savior, "you are saved". Lord I hate it when pastors' play God.

Just Pray Hon, and besteadfast in your belief.


Are There Good Man And Women
Yes and where are you. Quit hiding-- get out and meet people with whom you can fellowship. Every person has a friend, hopefully, who has some of the qualities you seek in a mate. Shop where there are people who have simular likes and dislikes as yourself. If you wait for anything to come to you, be very,very patient.

Decided To Stay A Virgin
Never is a long time. "Rest of my life" can last pretty long too. The bible encourages purity for the sake of the mate. You can make the decision-God gives you that option.
You can change the decision. God wants His children to be happy.

Alcohol Rehab Treatments
It is hard to be sure to watch a loved one go thru addiction it is easy to say but they must be willing to help themselves firstall the intervention in the world will not help. as a man of God i struggle each and every day we all have are demons but you must most of all before anything is keep ypur eyes on God and pray constantly for he is the light the truth and the way

Anyone Care About Their Vows
Unfortunately not. Having a legal background, marriage is the easiest contractual agreement to break in our society. Ironically the only other sworn to God vow we as normal citizen's take is under court ordered oath. Oxymoron isn't it(stressing the moron part)? Our world is so messed up. But rest assured, Jesus is coming to seperate the true wheat from the chaff. Woe to those who have taken their vows lightly and have reasoned in their hearts because of selfish desires to break this covenant. Also woe to those who have encouraged or counseled those to turn from this vow. They will be treated as the Jewish "religious" leaders at the time of Christ's crusifiction, who broke the covenant between Christ and his bride, the church.

Are Associate Degrees Any Good
Getting An associates degree is the first step in getting a college batchelors degree. You do not mention his field. Many in the medical fields do very well with AS background. Perhaps he got his degree in something that requires more than AS to get a start.
No degree guarentees a job, you must apply yourself.
As to YOU being out of money, when does his responsibility start regarding his today and tomorrow.

Have Decided To Lose Weight
Good for you-you are healthier, happier, and you will be here lots longer to enjoy it. If you change now, it will be for someone who does not want you to be attractive, and desireable to the eye of others. Chances are he will never be completely agreeable to what you have difficulty in changing. Good for You.

Why Does God Love Us
God loves us so that we may glorify Him.
He loves us enough to send an earthly Son and then crucify Him for our sins. Our God is a God of Love and Hope. He has a purpose for us and gives us the option to follow or go the other way.

Can A Dead Pastor See Jesus
This rare occurance happens when we are in a state of shock or a near death situation. It occurs like a quick dream. After a heart attack, several members of my family have seen and talked to God or Jesus, sometimes seeing a bright light or palace setting.
The death was in their mind and the dream seemed real.
The pastor is not kookoo

Can We Choose The Mate We Want
All have a picture of that "perfect mate" in or on a Mustang. The perfect person never appears. They will have many of the qualities we desire along with physical, mental, spiritual "warts". Then comes the challenge to change those "warts". It may take years and it may not take a minute to decide / change or move. Many cultures have marriages arranged and love follows marriage. In our country, we believe in romantic or erotic love. It works for many but covers those "warts". While we seek perfection, we should satisfy our selves with excellence.

Friend Had An Affair With Pastor
Tell her to be more particular in the future.Our head should control our actions but so often we let emotions rule and when we do, we had best be prepared beyond the moment for the balance of joy and consequences.
She needs the love of friends now. Get her busy doing things that put this affair out of her rear view mirror.

Anyone Care About Their Vows
Yes, Dorthy, God pays attention to the vows. He does not forget. Hurting marriages are the result of failed vows and insincerity on the part of one or both partners. Good marriages require not only obeying vows made but 100% on the part of both man and woman for their faith will be tested by others and situations. They should not create problems for themselves and those they love - children, parents,and friends. Prayer should be a priority of both parties apart and together.

What Church Do You Belong
I belong to the church of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. The group I worship with is on 17th Street. They are my church family with whom I worship,fellowship, and study with. This group has members who have been there for over 90 years. Like Jesus they do not change with the flavor of the week.

How Many Classes Of Angels
Classes of angels? I will not take anyones word for this. I want to live my life so I find out first hand by being one.

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