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What Is The Unpardonable Sin
there is only one sin that God can't forgive, and that is the continual hardening of the heart against God, a refusal to repent, of not allowing God to forgive us. this is shown in various places; Matthew 12:31, Hebrews 6:4, etc. if you are worried about it, that proves you have not done it.

Should I Forgive My Husband
we need more information before we can give you any intelligent answers.

Payment Of Tithes A Requirement
the only kind of giving God does NOT want is compulsory giving, because it is not supposed to be a tax, but an act of love.

Marriage The Perfect Will Of God
marriage is not God's will for every person on earth, just most people. also, God often takes much time in having his will come to be.

Are Babies In Heaven Angels
angels and humans are two completely seperate classes. we can't become angels. also, if a baby dies, it stands before God with a full lifetime of memories that it never had, but remembers anyway. the "baby" is judged according to whether it would have accepted Jesus if it had lived, and it remembers making that decision, even though it hadn't happened.

Anger Toward A Two Year Old
please do not ever allow yourself to lose your temper. little children get their first impression of God by what they see in parents. be patient, and things will get better.

Force Our Son To Tithe From Job
. to "force" someone to give is no different than stealing from them and putting that money in the offering plate. also, forcing them to tithe creates a resentful feeling toward giving and hurts their willingness to serve the Lord in the future.

Are Men Afraid of Big Women
it is true that men tend to prefer women with perfect figures, but why would you want that kind of man? think of it this way, when you do meet someone, you will know that he is interested in who you are.

Can We Believe The Whole Bible
all of the bible is true, you just have to understand the context of each passage. too many people pick and choose what to believe, or don't see what a verse is meant to tell us.

You Will Know Them By Fruits
we should accept people with all their shortcomings, but if someone is sinning, we need to point that out to them. someday all of us will have to account for how we lived. better to be "judged" on earth by men, than to be judged by God for things that were wrong.

Can A Women Ask For Marriage
only the Lord has that right, so we should be seeking his will constantly. then we will know when to ask.

Youth Pastor Advancing On Minor
, why would a MAN want a fifteen year old CHILD? or is he trying to go to prison?

Force Our Son To Tithe From Job
, lisa, i have to respectfully disagree. i think God is not pleased when people are forced to serve him. i think we waits with open arms to all who will accept him and love him with their hearts.

Desire To Be A Virgin In Marriage
, to all who have taken offense with my blogs: i am sorry. i will do whatever i can to mend any fences here. more than anything else, i want to follow Jesus as my Lord and savior. please forgive me.

Can My Husband Be Saved Again
,those verses refer to those who are unwilling to repent and be restored. those who come to God will not be turned away.

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