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Why Should I Believe In God
the heavens declare his glory!and only a fool says in his heart "there is no God"(psalm 53:1)the Word of God declares that the god(satan)of this world, has blinded the minds of those that believe not I pray that The God of Jacob,will enlighten the eyes of your understanding,and draw you to Jesus, the one true God.

Anyone Rush Into A Marriage
yes i did! that was nearly 15 years ago. I was trying to please God and do the right thing by getting married to avoid fornication, and copying what i saw other chistians doing years previously. The man was not the christian i thought and abandoned me and three lovely children in adultary

Where Is My Future Husband
who told you that you have to remain single?you know that if you desire to be married, God will provide for you. It has never been Gods will for anyone to remain alone and like a wasted desert. Have you asked God for a husband? Realise to that there are not too many men who want commitment these days or who are even Godly, so it will tkae time and patience, dont rush it.

How Do I Get A Date In Church
i dont think you will have too much trouble david try the pen pal section here. if you were a woman with kids it might prove much harder depending on your age too. more women are willing to take on another mans children and love them as their own but a man scarcely will do like wise,

Should I Forgive My Husband
personaly speaking i would grab this oppertunity to be reconciled like water to put out an inferno! i once had the chance (or i thought i might of done) but i blew it. it might be the only marriage you will ever get.God is in the habit of saying the big N.O. to some of us the second time around, lonelyness is a little thing to him but a biggie to some of us.

Not Trusting God For Mate
part2) but now with christians 'relaxing' on issues of fornication, many dont see the need to marry,

Not Trusting God For Mate
I dont realy believe God cares that much about marriage its a man made thing, and nothing much is mentioned in the bible either apart from it being marely tollorated in ST Pauls day to prevent fornication. people then did not care who they married, they just went ahead and did it with the nearst person in the church pew, but now with christians 'relaxing' on issues of fornication, many dont see the need to marry,

Goods Things About Your Marriage
some of us prefer to hear the bad stuff for obveous reasons, and dont want to hear people gloating and boasting about their marital bliss! we are 'bogged' down enough with that in church thank you.

Stop Christians From Giving
find another church!!!!!

How To Walk Through Divorce
Give your self time to heal stephen before you get involved with another girl

No More Than We Can Bare
I KNOW all about job and his suffering nurse robert, i have the stickers, have seen the fielm and i pray every day that God wount force me to ware the 't'shirt!
know what i mean!

Why Does God Make Me Suffer
james things like this and much much worse have happened to me too! i am still suffering after somebody did evil to me, its a life sentance, but God keeps blessing that person but i do think sometimes God forgets about those who are left behind and suffering, well thats my testimony anyway!

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