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Burn In Hell For Eternity
God didn't create man for hell but to live with Him forever. God doesn't send anyone to hell. He has given every person a free will, to choose how they live their life. It is our choice about where we will end up. The Bible says that hell was created for the devil and his angels. But if man refuses to live righteously, he will end up there as well. People who never think about God, don't care about God, don't study God's Word, will be very ill prepared for eternity. We can't live any way we desire and think we're going to Heaven. God desires that we seek to know Him. To learn about Him. To study scripture so we can make wise decisions about our life. The sole purpose in our being here is to know and love God, so we can be with Him forever.

Big Salaries For Church Leaders
Good question. I would not attend any such church or support any such ministry, that lives an opulent lifestyle. I feel it is contrary to how Christ lived and what scripture teaches. I do believe in the Abrahamic covenant. God's Word says if we believe, we will be blessed as Abraham was blessed. How blessed was that? He was the wealthiest man of His day. BUT, we are indeed to use money wisely, to help the poor, the widow, the orphans, to spread the gospel, that others may enter the Kingdom of God. I feel that those who live lavishly are in question of making it into the Kingdom of Heaven. After all, the Word says it is not those that say, "Lord, lord, who enter the Kingdom of Heaven, BUT he that DOES THE WILL of the Father."

Christians Acting Worldly
We are to be unspotted by the world. The Bible says these things will happen in the endtimes. I'm older but it's not my age that causes me to make the following statement. There are many in ministry and in the church that dress like the world. I have been to Spirit filled churches where the Pastor's wife and others wear very tight clothing. I realize there are younger women in the faith that have not been taught. But this particular area concerns me. The Bible says, "without holiness no man can see the Lord." I recently saw a young woman on tv preaching like a house on fire. It was evident that she has a strong calling on her life. But she dressed in very tight fitting clothing, that did not become a woman in ministry.

Saved Without Holy Spirit
I believe a person can be saved after the Holy Spirit is removed from the earth because if they have knowledge of the truth, and didn't apply it before, they still can. It's going to be alot harder to live without the aid of the Holy Spirit to empower them. But truth is truth. If they act on truth, I believe they can be saved by what they already know.

Can Women Remarry
I don't believe God sees man and woman as different, in terms of who commits the adultery. God sees us all as people. I believe remarriage is a matter of the Spirit. One must seek God for their individual situation. I am a minister who is divorced. My husband divorced me. I have not dated since that time, which was 15yrs ago. God has begun to speak to my Spirit about a mate. I have not desired that but I believe He is preparing me for that. By now my former mate is remarried. I feel completely free to remarry as the Spirit guides. I am free of that covenant because my former mate broke the covenant he made with me and God through remarriage.

When Is Anger A Sin
I believe anger is a sin when we are out of control. We are to keep our emotions in control. Anger is a human, God given emotion, but when it becomes a problem we cannot control, it is a demonic spirit operating through a person. No believer should be under the control of demonic power in this way. To be out of control is to not be a good representative of Christ.

How To Stop Gossip
I would gently communicate your feelings and give her scriptural guidance. If you are not comfortable doing so, you need to depart from her. And even if you do instruct her and she refuses to change, you need to disassociate from her. The Word says that bad associations corrupt good morals. And I have learned that we can be spiritually contaminated by associating with sinful people. Let God guide you about whether or not you are to remain in this friendship. If she refuses to come out of it, I personally would separate. I've known too many people who have become influenced by being around sinful people. If we are around anyone very much, we will always be influenced by them.

Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
God doesn't want to give you just anyone. He wants you to have what you desire. A great man of God visited a church, where an old maid had waited 10yrs for a mate. He asked her, "why kind of man do you want?" She said, "anyone God will give me." He said, "NO, God wants you to have your desire." So she made a list and asked for a tall, handsome man, that was musical. Soon a tall, handsome, music teacher came to church. The single women wanted him but he chose the old maid. So tell God what you desire in a mate.
You're still young and God has the precise time and mate for you. But don't focus on what you don't have. Focus on what you desire. Then you won't be discouraged. You'll be expectant.

Do Clergy Have Authority
Yes, clergy have spiritual authority over laity because they wear a spiritual mantle that God has placed over their life. The mantle carries an anointing of God that equips a minister for service. God respects that anointing and expects others to also. The Bible says we are not to touch God's anointed servants. When David chose not to kill King Saul, it was because David honored the mantle God had placed on Saul's life, even if he didn't respect the man. I feel that is a great lesson for God's people. We should honor clergy as one who houses the anointing of God and who stands in a spiritual office.

Can You Lose Your Salvation
YES, a person CAN loose their salvation. The Bible says a person can have their name blotted out of the Book of life. Also, the Word says that only those that do the WILL OF GOD will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Word says without holiness, NO MAN will see the Lord. So if we receive Christ but don't strive to live righteously, I don't think we're going to Heaven. I believe the "once saved always saved" doctrine is a huge deception. If a person thinks they can't do anything to loose their salvation, they may feel that unrighteousness in their life is forgiven, when in fact it isn't if it's unrepented of. Heaven is another plane. What we do here, we will do in the next plane. If we sin here, we won't go to Heaven.

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