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How To Abuse God's Grace
I've known people who have told me to my face that they have a right to do whatever they want (such as adultery and stealing) because God forgives them. I think that is what is meant by abusing God's grace: deliberately and willfully doing something that you know is wrong. I would think these people are under condemnation and not grace, but I could be wrong.

Anyone With Unsaved Family
My dad died of a massive heart attack yesterday. I have talked to him a few times about Jesus and prayed for him since I was a young child. A few months ago I showed him some videos about near death experiences involving heaven and hell. I gently said dad you need to be saved- you know ask Jesus into your heart, please...I don't want you to go there. I don't know if he listened or not but my heart is so broken and I feel deeply sad that I havn't been more consistant with praying and trying to bring him to Jesus. I am paying a huge price for thinking my dad would be around alot longer than 54 years. I only hope to tell others never to delay, if given the opportunity to tell anyone about Jesus, because we never know if it be our last.

The Affair Made A Baby
Thank you for your comments! Myrna:I'm doing my best to be as loving and forgiving as possible as if nothing happend because I do want God's blessing in my life.I try to live for Him no matter what.You made me realize that it is possible.
Tiffany:He has been doing all he can to be the best husband he can be and is going to church with me every Sunday.
Fay:You had me crying Fay,thank you so much for that prayer.It's gonna take me a long time to get to that perfect love.Maybe because now I admit that I feel jealous that she has his baby and I don't.We have children from different marriages that we love as our own but not blood.I'm so broken.

The Affair Made A Baby
I've been trough alot in my life and so have my children.One of my daughters has DiGeorge Syndrome and has had 3 open heart surgeries but she is a blessing and my angel.My first husband left me and 4 kids and never came back after 9 yrs. Now I have to go through this.I thank God because I have drawn closer to Him than ever before but this just seems to hard for me to handle.I've prayed for the baby and cried for her.I won't give up but I'm sooo depressed.

The Affair Made A Baby
Cluny-I no longer believe we are unequally yoked I was just trying to refresh anyones memory who responded to my last blog.I'm so hurt and I'm trying to get through the pain all over again.I was just starting to heal after I forgave my husband and I feel I'm going through another test.The news of the baby hurts even more because this woman has something I dont have which is a child from my husband.I have children from a previous marriage and their father left us and he has been MIA ever since.I feel like everything was a lie and feeling sorry for myself. :0(

Catholic Is Marrying A Quaker
I think that the only or best thing you can do is find the one common thing you both have in both of your faiths. And, what is that thing? Wouldn't it be Jesus?? There are many, many practices....but only one Christ. And since Christ is the center of all Christianity anyway, why not just focus on Christ and how He lived His life and Ministry....then secondly, find the best practices that you both have and integrate those into your lives. It may take a little time to see which ones fit and those that don't....but if you do it with grace and remembering Who is really at the center of your common beliefs (Jesus)...then things will work out.

Can A Christian Be Depressed
Christians may develop serious clinical depression, just like anyone else.

Sometimes they may feel compelled to pretend that everything is okay and force themselves to be 'up' when they feel a pervasive sense of powerlessness and hopelessness, as a part of an ill fated and ill advised attempt to 'rejoice ever more.'

Serious mental and emotional illnesses need treatment, and there is nothing ungodly about seeking such if you need it, just as seeking care from a heart surgeon is advised over prayer alone if needed.

Unequally Yoked Marriage
Thank you all for your spiritual views and advice. I thank God for each response,especially the ones that opened my eyes about myself. I love my husband and my family and above all my God. I will continue to grow in Him first and trust His will to come. God Bless you all

Is Islam The AntiChrist's Religion
No, it is not.

I know many loving and caring people whose faith in God, inspired by their lifelong involvement in Islam, has inspired in them greater acts of kindness, caring and all around love.

Since love can be one of its fruits, and since that is the fruit of primary importance in Christianity, Islam is not the religion of the Antichrist.

Forgive A Cheating Spouse
Forgive without forgetting.

That is, you have to protect yourself from further hurt.

Focus on saving the marriage only if you believe the marriage can be saved AND if you wish to save it.

You can forgive him but no longer wish to be in that kind of relationship with him.

How can you best love God, others and your self in this situation?

Should Christians Drink Beer
Jesus created wine as his first miracle, very good wine, indicating an endorsement of alcoholic beverages involved in celebrating.

Enjoying a beer or other alcoholic beverage is good if we do so without doing something dangerous, like driving drunk or drinking excessively and endangering our health.

One way to love others and ourselves is by sharing some social time drinking together.

President Obama Great Delusion
By your fruits, they will know you as mine, Jesus said.

Obama is showing love by trying to extend healthcare to all Americans, while greed leads many of his opponents to disrupt discussion on how best to do that by shouting out at meetings.

Heal the sick, Jesus encourages. Obama is christlike, not a delusion.

Burn In Hell For Eternity
God will not do that, as he is full of love and compassion.

If a person has a deluded and destructive spirit, God may keep him from others for awhile to protect them, but God will not stop working to bring about a transformation in such spirits.

Love never fails and never quits trying, so God will prevail by extending insightful and deep love for as long as it takes.

Is Islam Non-Biblical
My fiance is Islamic, and he does not wish death to any or all of the Christians in my family.

It really depends on which faction of Islam you are talking about, but mostly Islamic people do not wish such things. Certainly none of the many Islamic people I met in Indonesia or Malaysia have such wishes.

When I spoke of the primary importance of love, each Islamic person I conversed with agreed: love is what mostly counts.

Can You Lose Your Salvation
By your fruits they will know you are mine, Jesus said.

If one displays deep and genuine love, the hallmark of Jesus, one cannot lose that ability.

"The love of most will grow cold, but the one who endures to the end will be saved," Jesus said about the end times.

Again, those who have such deep and dynamic love that an increase in cold and wicked behaviour cannot extinguish it, they cannot lose that.

Imagine those who were able to keep loving, say, through the Cambodian Killing Fields. Their love will not die.

Can We Continue To Sin
One may define sin as acting outside of love.

As one grows in an awareness and experience of love, more and more able to engage in it, one grasps just how beneficial that love is to them, so naturally they will not want to act outside of love.

This means that naturally any behaviour one might consider sin will become less and less frequent, due to growth in love, with it coming from the heart.

Is Jesus The Only Way
If you have a spirit that engages in dynamic and deep love, then you have fellowship with God.

That is what counts.

If you do not, you would have no interest in spending any time in or around heaven.

Spanking A 13-Year Old
Lets get our priorities right here, abortion, drugs, crime and wars are the evils that plague our lives not the fact that we discipline our children, yes we all use different methods, every child is different so need a different type of discipline, we have a large family, some of the children we paddle some we spank some we don't, each method keeps the child on the straight and narrow.

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