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Was Melchizedek Jesus
It is possible Melchizedek is Chirst as well as he is not Christ. I believe the latter at this point. Why would not the writer of Hebrews or Paul or John just say: Melchizedek was Yeshua. It would have solved the who mystery if indeed it were a true premise. None of the writers of the new testiment came forth with this premise. Paul, as a well studied scholar of Hebrew and the law would have identified Melchizedek right off if indeed he was Christ. Rod.

Christian Vegetarians Confused
Hi Donna, I am the true Rod. Whoever used that last "Rod" post is not me. I'll change my name to Rod4Him in all my following posts.
I guess that's why people use numbers after their name.
That was some off the wall post. I have no idea where it came from, or how my name got on it. Yikes! Thanks for calling me on it.


Christian Vegetarians Confused
Exactly! Which to me proves that Jesus was NOT God, because any God that murders any creature is a false one. I have been struggling with the 'Jesus question' for many years as, quite naturally, it is a central part of my culture (English), but this one argument has killed Christianity stone dead for me. Thank you!

Salvation Or Baptism First
John 1:33, John the Baptist tells us that Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit. John 3, "Born of water and Spirit" is not extremely clear what water means. However, I believe the passage has the Hebrew thought of parallelism, say one thing and say it again in a different way. To claim that the "water" refers to baptism really doesn't make sense in that Jesus had not died and rose again yet. How could John 3 refer to that? In Jesus' day, there were many mikvah's (Jewish baptismals), which were used for Jewish purification. Nicodemus would have been very confused if this meant baptism. Nicodemus brought up the physical birth, Jesus explained, physical birth once, spiritual birth once:). Life in Christ is spiritual.

What Are Some False Traditions
Cluny, just because Apostolic tradition has error doesn't mean everything in it is wrong. There are many things that are right, but it has truth mixed with, shall I say heresy. To some extent you are right about how protestants accept the NT canon, except I would say the NT was accepted over a broader range of people than through Apostolic traditions.
The traditions "Paul" delievered.
I don't claim to be on a spiritual level with Christ,however I do claim to follow Christ and commit my life to Christ.
Cluny, it would be helpful if you didn't put words into people's mouth as though you are the end of all truth. You appear to not be seeking Christ or His ways, you come across as a scribe or pharisee. You know it all.

What Are Some False Traditions
Praying to "Mary and heavenly saints and holy angels."

Another blog closed, so this may be an appropriate blog to continue.

It was suggested that asking a living believer to pray for us was equivalent to praying to Mary or saints or angels. When we ask a believer to pray for us, we asking them to go "boldly to the Throne of Grace," to God through Jesus Christ. We are directly asking/praying God to intercede on the behalf of a brother/sister. Paul did this.

Yes, I reject Apostolic Traditions, the same as Jesus rejected religious traditions of His day.

Church Is A Waste Of Time
In general, the reason the institutional church is a waste of time is because people are supposed to do the work of ministry and not a caste of elite clergy.
The work of the ministry is a "one another" process. 58 times the NT says, "one another." Church provides a "from the clergy to the sheep" a one way process. The messages, in general, are directed to supposely make the listener a better person, if that church is lucky, but it generally does not teach the listeners how to do the work of the ministry to one another.
The church provides a very passive setting. Stand up, sit down, stand up, give your money, stand up, sit and listen, stand up, go home. Living for Christ is an active experience, or should be.

Must Gospel Be Preached To All
Because the Gospel was preached throughout the known world in the first century by the disciples, done, but a good question and observation.

Is Islam Non-Biblical
I'm missing your point, wayne.
Whether the quotes you point out originated from other sources really are not important. The application of phrases apply to explaining Who the Living God is, and what people's response should be to Him. Such as when Paul pointed to the inscription to the "unknown God." He explained it. If we never used a phrase that had been used before, we wouldn't be able to converse. How do you know the mind of the NT writers to know that they are quoting other people? How do you know their intent?
Again, I don't understand your point or points. Are you trying to stir stuff up? Can you state your point in one sentence?

Salvation Or Baptism First
YLBD, Those are great verses that communicate the newness one has in Christ. You might consider that those verses are not talking about a physical baptism. The context of Colossians is a spiritual happening. Everything has to do with what happens spiritually to a saved person's heart. Since you quoted I Peter 3:21, I wasn't sure what you were meaning to convince, that baptism was neccesary or not for salvation. I Peter 3:21 is very clear, he does not mean water baptism, "not the removal of dirt from the flesh." I would like to repeat, Life in Christ is a spiritual happening in the heart, not accomplished by a religious ritual.

Church Does Not Need Tithe
Well said lee,

In addition, Abram kept "nothing" for himself from that battle, except "what the what the young men have eaten, and the share of the men who went with me..."

Let's Exchange Marquee Sayings
It's not where you hang your hat,
It's where Christ hangs His hat.

Can We Continue To Sin
Let me jump in as an outsider looking in on the present conversation. It appears to me that miche and MarkV are discussing two sides of the same coin, but think that the other is incorrect. From reading their posts, they are both correct.
Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?
Salvation comes first and works follow. If no works follow, one would conclude that no salvation took place. So, it is correct that works do not save. Furthermore, if one has works (good deeds), that does not mean they are saved.
A problem is when we see "so-called Christians" claiming to be saved (because of a prayer they may have prayed), and then there are no works to verify their salvation. How do we view them? By their fruits, we will know them.

Do Clergy Have Authority
I knew when I questioned the concept of clerical authority that it is an issue whatever belief one has, RCC, EO, or Protestant. I didn't know how basic it is to our, how to follow Christ?
From a practical observation, there are godly man on all sides of the fence. God looks on the heart. The Seg had some good contributions to the topic.
BTW, it's not just a simple, RCC was wrong in the Schism, then go on to the next topic. That issue is major in this discussion, if one believes in succession.
Acts 6:3, the congregation (not succession) selected the people they believed qualified.

Do Clergy Have Authority
A basic question in this discussion is whether one believes in additional authority to the Scriptures. People need to decide if they believe that traditions/customs have the same authority as Scriptures. Another decision is whether they believe that "clergy" have authority in addition to scripture.
I'll break it down, is Scripture final? Or is Scripture, tradition/custom, and succession (clergy) final. That is the real difference in our discussion, which one people believe. If it's the latter, that is very confusing with incredible, endless discussions of what is what and who is who, instead of being able to focus on Christ.

Do Clergy Have Authority
Ignatius. BTW, one issue we are talking about, Apostolic succession/clergy authority, is the issue that Eastern Orthodox split from the Catholic Church. Thanks for prodding with the issue, or I might have discovered this. Just shows there is always more to learn, and the truth is nothing to be afraid of. If they were right then, they are wrong now. Interesting how this issue ends up being so important.

Christ is our authority in our spirit and our life, and we are to follow Him. Jesus had this problem with the religious authorities of His time. They were wrong. They thought much of position, how dare Jesus challenge their authority.

Salvation Or Baptism First
At first I thought this was a poor question. But the more I thought about it the more I like it.

If an unsaved person gets baptized, it doesn't save him or her. If one is saved before getting baptized, one doesn't need to get baptized because he or she is saved.

Is there any record of the disciples getting baptized?

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