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I Enjoy ChristiaNet Blogs
Yes I enjoy ChristiaNet, even though I don't come on or respond very often. Thank you ChristiaNet. :)

Tithing A Biblical Teaching Today
Gary- Do you believe that everything comes from God?

If you do that would include money and therefore He lends it to you to use for his divine purpose. To glorify him!

Christians Acting Worldly
I have been reading a book titled, The Gospel According To Jesus by John Mac Arthur, Jr. and in it he says "...salvation that does not alter a life-style of sin and transform the heart of the sinner is not a genuine salvation." so I would take it that people who do not change and keep going with the rest of the world and have not given everything to Christ have not truly been born again, they have only tasted.

Can You Lose Your Salvation
My real name is Colleen, colupy is just a nickname that's I've had for a long time. I thank everyone for all the responses, but I still have to ask what would blotting your name out of the book of life mean? Does your name enter the book of life when you accept salvation & if it does then why would it be blotted out?

I do believe if you are a true follower of Jesus you will not want to depart.So the way I take it would mean that the ones that say they are sorry for their sins and then turn away have not true repentance. Only those to the end will be truly saved.

Can You Lose Your Salvation
I had more to my ? but they did not post it. I tend to believe that you can not lose your salvation but there are a few passages in the bible that I wonder about & that is backsliding and having your name blotted out of the book of life. For the ones that believe that you can not lose your salvation I would be interested in your opinion on these and other difficult passages in the bible.

Senator Ted Kennedy Died
Even though I did not agree with his stand on issues in the government I am saddened to hear of his death. I hope that he asked for salvation before it happened. I pray for his family that they will have peace and comfort in this difficult time.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
Bush had his hand in spending but it's Obama's ride now and it's because of him that the stock market and economy is in the shape it's in. These spending bills that he just signed is putting us so far in debt, he's spending more than we've ever spent in history.How is spending millions on the Marsh Mouse stimulating the economy? I pray for our leaders daily but I don't think that God just wants us to sit around and not help ourselves.We get the leaders that we deserve. I want to urge everyone to pay all their debts off and get prepared for what my come.Obama just made it,in 2011, so that people making over 200,000 cannot claim all the money they give to charity,now tell me how that's going to help anyone,certainly not the charity or churches.

Creation Or Evolution
To believe in evolution is like believing in a fairy tale. When I was is school they always taught us that 0+0=0, so how can the evolutionist say that 0+0=everyting? That just doesn't make any sense. As far as I'm concerened if you read the Bible, that explains everything. They have found all different kinds of fossils all grouped together in certain areas to prove to us that there really was a global flood plus the Grand Canyon is also proof for me. They knew well before Columbus that the earth was round plus many,many more facts. God Bless

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
To quote R.C.Sproul "Some take the position that an aborted baby is a real human person,and it would seem consistent to say that whatever you think happens to babies who die in infancy would then, therefore, apply to unborn children.....babies who die through abortion are treated as human beings by God and that the same grace he dispenses to babies who die in infancy would apply to unborn children." So therefore if children die before the age of accountability then I believe that they would go to heaven.God knew each one of us before we were born in the secret place.Read Psalms 139:13-16 Hope this helps. God Bless

USA Becoming Socialistic
Leon 11/6/08

You are correct in that we're all American...So let's start by doing away with special rights for a few and let's level out the playing field for all. No more giving to certain people because of color or race. I did not vote for Obama but the majority has spoken and he will be our president and we need to respect him for that.But I will not compromise my morals and values for him or anyone else if I feel it goes against the word of God. Our government now is controlled by the Dems, we will see in the future just how much they still want to blame it on Bush. And just for the record I am in neither party. May God Bless American and May God Bless Us also.

Forgiveness For An Abortion
God forgives those that ask for it but now its time you forgive yourself. We have all sinned and he doesn't see one sin greater than another (except blasphemy against the holy spirit). The devil is the accuser and keeps bringing our past up to torment us. But I do thank you for bringing up an important subject and telling people how you feel. If more women would talk about their experiences than maybe there would be less abortions. If people could hear their pain it might make them think twice. Thank you again for speaking out and may God be with you and help you and give you strength. God Bless.

Candidate For The Christians
I will be voting for McCain in Nov. because

1.He knows when life begins
2.He loves and is proud of his country unlike Obama and his wife.
3.He is in favor of our freedom of speech and gun rights
4.He wants to keep ties with Israel and God says that "I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse, and all people will be blessed through you on earth." Gen.12:3

But the #1 reason is life.God says that babies are a blessing and Obama says that its a punishment,so which side will you be on.

God Bless

How To Stop Abortions
The laws may not make them go away but you would find less and less, and drs. would perform them would be few. Just because murder is illegal it still doesn't stop some people, that's when the laws come in and justic is served!

How To Stop Abortions
One way to look at it would be would be to say that rape is going to happen so you wouldn't make it legal just because you know it's going to happen, No, you make laws against it and hold people accountable for their actions knowing that it will happen less often. Just think what would happen if rape was legal!

How To Stop Abortions
I would love to see abortion illegal, but I don't have all the answers. I think that we need to make women see that a fetus is actually a human being. If they feel that it is human and that murder is wrong, then they may feel differently about abortion. Abortion should not be used as birth control and I believe it is so many times. I believe the steps to make it illegal would have to be taken very slowly, such as stopping late term abortion and then go on from there. I also believe that women that already have had abortions should come forward and tell their stories, from what I've been told most feel remorse and guilty and women should be told. Maybe some sort of counseling before any procedure is done.

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