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Adult Child Won't Work
I have a 24 old son who has a 7th grade education, Was abandoned by mother, has been smoking heroin, and is now on methadone. He will not get a job or do anything to help himself. He does have severe learning disabilities. I've tryed to help him. His rent is being paid by his mother who came back into his life a couple years ago. Obviously, even though she is trying, he is still dealing with her leaving. We've tryed to get him into treatment, because it is in another state, and he is afraid of everything. We are both tapped out financially, and in every other way. The future looks dim for him. we don't know what to do. He has accepted the Lord as his saviour. but that is only the start. what can we do?

Is Christian Television Relevant
if you were confined to your hospital bed, you wouldn't ask that question

Can You Afford Obamacare
whenever government is in control of anything it is a disaster of red tape ,wasted money, slow and uncaring bureaucrats, and draining to the citizens it's supposed to serve. just look at the legislature that invented it. do you really think that they are listening to the common man?

Government Wants Control
funny how events turn around to Lot standing at the gates of Sodom saying men and brethren don't do this wicked thing only to be told by the sodomites .. how dare you judge us now we will do worse to you. oh how i pray for the rapture 1 cor 6-9

Always Speak Up For God
a christian should no nothing but what is written in scripture. always hate sin never hate the sinner. today's christian world has become to tolerant and complacent of sin in the world and there own life. we are becoming lukewarm neither hot or cold. we need to seek righteousness and judge sin where ever it is even in our own lives have no fellowship with darkness rather reprove it.

How Did Life Come To Exist
Genesis 1=20

Obama Gives Muslims Power
no I'm not a racist Clinton was a liar and just as dangerous as the present president. money, power and deception are what gets the job ,not race.

Obama Gives Muslims Power
I am a saved sinner my father is god, through Jesus death ,I am translated into the Kingdom of god. my father gave me a book of things to come. in this book during the great and terrible tribulation to come, he said Christians will die for not receiving the mark they also will not be able to buy or sell. he told me i would see it as when the sky was red , it would about to rain. Jesus said i judge no man but i judge righteous. even god used pharaoh to punish the Jews and used moses to deliver is no stretch to wonder i Obama is going to destroy "one nation under god" Christians need to wake up!!I respect his office but i also see his agenda

Can Salvation Be Lost?
Jesus Christ obtained salvation for Christians 2000 years ago on the cross we had nothing to do with it than or now as a matter of fact he was rejected than until he cried "It is finished !!" we can't get it keep it or do enough good works to buy it. we can only turn to him realize our need and ask for it.

Christ's Third Coming To Earth
1 john 1:14 and the word (Christ) became flesh(incarnate) and dwelt among us.....
1 Jesus came as a lamb
2Jesus comes as a lion

Worst American President
no he's not the worst yet!give him and the Democratic legislature ain't seen nothing yet. one world government here we come. as long as this country is to spineless to stand against evil, to lazy to work , to selfish to save. and want the take care of us .we are going down with him in the leed

Did Jesus Heal Everyone That Asked
faith never healed my wife but faith tells me now that through jesus Christ death on the cross, she is alive and well in his presence. never saw death but passed from life to life everlasting . that's what faith did for her. jesus said if thou be willing never the less not my will but thine be done.

Health Care Bankrupts America
this country already is bankrupt. as long as we produce nothing and consume everything , there is only one way to go down. nothing is free somebody has to pay. if you think the govt. can do it , ask a veteran what he thinks of military hospitals before the war

Remarried In Constant Adultery
always with the law not the grace of love
How about the law of love. how about 1cor 7
14-16 if the unbeliever can't bear your christian life let him depart your not under bondage... if two people put god first and their mate second they will learn to love.

Did Jesus Heal Everyone That Asked
sorry but when someone tells me if you have enough faith god will answer it upsets me. Ephesians 2- 8--9 says your saved by faith it is a gift of god (even the faith) so why tell me if i had enough faith god would heal her? he didn't! she died! but he was with me every step of the way

Did Jesus Heal Everyone That Asked
so my wife, who died of cancer,didn't have enough faith to live or was Jesus def and didn't hear her. or maybe she didn't yell in agony enough or maybe i didn't pray loud enough .... Jesus suffered and died why blame him if we do'

Forgive A Cheating Spouse
i will tell you because i have been there i was told ,by her that she had had an affair words cannot express how crushed i was. Christ stepped in and made me look at my own thoughts.. he showed me that .a true christian is just a saved sinner just like her. i married her before god in sickness and in health for better or worse till death do us part... don't miss understand me i'm not special , i suffered allot of pain, but pain lessened with time.... she became such a fine christian , two years later she found out that she had cancer all through her body. one year latter at thirty one years old she went to be with the lord. you see 1 Corinthians chapter 7 says you never know if your relationship with god just might change their mind.

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