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Can God Die
aservant, Where does it say God is the author of "all: scripture including Paul's and Luke's writings ????
WHO? determines what is and is not scripture ???? a committee of men? consensus of opinion ?
It's your word against mine !!!

Can Women Preach
Leon, If you scroll down one, below your comment you'll notice that aservant is citing "Paul's law"

Can God Die
Cluny, Consider this although Luke may have been a great "historian" he was not an apostle and the only non Hebrew to write scripture. I'm sure some of his observations are accurate. but this information was 2nd hand. Whoever told him that "story" was not Christian !
What one thing in the whole RM & L story makes "Christian" sense?

Bibllical Punishment For Murder
Cluny, The cities of refuge was for the "unintentional" manslayer. Not the deliberate murderer!

Can God Die
Cluny, Which words are Christ's words ? "because some one said so"?
Luke quotes Jesus whom he never that truthful?
Do you know that if some one tells you a lie and you repeat it, YOU are also lying ?

Can Women Preach
Robert, Unless you are under Paul's law, women can preach/teach anywhere, any time .
Christians are not under "law"

Can God Die
A lot of people might "desire" to eat at my table
so you're saying that if some one would "desire" to eat at your table, you're obligated to feed them ?? Not in my house
Now somehow that's a crime??!

Can God Die
1st of all to all these naysayers:
What merited Lazarus that he goes to heaven, doesn't indicate that he was even Christian!
The Rich man was not uncharitable since he fed the beggar at his gate !
Luke is quoting Jesus who he never met.. since he was not of Hebrew decent was very likely well schooled in Greco-Roman mythology!
Hades/sheol (common grave of man)does NOT contain fire!

The bible writer must be truthful to be believed.
Because this STORY is quoted by so many denominations there should have been at least one "back up"

Energy Healer For Healing
jamea, What has religion got to do with the medical profession ??
There are a lot of "quacks" out there so why not stay with the qualified practitioners ??

Can God Die
Evangelicals jump on the Rich man and Lazarus story as if it says anything intelligent
1st the RM did nothing wrong that he should be burned!
2nd Lazarus did not even believe in Jesus!
"The Rich man died and was buried". Obviously buried alive because he spoke from the grave that either the casket or body bag was on fire,he sees Abraham "afar off" through 6' of earth and makes conversation..
This nonsensical story belongs in Dr.Seuss ,books !
No other bible writer backs up this fairy tale !
Tell me one piece of "reality" that this story conveys.....Dah

Can God Die
For those Trinitarians that insist that Jesus is/was almighty God..

Jn.1 18 no one has ever seen God !
Ex.33.20 no one can see God and live...
Hundreds saw Jesus

Either the bible lies or the Trinitarians are a bunch of mixed up pagans !

Can God Die
aservant, Your explanation is right out of Egyptian mythology....they mummified the body because they believed that the soul could re visit it at will, also the fashioned a casket after the likeness of the person in case the body deteriorated!

somehow this theory has trickled down to become part of pseudo Christian belief !

Can God Die
Strong Axe, If you want to believe that snaked can talk.....when's the last time you had a conversation with a snake ???

Can God Die
OK I get from the evangelicals on here that Christ never "really" died , well that's fine if it suits you, but if dropping His beaten up bundle of flesh and bones brings us salvation , you do not understand that "Christ" died for us not just faking it to make it look like He died is no different than the pagan religions extant !
You are still in your sins since you don't believe Christ died !,,my my, so sad!

Why do you have to muddy up a clear message that God's Son volunteered to die for us and His Father brought Him back to life after parts of 3 days had passed! Too simple for your foggy minds !

Can God Die
Cluny, You obviously have a problem with English.
God breathed into Adam's nostrils and he became a "LIVING" soul. Take away his breath and he becomes a "dead" soul.
Bible- Adam lived 930 years and then he died.
Evangelical- Adam lived 930 years and he morphed !
That Jesus "borrowed" death is the most ridiculous statement to date ! (not scriptural)
You need to get over this idea that it was Jesus' "body" that saves us,no,no no He actually died and was dead for parts of 3 days !

Can God Die
Nicole, satan said to Eve "You will not surely die" and you've swallowed this hook line and sinker !FYI nowhere in the bible does it ever say the soul is immortal, deathless or never dieing !
I cited the BoM because I'm aware of other religious beliefs!, you obviously are not "balanced"

Can God Die
Cluny, I asked it again because it has NOT been answered
Nicole, you gave a direct quote from the book of Mormon Alma 42.9 The soul can never die!, scripture says "the soul that sinnith , it shall die"'s not the death of the "body" but the death of the "person" of Christ that saves us !
What is the meaning of "immortality" ??? Only God has it !

What Is The Trinity
That all that was needed to free us from Adamic sin is/was 175 lbs of flesh ???
You obviously do not "get it"
Jesus actually died (no pretense here) His Father resurrected Him.
If they are one and the same person (trinity) God/Christ would have died !

Eccl.9.5 "the dead know nothing."
Psl.146.4 "On that very day his thought do perish"

So, at what point in time did Jesus' thoughts perish and He knew nothing ???

St. Thomas Not Skeptical
Cluny, Where does scripture say satan "cannot reach up towards"??
According to the book of Job he still had access to the heavens then !

What Is The Trinity
I would like to see a trinity believer show how an "immortal" God can die !!!

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