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Salvation For Catholics
why does everyone feel threaten by Catholic Christians? Why not pick on Lutherans, Methodist, Baptist, Jahovah Witness, SDAs, dare is say Evangelicals, they consider themselves Chistians. The Catholic church is one of the longest standing, do you not think God might actually have a purpose for them? God put them through many hard trails and they are still standing.

Who Was Cain's Wife
j._nonymous:: I posted a similar blog here a while ago asking where was the land of Nod and who did Cain marry. No gave a concrete answer and I think the blog was removed. I hope you get better answers then I did. From the little that was posted, everyone seems to believe that he married one of his sisters.

Is Secular Music Okay
Its ok as long as its not vulgar. I love music of any kind, its a gift God gave those that make it. Funny thing, even in secular music if you listen with God's ears, you can hear Him. I listen to rock mostly & even there I hear Him, its great. Recently, I found a Christian rock/pop and a Latin Christian music station & now I mostly listen to them. Its not that I stop liking secular music, but the Spirit in me now yearns for that uplifting, full of praise and glory kind of music, its great!

Have You Been In A Cult
Society made it so that anytime we hear of cults/sects, we automatically think its of evil nature. Christianity was known as a sect in its early stages. Jews viewed Christianity as a sect, now some see Catholics, Mormons, SDAs, JWs, etc., as sects/cults. By this world's standards, I belong to a cult and dont plan on leaving it. But then again, I'm not of this world, nor are my thoughts of this world, so no I dont belong to a cult, sect, religion, or any other name this world gives to my Father's Way.

Salvation For Catholics
Becoming like Christ is an ongoing process, its that simple. If you're "born again", does that mean that you've become like Christ completely? No, you continue to change yourselves to your new selves daily. It's not that Catholics are changing thier core believes and mission, its that they are changing continually to become better Christians, as we should all be doing. We know the trails Catholics went through, would you have prefer that they stayed with the mentality they had in those days?

King James Only Christian
#3. I myself use several references, a spanish bible, english bible(NIV), a bible study, and the internet. As far as the KJV only, I think everyone knows that there are other translations out there, its just a matter of choice. Also, you'll find that older generations love the KJV, and newer generations prefer the NIV or other translations. Its actually good that there are different translation, that way you dont have an excuse as to why you are unable to read God's Words :-).

King James Only Christian
J._Nonymous: I understand your point though I dont read the KJV. I read one of the most commonly used translations of the bibles in spanish language. And it uses the old spanish language from Spain. There are those that find it difficult to read because of that, and obviously the rest of latin america does not speak spanish as the Spaniards spoke it back then.

King James Only Christian
#2. There are other version much easier to read but most prefer the older translation, maybe because somehow we think that the older versions are more accurate in translation, and the new versions maybe mistranslate or omit certain things for the sake of making it easier to read. Either way, if your studing the bible, its good practice to have a few more references, i.e. different translations, dictionaries (hebrew, greek, english), bible study books, internet.

Do You Love God
Oh yes!! I love my Father!! Just thinking about it excites me, my heart gets full of joy, the smile across my face cant contain it self, and my eyes tear up. When I disobey, I go to Him like a little girl that misbehaves and then goes to her Father and ask for forgiveness, and then He embraces me and He forgives me. And I let Him know that I love Him constantly, that phrase is on my lips for Him at all times, in any circumstance. I love you Father!!

What Is A Real Christian
Being a Christian is not a religion, but a way of living. A life style modeled after our one and only Lord Jesus Christ. To be a Christian, you must walk in Christ footsteps every waking moment, you must speak His Words, and think His thoughts. A Christian tries becomes like Christ daily, giving Glory to God. There is no real or not, you either are or arent a Christian.

Question For Catholics Only
My reaction would be to pray for those that find the time to judge other Christians, and pray that I dont get tempted to judge theirs. It's the enemy trying to get you to judge your brothers and sisters in Christ. Lets try to learn from each other, instead of picking at differences, and pray that we come together. I can listen the preist at church and watch the Baptist or Evangelist pastor on TV. Either way I'm feeding on the Word, and I'm taking it from whatever Christian source it comes from.

I Am In So Much Pain
I'm sorry for your loss. Its not wrong to grieve and feel sorrow. Seek Him, you'll find all the comfort you need. Now the pain might seem unbearable, but fear not for "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33. The Lord is closest to the broken hearted, He rescues those who are crushed in Spirit. Psalm 34:18" Give Him your pain, commend yourself to Him, and you'll find peace.

Favoriate Bible Scriptures
We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them. For God knew His people in advance and He chose them to become like His Son. Romans 8:28-29.

Catholic And Christian Differences
Why do Christians i.e. Evangelicals, Baptist, Protestants and others think that they are the only "Christians"? Again, just becuase we disagree on certain things, doesnt make me less of a Christian. The one Chruch Jesus left us is the church that preaches His Gospel, He didnt say just the Protestant church or just the Catholic church. I agree, Catholics are Christian first then Catholics. Have "born again Christian" hijacked Christianity for themselves and no one else?

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