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Are You A Born Again Christian
Yes - April 27th 1962.

What Is The Shroud Of Turin
I believe that it has already been established that this cannot be genuine because of the way the cloth would have had to be folded. With the image the way it is it would have had to be wrapped over the body from head to foot, not around the body. The head to foot method of wrapping the dead was not used until much later, so I am told.

Should Church Know My Income
Your church does not need to know anything about your finances. As moderator says it could be to put pressure on you to tithe or give what they think you can afford. Your giving, your spending, your saving all have nothing to do with them so don't tell them anything that you do not freely wish them to know.

Married To Another Man
Sometimes one verse alone is not sufficient. I would take this verse (Romans 7:3) along with 1 Corinthians 7:15 and Matthew 19:9 to get a clearer picture of what the bible says on the subject of remarriage after divorce.

Faithful Husband Before Marriage
You don't, none of us know the future but if you are having doubts before, don't go ahead with the marriage.

How To Help My Nephew
It would be difficult to have him stay with you if you are not both in agreement. Is there any other way you could help him? Are there hostels in your area where he could have a bed to sleep on a regular basis until he can afford something better? What about the Salvation Army, they often find such places - or the Y.M.C.A. (although that is not really a Christian organization any more).

Benny Hinn Is Selling Statues
Maria what do you personally mean by the term 'bow down to'? Bowing down to is usually linked to worshipping. This sounds very much like the breaking of a commandment. I don't know anyone who bows down to an automobile or to their pets etc. I think we have some 'crossed wires' here.

Talents vs Rewards
Matthew 20:6-9 tells me that those who have been Christians for a very short time before their deaths (and will probably have achieved much less) will get the same reward as those who have been Christians for a long time. Is this what you were referring to or do you have something else in mind?

Sinners Rewarded For Good
Mima we are told that our righteousnesses are as filthy rags.

God Blessing Are Spiritual
"God likes me better because I have more stuff." Are there actually Christians who believe that statement? I'm stunned and virtually speechless.

Moderator - Yes, that is the Word of Faith or Charismatic doctrine. Not that God likes them more, but that God has found more favor or faith in them.

Is A Sinners Prayer Sufficient
Tina, there are those who think that they are Christians because, after an emotional sermon and going to the front of the church and being told to say a prayer that will save them, they do just that and now think that they are saved. Some will be, but unless they have understood what it was they needed saving from and what Christ did to save them many will not be saved. People who go forward to 'receive Christ' in a meeting of this nature usually need to be counselled, they need to listen and talk.

Husband Removed Me
How would staying with a man like this honour the Lord? Is he honouring the Lord or his marriage vows? Is God telling you stay and be abused? It seems he is making it very clear what he wants, or doesn't want and, if none of his anger is initiated by you I'd say stay away from him. If you don't believe in divorce you don't have to divorce but you don't have to live like that either.

Pastor Has My Sister's Attention
You should ask your sister. Only she and the pastor know whether this is right or not. Without knowing the reason for their time spent together we cannot possibly answer.

Wierd Laws In The OT
2. A great deal of the information in Leviticus was forgotten for centuries and the health advice (or commands) had to be re-discovered by scientist later. Many serious health issues of the past (the plague etc.) may have been avoided if people had either not forgotten what God said or had not believed it was for the Jews only.

Can We Drink To Be Healthy
Darlene I was given a very similar choice about 25 years ago. When I told doc. I was a total abstainer she said would I buy it anyway, keep in meds. cabinet and take from a teaspoon. I did this (after much soul searching) and found it was far more effective than the tablets. As time went on I needed it less and less and these days take it probably about twice a year. We are all different. Also remember that, although aspirin can prevent heart attacks, it can also cause stomach ulcers.

Divorces Three Times
Unless you are interested in him do nothing at all. If you are then you need to find out whether he actually has been divorced 3 times or widowed 3 times because, I would guess, that will make a huge difference. Three divorces would set many alarm bells ringing. Most importantly though, is he a Christian and, if divorced, was he a Christian at the time of any divorce? If so you'd need to know why the divorce/s took place.

Rich Or Poor Are Heaven Bound
The only reason that our financial status could have any effect is in that wealthy people are more likely to feel very self sufficient and not in need of anyone else's help (even God's). They might feel that they can pay for everything they need/want and even think that through donations to church/charities they will buy their way to Heaven. Jesus said it would be difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven but he didn't say it was impossible.

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