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What Will We Do In Heaven
Read Reve 21:1 forward. As many have said we will worship God but there are other scriptures that point to us receiving rewards for what we do on earth. But we aren't going to heaven we will receive a new body and all things will be renewed that means the current heaven and earth will pass. New ones will come and we will dwell on that new Earth. The Bible also talks about a governmental system when Christ reign on earth not sure if this passes over though. Over all we will have a whole new world to discover in a new Body. This body will be like the one Christ had when he rose from the dead. What he was able to do so will we. I will find the relevant scriptures and post them.

Benny Hinn Shocked Divorce
Benny Hinn is a false prophet, he has proven this to be so time and time again through his predictions that never came true.

Flight Not In The Winter
Actually this does refer to The event of 70 AD and Josephus records that the Christians ran when the armies pulled back and the Jews thought it was over . A reference is in Hebrews 10:25. Jews were ripped open to get the precious things they'd awallowed out. But NO christians!

How To Be Saved
Only public confession is needed for your sin(after your baptised for the remission of your sins- Mark 16:16 and Matt 28--Great commission) if you've wronged some one or done a public sin. Something someone knows about.

Church That Teaches Grace
I believe in Grace. Grace is the remedy
for sin.

Want To Throw My Son Out
That is a hard problem. The marriage
should come first.

Joel Osteen Has Largest Church
Having a large church does not
necessarily mean success. Jesus had
only 12 and then, 11.

Obama $500 Tax Credit
As far as I understand President Obama's tax credit, it is a payroll tax credit, spread out through the entire year, not a one time income tax credit. This means that you would receive approximately an additional $12 in your paycheck via a payroll tax credit. Also, I read this morning that the homebuyer's tax credit has been reduced from $15,000 to $8,000.

Are We Born Sinful
The Bible says that all have sinned and further the accounts of John the Baptist sermons indicate the need for repentance in all. The Bible also says that foolishness is bound in the heart of a child. What that says is that there is something in human nature that is inherently defective. Furthermore you only have to look at the Genesis account of human history shortly after the fall to realize that we were born sinful and that we need a savior.

Healed Of Depression
I truely believe that sometime God allows us to go through this Depressed state in order to show us that he is here, and has been there the whole time. I know that it is a chemical inbalance in the brain that causes us to feel what we feel, but I am strong, because Christ died for me, I am healed because his blood shed for me, and I am whole because I believe, not in the inbalance, but In The Creator.

Is Obama Muslim
How many times do we have to go through the anti-christ ordeal. Why does the anti-christ have to be in the U.S. and not somewhere in Europe. Even if he was a Muslim, so what. We are not at war with Muslims, but Terrorists. It is also pretty ulikely he is a Muslim. The area his father grew up in is mostly Protestant and Catholic. Besides he was raised by old white people which are usually not Muslims. But, Nevermind the fact Bush started a war with Iraq with nothing to show for it and lied about the justification. Not one person did anything about it. I bet someone would if a draft had got involved. They didn't do it because it would have been the vietnam era war protests all over again.

Origin Of Catholic Church
I'm brand new here, I have scanned the responses though & didn't notice a mention that Constantine built "A" Christian church on top of the rock in which Rome Martyred Peter.

I thought it was pretty funny symbolism for the Catholic Church to twist this into Peter somehow being a "piece" of its history?

If it's true the RCC existed since the days of Jesus, why would they have killed the Apostles?

I don't think Martin Luther was very off in declaring the Pope to be the Anti-Christ and Whore of Babylon.
I grew up Catholic and thank God He has guided me away from such a corrupt Church. There isn't too many thing's that the Catholic Church practices that are very far removed from Egypt in the OT.

Is Secular Music Okay
There is no such thing as "christian music" only Christian lyrics. Music is music, notes played together to form something beautiful. Where it gets messed up is the lyrics. Nothing wrong with Classical, Jazz, etc.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Rick D, It's Not the same thing. A response to an alter call is a sincere repentance of sin and accepting Jesus as the Lord of our lives. The result of this is a changed life, once and for all, not some rehearsed chant that is said every week. You see, Rick, I was a catholic too, and was called out of that church because of all the lies and religious rhetoric. Yes, I thought that I was pleasing God but religion got in the way. You will never understand until you get born again.

Son Wants His Ear Pierced
I really want my ears pierced. my parents still REALLY disaprove. I follow God, and attend church quite a few times a year, but not weekly. i pray every evening. When i finally move out, would it be fair to my parents if I did have my ear pierced?

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