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Can We Take The Bible Seriously
Barbara: Please clarify! What situations? I guess you mean prophecy of events in history, right or wrong?

I can only say that ultimately, no one can prove 100% for sure that God exists to people who simply refuse to believe in Him. We must have some faith in Him; we'll pray for your friend.

Tower Of Babel Scattering
Ryan: Although I'd agree the Continents did 'fit together' at one time, I would def. not place their separation as late as Genesis 11 but rather during the Flood Catastrophes of Genesis 7! See my reply to the Moderator below for more info.

Differences Of Isaiah 9:3
[1] Alan, this is one instance of what's called the Kethiv ('it is written') vs. Qere ('to be read') situation common to all copies of Hebrew Scripture. The Jews considered the Text so sacred, that even though someone very early on made an error which was never caught but seemed obvious to the Masoretes, they would only correct it in the margins and keep writing what they considered to be an error in the main Text (the Kethiv)! On top of that, none of the Scripture scrolls used in synagogues... [cont.]

Having Problems As New Christian
Mark, many may say "Don't wait at all to accept Jesus, your eternal life is at stake!" Though that may be true, you should also make sure you're making an informed commitment to Christ, not 'caving in' so to speak to psychological pressures to please others. Just saying some words without the right attitude towards God and what He's done for us, belief and intent to change your life will not save you. It doesn't necessarily have to be emotional; though it is for many. ARE THERE ANY SPECIFIC hindrinces keeping you from accepting Christ right now? Write me and/or share with us please.

Honest And Decent Men Around
Helen, my parents fit the godly description of marriage; though not all years were happy and trouble-free for their relationship. They were def. blessed by God though, since neither spent much time truly looking for God in the other's life! Many women have confessed to me that they never wanted to go thru counseling or sought advice on whom they married; and most are now divorced. Emotions were allowed to rule over God's wisdom.

Prove Catholic Books Not True
Rose, this has been covered in many posts; SEE: "Is the Catholic Bible Different" and "Why Was The Apocrypha Removed" if you want to see RCC and Protestant members arguing the issue with each other. Send me a message, I'll discuss more lengthy details with you.

Basically, the Jews rejected them *and* none of them are ever mentioned in the NT; even though they already existed long before Jesus was born!

Share Christ With An Orthodox Jew
If the person in mind is a relative or friend, over the course of having known them already, you should have some idea of what might be a "stumbling block" to their believing in Jesus; then research that, along with other points.
IF you want to witness to 'almost strangers' or 'cold' to people you'll likely never see again, maybe a good flyer that lists many of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled or something like that; possibly ask Jews for Jesus for advice too.

Adam And Eve Both In The Garden
(2) (they have NO knowledge of at all) to be a certain way. And attempting to use what is NOT said to arrive at some conclusion is called 'arguing from silence'. There are ways to use it correctly, but such arguments should rarely be given the same weight as what has been said!

Ancient Psalms Manuscripts Found
EVERYONE should seek information before making assumptions or comments not based in truth! Both API and CNN have accounts of this 'find'; check the details. pkay's phrase 'they open with' is a poor choice of words. CNN stated "The book was found open to a page describing, in Latin script, Psalm 83." It's also rather small, about 20 pages between its "leather velum binder", so we'll have to wait to see what the book is supposed to be about; which may take years!

Finding Faults In Other Christians
Rebecca, the key would be *is* it really sin according to Scripture, or not? Yes, some people are too critical, however, it's actually easier for us not to confront anyone about sin at all. But that's what God asks us to do in order to help other Believers grow in Christ, or to cleanse a church of non-repentant sinners. I'd want to know what their motives are though... do they really care about you, or just like being 'self-righteous' as the Pharisees? Is there something specific you'd like to share with us?

Name Bible Translations
Why Billy? Is this homework for an English Lit. class? The names of the previous 8 English Bibles are easy enough to find; I have them. William Shakespeare quoted from the Geneva Bible (also known as the "Breeches Bible"; the first Bible version brought to America -- by the Pilgrims)! However, as to some other version, I'm not sure. If he did (and I had to guess) I'd say Tyndale, since some of Tyndale's phrases were (and still are) used by many people.

Witness Through The Old Testement
Joan, Most Jews (unless Orthodox) don't think of Scripture as being God's Word. But if the Spirit is working in him, you might be able to interest him in DANIEL 9:25-26 where it states that Messiah would come before Jerusalem was destroyed; which shows right away that His coming wouldn't stop the Romans from doing that! And if so, who was this Messiah? (Write me for links!)

Witness To A Jehovah Witness
1st cliff: YOUR PROBLEM is that YOU are stuck in the mode of denying the Triune nature of God! SCRIPTURE states that the Father, the Word/Son and the Holy Spirit all raised Jesus Christ's body from the dead! Thus, one of the major reasons all three "persons" are GOD; and the Trinity doctrine is true! A number of concepts in Scripture are NOT 'either this or that' is true, BUT 'both this AND that' are true.

If I Became A Christian
Dear Unbeliever, There are some, but certainly not all, "churches" (either independent, or which associate with other like-minded Believers in other locations), which will teach and encourage you to grow in Christ according to Scripture. But there's no such thing as a 'perfect' local 'church'! ONLY the head of the Body of Christ (which includes true Believers from all 'churches'), JESUS Himself, is perfect. The rest of us are at our best when keeping our eyes on HIM; doing His will, not our own.

Bible Translation History Revealed
[1] Hi Sheila, First-off, there's no such thing as _a_ 'BEST' Bible for everyone; anyone saying so, has very limited knowledge and/or is too biased. I do, however, prefer "literal" translations compared to what's often called 'dynamic equivalence' versions, especially for Bible study! But occasionally, even a literal-type trans. may contain a poorly worded phrase or a passage that seems too much like 'paraphrasing'; which is why I often consult a couple other trans.s for serious study. [Cont.]

Bible Translation History Revealed
[2] Of the 'literal' trans.s, I'd recommend: The New American Standard Bible (Updated); was abbrev. NASB, now it's NAU. The ESV (English Standard Version) and most def. the free online NET Bible; which stands for New English Trans. Internet users can read it at bible (dot) org / netbible /. I love the fact the translators have extensive notes telling you why they decided to trans. a passage a certain way. Even if you don't agree with them, that helps many understand the prob.s translators face. [Cont.]

Bible Translation History Revealed
[3] As I said, occasionlly my NAU/NASB have some words which seem paraphrasitc to me, so I read study passage along with the NET Bible too. Another literal-type would be the NKJV and, of course, the KJV is often included. Personally, I've found the KJV (and a few others too?) has way too many of what it calls 'synonyms' (which although that can be helpful in memorization and writing plays or songs, doesn't allow you to see what Scripture actually said, as more literal versions do)! [Cont.]

Bible Translation History Revealed
[4] Sometimes a version that's called 'dynamic equiv.' or even paraphrasitc, can contain passages that are more literal (and helpful) than a 'literal' version (though overall that's rare). E.g., I love the New International Version's trans. of 2 Timothy 3:16 "All Scripture is God-breathed" which tells us exactly what the Greek word, 'theopneustos' means, instead of using the English word 'inspired' that is unf., now full of worldly meanings. PLEASE message me for MORE DETAILED INFORMATION.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
[2] Even the Greeks would call those who drank wine with the alcoholic percentage in most wine today, BARBARIANS! The Greek term, krator, refers to bowls they used to MIX WATER together with their wine BEFORE drinking it. The Jewish Talmud has various rules for mixing wine with MANY parts of water before drinking it! So, you cannot equate pouring a cup of wine from stores today with what they did back then. The MAIN reason THEY drank wine was because WATER wasn't always SAFE to drink.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Cami: To answer YOU personally, I'd like to know WHY you want to know this? Are you asking out of a concern for:
1) explaining the Infallibility and Inspiration of Scripture when it speaks of Jesus' miracle of making wine out of water or
2) for a friend or relative who has a problem with this, or
3) trying to decide if it's God's will for you yourself to drink wine?

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