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Jews Really God's Chosen
No need for confusion. If you believe the NT, then you know that JC makes the picks for Heaven. His choice (he can choose anyone, christian, jew, buddhist, athiest, whatever). His choice, no one elses. The correct understanding of John 14:6 is that Jesus is the gatekeeper to Heaven. Nobody gets to the Father, that is, gets into Heaven, except by being let in by Jesus. Jesus may let them in for whatever reasons He chooses. He is not required to let in only those who believe in Him. The Biblical fact is this: belief in Jesus is the sure way to avoid Hell, but it is not necessarily the only way. Jesus Himself said that you can avoid Hell by doing good to other people out of love for them

How To Identify Cults

Sounds to me like you are in a cult. Anything you don't believe in is cultish? I'd suggest you expand your horizons some.

Religious People To Heaven
Or you can open your mind a bit.
The correct understanding of John 14:6 is that Jesus is the gatekeeper to Heaven. Nobody gets to the Father, that is Heaven, except by being let in by Jesus. Jesus may let them in for whatever reasons He chooses. He's not required to let in only those who believe in Him. Biblical fact: belief in Jesus is the sure way, but not the only way. Jesus said you can avoid Hell by doing good to others out of love. This is the meaning of the Parable of Sheep And Goats. In this parable, there is no mention of faith: its pure works based on love. God accepts good works toward others as if they were good works done to Him in love. He counts your love for others as righteousness (Matthew 25:46)

Evolution Taught In School
Genesis is a story, written for a limited scientific mind, the human mind of the era. But the fact that god is the creator, that is consistent with evolution. God is the force behind it all. That's what is important. But saying there is more evidence for genesis is just showing a lack of open-mindednes.

Church Does Not Need Tithe
Nope, not real.

Evolution Taught In School
Amen Alan! Its about the big picture! We spend so much time trying to extract meaning out of each word that we miss the whole point of His teachings. See it for what it is...jesus spoke in parables, that we know. Same holds true for the OT. God's asking us to figure it out for ourselves, and only then can we appreciate the meaning/message/truth.

The Blood Of Jesus Christ
You got it Nana! Its about belief in his message, broadly. If we all stopped trying to parse each word, and just lived with JC's guidance, we'd all be on the path. Step back...see the beauty!

The Blood Of Jesus Christ
Symbolic, symbolic, symbolic!! Come on, no one can literally eat his flesh and drink his blood anymore. Are you serious? What has happened to perspective. Stop looking at the painting from an inch away...back up and see its true meaning and beauty!

Church Does Not Need Tithe
Susie B

The seven churches are symolic, seven being the term of the day to express "universal." The seven churches are not grand cathedrals. The seven churches are the universal "church" of jesus and his followers. We don't need a grand structure to see jesus...that's all a distraction from the truth. Let the churches go, give to the needy, pray anywhere.

Evolution Taught In School

1.) Chapter verse context on where jesus said genesis is fact, and which version of genesis is he referring to? Remember, thewre are two, and they conflict.

2.) There is a vast amount of testable data that the theory of eveolution is based on. Spend some time, research it. With an open I have. You'll see. Then you may also be able to see how well the parable plays into the science and vis versa. Open your heart to see the truth, you can't see the vastness and beauty of the painting from an inch away!

Is Darwinism Science Or Religion
Darwinism/theory of evolution is, of course, by definition, science, and has nothing to do with religion. Why so many christians are so threatened by it being taught only begs one question: why do so many christians have such little faith in their religion? Why do they care at all? You can study it, learn it, and still choose to believe whatever you want. I say, teach on! But don't teach religion in a public school.

Evolution Taught In School
As a parent, you shouldn't do anything to stop the teaching of evolution. Its science's best attempt to understand as of today, period.

Obama Funds Abortions
A christian doesn't support abortion, but that does not mean he can't support a pro-choice polititian. They favor leaving the choice to the individual, they don't favor forcing abortion. And its dangerous to vote for or against a candidate on one single issue. Jesus didn't say we should FORCE people to belive things.

Different Verions Of The Bible
If anyone of us are being truthful, we would admit that the bible, having gone thru so many translations, and having faced the constant change to language that time brings, is a powerful source of inspiration, and not something from which literal translation is even possible.

Be love.

How To Spot A Cult
If the religion promises an easy ticket to heaven, its a cult. If it asks you to do things that seem perverse, its a cult. There may be people on these blogs in cults, thinking "christianity" is just an easy path.

Women With Long Hair
If you think god cares about hairstyles, or if a woman might look manly, you all really don't get it. Common sense please!
Be love.
Be love.

Can I Remarry After Divorce
Don't you all see...look in different parts of the bible, get different answers...conflicts abound. Truth is in you heart, as is jesus/god. Trust that, trust jesus, and do what is right. The answer is there.

Is It Possible To Not Sin
In a word, NO. We're human, we make mistakes.

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